Star Wars-The Force Unleashed

🇺🇸 • Credit: Lajos Szalay

Enable Code (Must Be On)901B0F90 0C06939A
Infinite Health202B2668 00000000
Infinite Force Power202BB4B0 00000000
202BB5A8 00000000
Infinite Force Points203ED478 00000000
Max Infinite Force Points20A4A3D0 3B9AC9FF
Have All Force Powers203ED8D8 24010000
203ED8E0 ACE10030
Have All Force Powers At Maximum Level200C0220 24040003
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 AC440030
203ECFB4 0C030088
Unlock All Costumes2021F1E0 24020001
Have All Color Crytals203EA520 24010007
203EA524 A0810000
Have All Combat Crystals203E991C 240100FF
203E9924 A0C10000
Have All Saber Hilt203EB5B8 2401FFFF
203EB5C0 A0A10000
Have All Holocron2040FA20 2401FFFF
2040FA28 A1610000
2040E98C 2401FFFF
2040E994 A1010000
Have All Jedi Holocron (On Pickup)20457094 2401FFFF
2045709C A0810000
1-Hit Death (Enemies)200C0230 8C410470
200C0234 3C103F80
200C0238 0030082B
200C023C 50200001
200C0240 AC500470
200C0244 08086A14
200C0248 C4410470
2021A84C 0803008C
1-Hit Death (Boss)200C0250 8C410470
200C0254 3C033F80
200C0258 0023082B
200C025C 50200001
200C0260 AC430470
200C0264 080A532C
200C0268 C4410470
20294CAC 08030094
Activate Cheat Codes
Invincible207B0850 00000001
Infinite Force Power207B0854 00000001
Amplified Lightsaber Damage207B084C 00000001
Cartoon Shadow20775FF8 3F800000