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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 004A0E67
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
904A0E64 0C12D167
Infinite Health2050A498 00000001
Have Costumes (Secret Store)2194B45C 00000019
Have Combat Controls Codes
Field Goal2194B4C4 00000001
Gravity Slam2194B4C8 00000001
Web Hit2194B4CC 00000001
Backflip Kick2194B4D0 00000001
Sting2194B4D4 00000001
Palm2194B4D8 00000001
High Web Hit2194B4DC 00000001
Dive-Bomb2194B4E0 00000001
Head Hammer2194B4E4 00000001
Dive Kick2194B4E8 00000001
Uppercut2194B4F4 00000001
Flip Mule2194B4F8 00000001
Low Web Hit2194B4FC 00000001
Elbow Slam2194B500 00000001
Scissor Kick2194B504 00000001
High Stomp2194B508 00000001
Tackle2194B510 00000001
Handspring2194B514 00000001
Haymaker2194B518 00000001
Web Dome2194B524 00000001
Adv Web Dome2194B528 00000001
Web Gloves2194B52C 00000001
Adv Web Gloves2194B530 00000001
Impact Web2194B534 00000001
Activate Cheat Codes
Vulture Movie2194B770 00000001
Shocker Movie2194B774 00000001
Peter Parker2194B778 00000001
Wrestler Spider-Man2194B77C 00000001
Alex Ross Spider-Man2194B780 00000001
Green Goblin2194B784 00000001
MJ Spidey2194B788 00000001
Shock Spidey2194B78C 00000001
Sci Cpidey2194B790 00000001
Thug Spidey2194B794 00000001
Btg Spidey2194B798 00000001
Sth Spidey2194B79C 00000001
Heli Spidey2194B7A0 00000001
Freak Spidey2194B7A4 00000001
Cop Spidey2194B7A8 00000001
Unlimited Webbing2194B7AC 00000001
Spider-Man Eats His Spinach!2194B7B0 00000001
Next Level (When Paused)2194B7B4 00000001
Gimme All Levels!2194B7B8 00000001
Spider-Man Takes The Red Pill!2194B7BC 00000001
Over-sized Egos All Around!2194B7C0 00000001
Bigger Isn't Always Better!2194B7C4 00000001
Send In The Clowns!2194B7C8 00000001
Through The Eyes Of Spider-Man!2194B7CC 00000001
Super Coolant!2194B7D0 00000001
Search For Justice Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B5DA 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B5DC 0000270F
Max Combat1194B5DE 0000270F
Max Secret(s) Found1194B5E0 0000270F
Max Style1194B5E2 0000270F
Warehouse Hunt Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B5E4 0000270F
Max Stealth Bonus1194B5E6 0000270F
Max Secret(s) Found1194B5E8 0000270F
Max Style1194B5EA 0000270F
Birth Of A Hero Stats Cods
Max Level Completion1194B5EC 0000270F
Max Time1194B5EE 0000270F
Max Secret(s) Found1194B5F0 0000270F
Max Style1194B5F2 0000270F
Oscorp's Gambit Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B5F4 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B5F6 0000270F
Max Defeated HKs1194B5F8 0000270F
Max Style1194B5FA 0000270F
The Subway Station Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B5FC 0000270F
Max Time1194B5FE 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B600 0000270F
Max Style1194B602 0000270F
Chase Through The Sewer Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B604 0000270F
Max Time1194B606 0000270F
Max Secret(s) Found1194B608 0000270F
Max Combat1194B60A 0000270F
Max Style1194B60C 0000270F
Showdown With Shocker Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B60E 0000270F
Max Time1194B610 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B612 0000270F
Max Secret(s) Found1194B614 0000270F
Max Style1194B616 0000270F
Vulture's Lair Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B618 0000270F
Max Time1194B61A 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B61C 0000270F
Vulture Escapes Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B620 0000270F
Max Time1194B622 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B624 0000270F
Max Vulture Proximity1194B626 0000270F
Air Duel With Vulture Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B62A 0000270F
Max Time1194B62C 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B62E 0000270F
Max Style1194B630 0000270F
Corralled Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B632 0000270F
Max Secret(s) Found1194B69A 0000270F
Max Protected Scorpion1194B69C 0000270F
Max Style1194B69E 0000270F
Scorpion's Rampage Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B634 0000270F
Max No Pickups Used1194B6A2 0000270F
Max Style1194B698 0000270F
Coup D'Etat Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B636 0000270F
Max Time1194B638 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B63A 0000270F
Max Style1194B63C 0000270F
The Offer Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B63E 0000270F
Max Time1194B640 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B642 0000270F
Max Ride Goblin1194B6A8 0000270F
Max Style1194B644 0000270F
Race Against Time Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B646 0000270F
Max Time1194B648 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B64A 0000270F
The Razor's Edge Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B65C 0000270F
Max R-bats Destroyed1194B65E 0000270F
Max Remaining Health1194B660 0000270F
Max Pickups Used1194B662 0000270F
Max Style1194B664 0000270F
Breaking And Entering Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B666 0000270F
Max Time1194B668 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B66A 0000270F
Max Secret(s) Found1194B66C 0000270F
Max Stealth Bonus1194B66E 0000270F
Chemical Chaos Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B672 0000270F
Max Time1194B674 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B676 0000270F
Oscorp's Ultimate Weapon Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B67A 0000270F
Max Time1194B67C 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B67E 0000270F
Max Style1194B680 0000270F
Escape From Oscorp Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B682 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B684 0000270F
Max Supersoldiers Killed1194B686 0000270F
Max Style1194B688 0000270F
Mary Jane Kidnapped Stats Codes
Max Level Completion1194B68A 0000270F
Max Perfect1194B68C 0000270F