Star Wars-Episode III-Revenge Of The Sith

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90127FF4 0C041826
Infinite Health203DD9EC C4410134
203DD9F4 E4410130
Infinite Force207B6164 00000000
207B617C 00000000
Max Skill Meter205AAB20 8C810B94
205AAB24 AC810B90
Higher Jumps206B51D0 3C013F80
206B51E0 44810800
Super Jumps206B51D0 3C013F40
206B51E0 44810800
Ultra Jumps206B51D0 3C013F00
206B51E0 44810800
OMG Jumps206B51D0 3C013E80
206B51E0 44810800
P1 Press X For Moon Jump206B51D0 3C013F40
D09B5482 0000BFFF
206B51E0 AE810084
D09B5482 0000FFFF
206B51E0 C6810084
Unlock All Story Missions202B7960 24020014
202B7964 AE620020
Unlock All Bonus Missions202AAD78 24030001
202AAD80 A04302B1
2090D010 24030001
1090D016 00001000
2090D018 A04302B1
Unlock All Multiplayer Duelists2027C4EC 24010001
2027C4F0 A04102A8
2027C4F8 24020000
Unlock All Multiplayer Duelists Arenas2027E00C 00000000
Unlock All Multiplayer Challenge Missions202AADF4 24030001
202AADFC A04302B6
2090E42C 24030001
1090E432 00001000
2090E434 A04302B6
Unlock All Replay Movies20909BDC 24040001
20909BE8 A044002E
Unlock Concept Art202AAE48 24030001
202AAE50 A04302C8
2090A034 24030001
2090A03C A0A302C8
Activate Cheat Codes
Draw Grid01FDED1F 00000001
Blocky Shadows01FDED4A 00000001
Disable Background Textures01FDED50 00000001
Invisible Character21FDED60 00000002
Disable AI01FDED94 00000001
God Mode01FDED99 00000001
Max Force Powers Codes
Force Push20B142BC 00000003
Force Grasp20B1436C 00000003
Force Stun20B1443C 00000003
Saber Throw20B144FC 00000003
Force Healh20B145BC 00000003
All Force Powers40B142BC 0005002C
00000003 00000000
Max Combat Skills Codes
Jump Attacks20B1467C 00000003
Grapples20B1473C 00000003
Dash Attacks20B147FC 00000003
Area Attacks20B148BC 00000003
Critical Attacks20B1497C 00000003
All Combat Skills40B1467C 0005002C
00000003 00000000