Spyro-A Hero's Tail

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)903F4240 0C101266
Infinite Health20502004 000000A0
Infinite Gems10502008 0000FFFF
Max Gems20502008 05F5E0FF
Gems Worth 2202B33FC 24100002
Gems Worth 5202B33FC 24100005
Gems Worth 10202B33FC 2410000A
Gems Worth 100202B33FC 24100064
Gems Worth 1000202B33FC 241003E8
Gems Worth 10000202B33FC 24102710
Gems Worth 25000202B33FC 241061A8
Gems Worth 50000202B33FC 2410C350
Gems Worth x2202B33FC 00074040
Gems Worth x4202B33FC 00074080
Gems Worth x8202B33FC 000740C0
Gems Worth x16202B33FC 00074100
Gems Worth x32202B33FC 00074140
Gems Worth x64202B33FC 00074180
Gems Worth x128202B33FC 000741C0
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Gems20302A90 00000000
20302A94 00000000
Buying Items Increases Gems20302A88 00621821
Have All Power-Ups20502028 FFFFFFFF
Have All Light Gems00502056 00000064
Have All Dark Gems00502057 00000028
Have All Light/Dark Gems10502056 00002864
View Status To Have All Dragon Eggs200C0220 AC410030
200C0224 03E00008
200C0228 24020001
20106CFC 08030088
20106D00 24010001
20502058 00000050
Lasers Never Overheat (Blink)202FB294 00000000
202FB298 00000000
Lock-Pick00502010 00000063
Infinite Fire Bomb Ammo00502014 00000064
Max Fire Bomb Ammo00502015 00000064
Max Infinite Fire Bomb Ammo10502014 00006464
Infinite Ice Missile Ammo00502018 00000064
Max Ice Missile Ammo00502019 00000064
Fire Bomb Magazine00502017 00000063
Max Infinite Ice Missile Ammo10502018 00006464
Ice Missile Magazine0050201B 00000063
Infinite Aqua Bomb Ammo0050201C 00000064
Max Aqua Bomb Ammo0050201D 00000064
Max Infinite Aqua Bomb Ammo1050201C 00006464
Aqua Bomb Magazine0050201F 00000063
Infinite Ball Lightning Ammo00502020 00000064
Max Ball Lightning Ammo00502021 00000064
Max Infinite Ball Lightning Ammo10502020 00006464
Ball Lightning Magazine00502023 00000063