Star Ocean-Till The End Of Time

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 0000000E
E0020C28 10100008
20100008 70000C28
2010000C 70001428
80080800 00010928
A0080804 00000000
Other Codes
After Battle Codes
Enemy Almost Always Drops ItemE001082B 00252D54
20252D58 00000000
Max CP Upon 1 Level UpE001380A 00401710
20401714 24070063
Max ATK Upon 1 Level UpE001180A 00401BF4
20401BFC 2403270F
Max DEF Upon 1 Level UpE001180A 004021BC
204021C4 2403270F
Max AGL Upon 1 Level UpE001180A 0040254C
20402554 2403270F
Max HIT Upon 1 Level UpE001180A 00401FBC
20401FC4 2403270F
Max INT Upon 1 Level UpE001180A 00401DD4
20401DDC 2403270F
Fol Codes
Gain 1000 Fol Per BattleE0013023 00253480
2025348C 341203E8
Gain 10000 Fol Per BattleE0013023 00253480
2025348C 34122710
Gain 25000 Fol Per BattleE0013023 00253480
2025348C 341261A8
Gain 50000 Fol Per BattleE0013023 00253480
2025348C 3412C350
Gain 65535 Fol Per BattleE0013023 00253480
2025348C 3412FFFF
Fol Gained Per Battle x1/4E0013023 00253480
2025348C 00129082
Fol Gained Per Battle x1/2E0013023 00253480
2025348C 00129042
Fol Gained Per Battle x2E0013023 00253480
2025348C 00129040
Fol Gained Per Battle x4E0013023 00253480
2025348C 00129080
Fol Gained Per Battle x8E0013023 00253480
2025348C 001290C0
Fol Gained Per Battle x16E0013023 00253480
2025348C 00129100
Fol Gained Per Battle x32E0013023 00253480
2025348C 00129140
Max Fol Gained After 1 BattleE0013023 00253480
2025348C 3C124000
EXP Codes
Gain 1000 EXP Per BattleE0011026 002530C0
202530D4 341203E8
Gain 10000 EXP Per BattleE0011026 002530C0
202530D4 34122710
Gain 25000 EXP Per BattleE0011026 002530C0
202530D4 341261A8
Gain 50000 EXP Per BattleE0011026 002530C0
202530D4 3412C350
Gain 65535 EXP Per BattleE0011026 002530C0
202530D4 3412FFFF
EXP Gained Per Battle x1/4E0011026 002530C0
202530D4 00129082
EXP Gained Per Battle x1/2E0011026 002530C0
202530D4 00129042
EXP Gained Per Battle x2E0011026 002530C0
202530D4 00129040
EXP Gained Per Battle x4E0011026 002530C0
202530D4 00129080
EXP Gained Per Battle x8E0011026 002530C0
202530D4 001290C0
EXP Gained Per Battle x16E0011026 002530C0
202530D4 00129100
EXP Gained Per Battle x32E0011026 002530C0
202530D4 00129140
Max EXP Gained After 1 BattleE0011026 002530C0
202530D4 3C12009A
Enemy Almost Always Drops ItemE001082B 00252D54
20252D58 00000000
Upon Level Up-Max HP Increased Codes
Gain 250 Max HPE0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 341500FA
Gain 500 Max HPE0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 341501F4
Gain 1000 Max HPE0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 341503E8
Gain 5000 Max HPE0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 34151388
Max HP Gained x1/4E0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 0015A883
Max HP Gained x1/2E0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 0015A843
Max HP Gained x2E0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 0015A840
Max HP Gained x4E0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 0015A880
Max HP Gained x8E0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 0015A8C0
Max HP Gained x16E0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 0015A900
Max HP Gained x32E0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 0015A900
Maximum Max HP After 1 Level UpE0011021 00400A70
20400A9C 3C150002
Upon Level Up-Max MP Increased Codes
Gain 250 Max MPE0011021 0040108C
204010BC 341500FA
Gain 500 Max MPE0011021 0040108C
204010BC 341501F4
Gain 1000 Max MPE0011021 0040108C
204010BC 341503E8
Gain 5000 Max MPE0011021 0040108C
204010BC 34151388
Max MP Gained x1/4E0011021 0040108C
204010BC 0015A883
Max MP Gained x1/2E0011021 0040108C
204010BC 0015A843
Max MP Gained x2E0011021 0040108C
204010BC 0015A840
Max MP Gained x4E0011021 0040108C
