Star Trek Voyager-Elite Force

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0028BD8F
200C0298 0805A410
200C029C 00872021
2016903C 08030088
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9028BD8C 0C0A8426
200C0298 0805A410
200C029C 00872021
2016903C 08030088
Infinite Health200C0220 240103E7
200C0224 AC810228
Infinite Armor200C0228 240103E7
200C022C AC41010C
Have All Weapons200C0230 2401FFFF
200C0234 AC410108
Infinite Ammo201652EC 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo201652DC 240303E7
Extra Ammo201652DC 00481821
Dont Lose Health From Shots20170384 00000000
Dont Lose Health From Explosions/Drops201705CC 00000000
Dont Lose Armor From Shots2016F2FC 00000000
Dont Lose Armor From Explosions/Drops2016F31C 00000000
P1 Press L1+Select For No Clipping OnD043A1C2 0000FBFE
201687A8 24020001
P1 Press L2+Select For No Clipping OffD043A1C2 0000FEFE
201687A8 8E2205D0
God Mode200C0238 8C410160
200C023C 34210010
200C0240 AC410160
No Target200C0244 8C410160
200C0248 34210020
200C024C AC410160
Undead Mode200C0250 8C410160
200C0248 34214000
200C025C AC410160
Show Packets Info2015C130 00000000
Show Frame/Delta2015CA78 00000000
Show Base Line2015C4B0 00000000
Show User Info2015B0F0 00000000
All Enemies Are Dancing201BD354 00000000
Enemy Cant Attack You201BD35C 00000000
No Tuvok201B7D38 03E00008
201B7D3C 00000000
No Kim201B7D60 03E00008
201B7D64 00000000
No Doctor201B7D78 03E00008
201B7D7C 00000000
No Paris201B7D90 03E00008
201B7D94 00000000
No Torres201B7DA8 03E00008
201B7DAC 00000000
No Janeway201B7DC0 03E00008
201B7DC4 00000000
No Seven201B7DD8 03E00008
201B7DDC 00000000
No Chakotay201B7E00 03E00008
201B7E04 00000000
No Neelix201B7E18 03E00008
201B7E1C 00000000
No Vorik201B7E30 03E00008
201B7E34 00000000
No Foster201B7E48 03E00008
201B7E4C 00000000
No Munro201B7E60 03E00008
201B7E64 00000000
No Munroscav201B7F18 03E00008
201B7F1C 00000000
No Telsia201B7F58 03E00008
201B7F5C 00000000
No Biessman201B7F70 03E00008
201B7F74 00000000
No Chang201B7F88 03E00008
201B7F8C 00000000
No Chell201B7FA0 03E00008
201B7FA4 00000000
No Jurot201B7FB8 03E00008
201B7FBC 00000000
No Parasite201B8130 03E00008
201B8134 00000000
No Borg201B7FD0 03E00008
201B7FD4 00000000
No Stasis201B83A0 03E00008
201B83A4 00000000
No Klingon201B81B0 03E00008
201B81B4 00000000
No Malon201B8280 03E00008
201B8284 00000000
No Hirogen201B82A0 03E00008
201B82A4 00000000
No Hirogen Alpha201B82C0 03E00008
201B82C4 00000000
No Imperial, Blue, Gold Or Raider201B8300 03E00008
201B8304 00000000
No Headbot201B84C8 03E00008
201B84CC 00000000
No Scoutbot201B8500 03E00008
201B8504 00000000
No HK Bot201B8538 03E00008
201B853C 00000000
No Hunter Seeker201D0E10 03E00008
201D0E14 00000000
No Warrior Bot201B8560 03E00008
201B8564 00000000
No Harvester201B85F0 03E00008
201B85F4 00000000
No Reaver201B8668 03E00008
201B866C 00000000
No Reaver Guard201B8690 03E00008
201B8694 00000000
No Avatar201B86B8 03E00008
201B86BC 00000000
No Species 8472201B8450 03E00008
201B8454 00000000
No Vohrsoth201B86E0 03E00008
201B86E4 00000000
No Desperado201B87B8 03E00008
201B87BC 00000000
No Paladin201B87D8 03E00008
201B87DC 00000000
No Bio Hulk201B87F8 03E00008
201B87FC 00000000
No Chaotica Guard201B8810 03E00008
201B8814 00000000
No Chaotica201B8838 03E00008
201B883C 00000000
No Satans Robot201B8868 03E00008
201B886C 00000000
No Captain Proton201B8850 03E00008
201B8854 00000000
No Buster201B8890 03E00008
201B8894 00000000
No Goodheart201B88A8 03E00008
201B88AC 00000000