SSX Tricky

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 002E7687
Unlock All Tracks (Single & Practice Modes)2032B398 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Characters2032B39C FFFFFFFF
Infinite Boost2011B2B8 3C013F80
2011B2C0 AE01001C
2011D228 00000000
2011B330 00000000
Eddie Codes
Have Master Status2032B494 000000FF
Max Stats2032B4A0 31313231
Have All Tricks2032B4AC 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032B4E0 01010000
4032B4B4 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032B4E8 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032B4EC 000000FF
Kaori Codes
Master Status2032B658 000000FF
Max Stats2032B664 31313231
Have All Tricks2032B670 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032B6A4 01010000
4032B678 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032B6AC 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032B6B0 000000FF
Luther Codes
Master Status2032B81C 000000FF
Max Stats2032B828 31323131
Have All Tricks2032B834 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032B868 01010000
4032B83C 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032B870 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032B874 000000FF
Mac Codes
Master Status2032B9E0 000000FF
Max Stats2032B9EC 31313231
Have All Tricks2032B9F8 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032BA2C 01010000
4032BA00 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032BA34 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032BA38 000000FF
Moby Codes
Master Status2032BBA4 000000FF
Max Stats2032BBB0 31323131
Have All Tricks2032BBBC 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032BBF0 01010000
4032BBC4 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032BBF8 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032BBFC 000000FF
Zoe Codes
Master Status2032BD68 000000FF
Max Stats2032BD74 31323131
Have All Tricks2032BD80 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032BDB4 01010000
4032BD88 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032BDBC 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032BDC0 000000FF
JP Codes
Master Status2032BF2C 000000FF
Max Stats2032BF38 31313231
Have All Tricks2032BF44 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032BF78 01010000
4032BF4C 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032BF80 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032BF84 000000FF
Elise Codes
Master Status2032C0F0 000000FF
Max Stats2032C0FC 31323131
All Tricks2032C108 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032C13C 01010000
4032C110 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032C144 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032C148 000000FF
Psymon Codes
Master Status2032C2B4 000000FF
Max Stats2032C2C0 31323131
Have All Tricks2032C2CC 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032C200 01010000
4032C2D4 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032C308 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032C30C 000000FF
Seeiah Codes
Master Status2032C478 000000FF
Max Stats2032C484 31313231
Have All Tricks2032C490 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032C4C4 01010000
4032C498 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032C4CC 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032C4D0 000000FF
Brodi Codes
Master Status2032C63C 000000FF
Max Stats2032C648 31323131
Have All Tricks2032C654 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032C688 01010000
4032C65C 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032C690 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032C694 000000FF
Marisol Codes
Master Status2032C800 000000FF
Max Stats2032C80C 31323131
Have All Tricks2032C818 3FFFFFFF
Have All Golds2032C84C 01010000
4032C820 00090001
01010000 00000000
Have All Boards2032C854 0000FFFF
Have All Outfits2032C858 000000FF