204010BC 0015A880
Max MP Gained x8E0011021 0040108C
204010BC 0015A8C0
Max MP Gained x16E0011021 0040108C
204010BC 0015A900
Max MP Gained x32E0011021 0040108C
204010BC 0015A900
Maximum Max MP After 1 Level UpE0011021 0040108C
204010BC 3C150002
Upon Level Up-SP Increased Codes
Gain 250 SPE0029821 004014F4
20401564 341300FA
Gain 100 SPE0029821 004014F4
20401564 34130064
Gain 500 SPE0029821 004014F4
20401564 341301F4
Gain 1000 SPE0029821 004014F4
20401564 341303E8
SP Gained x1/4E0029821 004014F4
20401564 00139882
SP Gained x1/2E0029821 004014F4
20401564 00139842
SP Gained x2E0029821 004014F4
20401564 00139840
SP Gained x4E0029821 004014F4
20401564 00139880
Max SP Gained x8E0029821 004014F4
20401564 001398C0
SP Gained x16E0029821 004014F4
20401564 00139900
SP Gained x32E0029821 004014F4
20401564 00139940
Max SP After 1 Level UpE0029821 004014F4
20401564 3413270F
In-Battle Codes
Infinite Item UsageE001882D 00274670
2027468C 00000000
Infinite HPE0090B84 00290E10
200C02A0 AC620010
200C02A4 AC620018
200C02A8 080A4387
200C02AC 8C640010
10290E36 00001000
20290E38 AC62008C
10290ECA 00001000
20290ECC AC64008C
20290E14 080300A8
Infinite MPE0092826 002057F8
200C02B0 AD4B001C
200C02B4 AD4B0024
200C02B8 08081606
200C02BC 8D51001C
10205832 00001000
20205834 AD4B0090
102058BA 00001000
202058BC AD510090
20205810 080300AC
Infinite MP UsageE001082A 0029E864
2029E868 00000000
Infinite Fury UsageE0014180 00290568
20290578 00000000
Always Max FuryE0021043 0020595C
20205960 3C0144C8
20205964 AD410030
HP Refills Upon Most AttacksE003082A 002796A8
202796AC 00000000
1027A596 00001000
202790D4 00000000
Enemies Always Start With Only 1 HPE001082A 001E64C8
201E6410 00000000
Enemies Always Have 0 ATKE001100A 001E6B74
201E6B7C 24020000
Enemies Always Have 0 DEFE001100A 001E6DC4
201E6DCC 24020000
Enemies Always Have 0 AGLE001100A 001E6F94
201E6F9C 24020000
Enemies Always Have 0 HITE001100A 001E71BC
201E71C4 24020000
Enemies Always Have 0 INTE001100A 001E73E4
201E73EC 24020000
Inventor Codes
Fol Doesnt Decrease When Making Items202FB7E8 00000000
2040BEEC 00000000
Fayt Codes
Max Cooking00501E50 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501E51 000000FF
Max Crafting00501E52 000000FF
Max Compounding00501E53 000000FF
Max Smithery00501E54 000000FF
Max Writing00501E55 000000FF
Max Engineering00501E56 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501E57 000000FF
Cost -104%00501E5B 000000FF
Time -104%00501E5C 000000FF
Sophia Codes
Max Cooking00501E5D 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501E5E 000000FF
Max Crafting00501E5F 000000FF
Max Compounding00501E60 000000FF
Max Smithery00501E61 000000FF
Max Writing00501E62 000000FF
Max Engineering00501E63 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501E64 000000FF
Cost -104%00501E68 000000FF
Time -104%00501E69 000000FF
Maria Codes
Max Cooking00501E6A 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501E6B 000000FF
Max Crafting00501E6C 000000FF
Max Compounding00501E6D 000000FF
Max Smithery00501E6E 000000FF
Max Writing00501E6F 000000FF
Max Engineering00501E70 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501E71 000000FF
Cost -104%00501E75 000000FF
Time -104%00501E76 000000FF
Cliff Codes
Max Cooking00501E77 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501E78 000000FF
Max Crafting00501E79 000000FF
Max Compounding00501E7A 000000FF
Max Smithery00501E7B 000000FF
Max Writing00501E7C 000000FF
Max Engineering00501E7D 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501E7E 000000FF
Cost -104%00501E82 000000FF
Time -104%00501E83 000000FF
Nel Codes
Max Cooking00501E84 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501E85 000000FF
Max Crafting00501E86 000000FF
Max Compounding00501E87 000000FF
Max Smithery00501E88 000000FF
