Splashdown-Rides Gone Wild

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0038BE6F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9038BE6C 0C0E7DC4
Infinite Continues2031C708 00000000
Extra Continues1031C704 00000001
Always Low Lap Time20264554 E6541024
20264560 E6541028
Max Warehouse Points2034E0F0 3C0205F5
2034E0F4 3442E0FF
2034E0F8 03E00008
2034E0FC AC820000
Unlock All Characters200C0220 24010001
200C0224 AC41FFF0
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C 8C42FFF0
2034D8D8 08030088
Unlock All Wetsuits200C0230 AC41FFFC
200C0234 03E00008
200C0238 8C42FFFC
2034D9B4 0803008C
2034D9B8 24010001
Unlock All Watercrafts200C0240 AC41FFFC
200C0244 03E00008
200C0248 8C42FFFC
2034DB04 08030090
2034DB08 24010001
Unlock All Circuit Courses200C0250 24010001
200C0254 AC410078
200C0258 03E00008
200C025C 8C420078
2034DC44 0C030094
Unlock All Time Trials Courses200C0260 24010001
200C0264 AC410090
200C0268 03E00008
200C026C 8C420090
2034DC80 0C030098
Unlock All Technical Time Trails Courses200C0270 24010001
200C0274 AC4100B8
200C0278 03E00008
200C027C 8C4200B8
2034DCBC 0C03009C
Unlock All Freestyle Courses200C0280 24010001
200C0284 AC410100
200C0288 03E00008
200C028C 8C420100
2034DCF4 0C0300A0
Unlock All Videos200C0290 AC41010C
200C0294 03E00008
200C0298 8C42010C
2034DEE4 080300A4
2034DEE8 24010001
Unlock All Miscellaneous200C02A0 AC410144
200C02A4 03E00008
200C02A8 8C420144
2034DFB8 080300A8
2034DFBC 24010001
Infinite Warehouse Points Usage2034E108 00000000
Extra Warehouse Points2034E104 00651821