Starsky & Hutch

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HUGE NOTE: The Enable Code is Code Breaker Revision specific, there are currently 3 different Enable Codes. Use the Enable Code for your Version Code Breaker. If you dont know what version you have, then you probably have Version 1-4 that doesnt have a version # on the CD itself, I believe V5 & V6 have a version number stamped onto the CD. Version 7+ is easy to tell apart, because it is silver on the bottom of the disc.
Code Breaker Version 1-4
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00115C27
D0080234 0000003D
20080234 00000000
Code Breaker Version 5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00115C27
D00802AC 0000003D
200802AC 00000000
Code Breaker Version 6 & Higher
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90115C24 0C042DD0
Infinite Time201910BC 00000000
Complete All Story Episodes Codes
Season 10051A0EC 00000006
Season 20051A0ED 00000006
Season 30051A0EE 00000006
All Seasons2051A0EC 00060606
Have Story Gold Badges Codes
Season 1-Episode 12051A0F0 461C3C00
Season 1-Episode 22051A0F4 461C3C00
Season 1-Episode 32051A0F8 461C3C00
Season 1-Episode 42051A0FC 461C3C00
Season 1-Episode 52051A100 461C3C00
Season 1-Episode 62051A104 461C3C00
Season 2-Episode 12051A108 461C3C00
Season 2-Episode 22051A10C 461C3C00
Season 2-Episode 32051A110 461C3C00
Season 2-Episode 42051A114 461C3C00
Season 2-Episode 52051A118 461C3C00
Season 2-Episode 62051A11C 461C3C00
Season 3-Episode 12051A120 461C3C00
Season 3-Episode 22051A124 461C3C00
Season 3-Episode 32051A128 461C3C00
Season 3-Episode 42051A12C 461C3C00
Season 3-Episode 52051A130 461C3C00
Season 3-Episode 62051A134 461C3C00
All Seasons/All Episodes4051A0F0 00120001
461C3C00 00000000
Have All Item Codes
Season 1-Episode 10051A138 000000FF
Season 1-Episode 20051A139 000000FF
Season 1-Episode 30051A13A 000000FF
Season 1-Episode 40051A13B 000000FF
Season 1-Episode 50051A13C 000000FF
Season 1-Episode 60051A13D 000000FF
Season 2-Episode 10051A13E 000000FF
Season 2-Episode 20051A13F 000000FF
Season 2-Episode 30051A140 000000FF
Season 2-Episode 40051A141 000000FF
Season 2-Episode 50051A142 000000FF
Season 2-Episode 60051A143 000000FF
Season 3-Episode 10051A144 000000FF
Season 3-Episode 20051A145 000000FF
Season 3-Episode 30051A146 000000FF
Season 3-Episode 40051A147 000000FF
Season 3-Episode 50051A148 000000FF
Season 3-Episode 60051A149 000000FF
All Seasons/All Episodes2051A138 FFFFFFFF
1051A148 0000FFFF
Activate Cheat Codes
Unlock All Free Roam0052D70D 00000001
Unlock All TV Specials0052D70E 00000001
Unlock All Locker Items0052D712 00000001