Max Writing00501E89 000000FF
Max Engineering00501E8A 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501E8B 000000FF
Cost -104%00501E8F 000000FF
Time -104%00501E90 000000FF
Albel Codes
Max Cooking00501E91 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501E92 000000FF
Max Crafting00501E93 000000FF
Max Compounding00501E94 000000FF
Max Smithery00501E95 000000FF
Max Writing00501E96 000000FF
Max Engineering00501E97 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501E98 000000FF
Cost -104%00501E9C 000000FF
Time -104%00501E9D 000000FF
Roger Codes
Max Cooking00501E9E 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501E9F 000000FF
Max Crafting00501EA0 000000FF
Max Compounding00501EA1 000000FF
Max Smithery00501EA2 000000FF
Max Writing00501EA3 000000FF
Max Engineering00501EA4 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501EA5 000000FF
Cost -104%00501EA9 000000FF
Time -104%00501EAA 000000FF
Peppita Codes
Max Cooking00501EAB 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501EAC 000000FF
Max Crafting00501EAD 000000FF
Max Compounding00501EAE 000000FF
Max Smithery00501EAF 000000FF
Max Writing00501EB0 000000FF
Max Engineering00501EB1 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501EB2 000000FF
Cost -104%00501EB6 000000FF
Time -104%00501EB7 000000FF
Adray Codes
Max Cooking00501EB8 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501EB9 000000FF
Max Crafting00501EBA 000000FF
Max Compounding00501EBB 000000FF
Max Smithery00501EBC 000000FF
Max Writing00501EBD 000000FF
Max Engineering00501EBE 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501EBF 000000FF
Cost -104%00501EC3 000000FF
Time -104%00501EC4 000000FF
Mirage Codes
Max Cooking00501EC5 000000FF
Max Alchemy00501EC6 000000FF
Max Crafting00501EC7 000000FF
Max Compounding00501EC8 000000FF
Max Smithery00501EC9 000000FF
Max Writing00501ECA 000000FF
Max Engineering00501ECB 000000FF
Max Synthesis00501ECC 000000FF
Cost -104%00501ED0 000000FF
Time -104%00501ED1 000000FF
Misc. Codes
P1 Press L1+Select For Low Game TimeE001FBFE 001B7D5C
201B7D08 00000000
Max FolE0088440 002694E0
200C0220 3C017916
200C0224 34212708
200C0228 AE410034
200C022C 03E00008
200C0230 964400A6
20269500 00408021
20269508 A65000A4
202694E8 0C030088
Max Battles FoughtE0098440 002691B0
200C0240 3C017CE2
200C0244 34214168
200C0248 AE210004
200C024C 03E00008
200C0250 922300B2
20269294 00408021
2026929C A63000B0
20269268 0C030090
20269260 00000000
View Menu For Max HPE002202D 003F9AD8
203F9ADC 3C100001
203F9AE4 3610869F
View Menu To Refill HP To MaxE001082A 003FDE04
203FDE08 00000000
View Menu For Max MPE002282D 003FDEE0
203FDEE4 3C100001
203FDEEC 3610869F
View Menu To Refill MP To MaxE001082A 003FDF9C
203FDFA0 00000000
View Menu For Max ATKE001202D 003FE0BC
203FE0C0 2410270F
View Menu For Max DEFE001202D 003FE4C4
203FE4C8 2410270F
View Menu For Max AGLE001202D 003FE874
203FE878 2410270F
View Menu For Max HITE001202D 003F9F14
203F9F18 2410270F
View Menu For Max INTE001202D 003FABE0
203FABE4 2416270F
All Items Cost 1 FolE0013023 002FA0F8
202FA120 24030001
Use SP Once For Max SPE001022A 003563DC
203563DC 00000000
203563F0 2404270F
All Party Members Get The Same EXPE0011026 002530C0
202530E4 00000000
Infinite Item UsageE0018508 0034D0D0
2034D0D4 00000000
Use Blueberries Item For Full HP RecoveryE001202D 002E94DC
202E94F8 00000000
Use Ripe Berries Item For Full HP RecoveryE001202D 002E9BBC
202E9BD8 00000000
Use Fresh Sage Item For Full HP RecoveryE001202D 002EBB94
202EBBB0 00000000
Infinite Item Usage (When Inventing Items)E0018508 0036C030
2036C034 00000000
Save AnywhereE001FFFF 002D1458
102D1462 00001000
Treasure Boxes Always Displayed On Map202D8720 24020002
Enemies Always Displayed On Map202D8734 24020002
Enemies Cant Move On Map202D874C 24020002