SpongeBob SquarePants-Movie, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90125958 00832021
Unlock All Extras207ACFD8 0000002A
Max Manliness Points207ACED4 0001869F
Max Treasure Cheats/Unlock All Extras207ACED8 00000063
Max Goofy Goober Tokens207ACEDC 0000270F
Infinite Upgrade Points203227EC 00000000
Max Infinite Upgrade Points203227E4 2405001E
Extra Upgrade Points103227E4 00000001
Max Infinite Upgrade Points (Alternate)207ACFE8 0000001E
SpongeBob Codes
Infinite Krabby Patties207AC080 00000006
Max Krabby Patties207AC084 00000006
Upgrade Maxed Out! Codes
Karate Spin007ABBF9 00000002
Bash007ABBFA 00000002
SponogeBowl007ABBFB 00000002
Sonic Wave007ABBFC 00000002
Health007ABC01 00000003
Patrick Codes
Infinite Krabby Patties207AC4F0 00000006
Max Krabby Patties207AC4F4 00000006
Upgrade Maxed Out! Codes
Star Spin007ABBFD 00000002
Cartwheel007ABBFE 00000002
Smash007ABBFF 00000002
Throw007ABC00 00000002
Health007ABC02 00000003
Have Treasure Cheats Collected Codes
No Cheese!207ACEE0 00000001
I'm Ready... Depression207ACEE4 00000002
Sandwich Driving 101207ACEE8 00000003
Three... Thousand Miles To Shell City207ACEEC 00000003
Rub A Dub Dub, Slip Slide In The Tub207ACEF0 00000003
Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt207ACEF4 00000003
No Weenie Parking Anytime207ACEF8 00000002
Rock Slide207ACF00 00000003
Now That We're Men...207ACF04 00000005
Shell City, Dead Ahead207ACF08 00000004
Sundae Driving207ACF14 00000003
Google-Eyes And Smelly Knick Knacks207ACF18 00000003
Welcome To Planktopolis... Minions207ACF20 00000003
Drive Of The Knucklehead-Mcspazitron207ACF24 00000004