Spider-Man 2

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90579D28 0C162E8B
Infinite Health20B31B98 000003E8
Max Health20B31BA0 000003E8
Score Display Always On21A33188 00000001
Score Display Always Off21A33188 00000000
Invert Camera Up/Down Always On21A331A0 00000001
Invert Camera Up/Down Always Off21A331A0 00000000
Invert Camera Left/Right Always On21A331A4 00000001
Invert Camera Left/Right Always Off21A331A4 00000000
Easy Swinging Always On21A331A8 00000001
Easy Swinging Always Off21A331A8 00000000
Map Always On21A331AC 00000001
Map Always Off21A331AC 00000001
Max Hero Points20A5FAD0 4CBEBC20
P1 Press L1+Select To Stop Timers Going DownD0608102 0000FBFE
2037820C 00000000
P1 Press L2+Select To Restart Timers Going DownD0608102 0000FEFE
2037820C E6200030
P1 Press R1+Select To Stop Timers Going UpD0608102 0000F7FE
2037822C 00000000
P1 Press R2+Select To Restart Timers Going UpD0608102 0000FDFE
2037822C E6200030
No Traffic005DF968 00000000
Time Of Day Modifier Codes
12:00 A.M.20698BE8 00000000
1:00 A.M.20698BE8 00000E10
2:00 A.M.20698BE8 00001C20
3:00 A.M.20698BE8 00002A30
4:00 A.M.20698BE8 00003840
5:00 A.M.20698BE8 00004650
6:00 A.M.20698BE8 00005460
7:00 A.M.20698BE8 00006270
8:00 A.M.20698BE8 00007080
9:00 A.M.20698BE8 00007E90
10:00 A.M.20698BE8 00008CA0
11:00 A.M.20698BE8 00009AB0
12:00 P.M.20698BE8 0000A8C0
1:00 P.M.20698BE8 0000B6D0
2:00 P.M.20698BE8 0000C4E0
3:00 P.M.20698BE8 0000D2F0
4:00 P.M.20698BE8 0000E100
5:00 P.M.20698BE8 0000EF10
6:00 P.M.20698BE8 0000FD20
7:00 P.M.20698BE8 00010B30
8:00 P.M.20698BE8 00011940
9:00 P.M.20698BE8 00012750
10:00 P.M.20698BE8 00013560
11:00 P.M.20698BE8 00014370
Status Codes
Have Combat Upgrades Codes
Grapple20A5FB40 3F800000
Air Jump Off Kick20A5FB64 3F800000
Cannonball Kick20A5FB70 3F800000
Rising Knee Kick20A5FB7C 3F800000
Yank Behind20A5FB88 3F800000
Earth Breaker Punch20A5FB94 3F800000
Level 3 Air Combo20A5FBA0 3F800000
Launch Kick20A5FBAC 3F800000
Dizzy Strike20A5FBB8 3F800000
Multi Web Hammer20A5FBC4 3F800000
The Hero Punch20A5FBD0 3F800000
Interceptor Kick20A5FBDC 3F800000
Level 4 Air Combo20A5FBE8 3F800000
Jaw Launcher20A5FBF4 3F800000
Air Pile Driver20A5FC00 3F800000
Double Heel Kick20A5FC0C 3F800000
Stair Step Kicks Combo20A5FC18 3F800000
Whirlwind Kick20A5FC24 3F800000
Rising Shoulder Charge20A5FC30 3F800000
Air Web Slam20A5FC3C 3F800000
Spider Missile20A5FC48 3F800000
Web Hanger20A5FC54 3F800000
Super Web20A5FC60 3F800000
Max Max Trap Webs20A5FD74 40800000
All Combat Upgrades20A5FB40 3F800000
40A5FB64 00170003
3F800000 00000000
20A5FD74 40800000
Have Locomotion Upgrades Codes
Slingshot Jump20A5FB34 3F800000
Max Swing Speed Level20A5FDBC 41000000
Web Zip20A5FE24 3F800000
Wallspring Duration Upgrade 120A5FE60 3F800000
Have Awards Codes
Employee Of The Month20A60090 3F800000
Shutterbug20A60094 3F800000
Knowledge Seeker20A60098 3F800000
Silver Medalist20A6009C 3F800000
Gold Medalist20A600A0 3F800000
Drenched Explorer20A600A4 3F800000
Watchful Explorer20A600A8 3F800000
Towering Explorer20A600AC 3F800000
Vigilant Explorer20A600B0 3F800000
Master Explorer20A600B4 3F800000
Friend To Childer20A600B8 3F800000
Peace Maker20A600BC 3F800000
Bane Of Petty Thieves20A600C0 3F800000
Thug Mugger20A600C4 3F800000
Watch Dog20A600C8 3F800000
Anger Manager20A600CC 3F800000
Stick Up Artist20A600D0 3F800000
Partycrasher20A600D4 3F800000
Lifter Of Spirits20A600D8 3F800000
Sucker20A600DC 3F800000
Automobile Avenger20A600E0 3F800000
Life Preserver20A600E4 3F800000
Human Ambulance20A600E8 3F800000
Honoparty Deputy20A600EC 3F800000
Crime Stopper20A600F0 3F800000
Good Samaritan20A600F4 3F800000
Champ20A600F8 3F800000
Mega Champ20A600FC 3F800000
Big Game Hunter20A60100 3F800000
Alien Buster20A60104 3F800000
Shock Absorber20A60108 3F800000
Tentacle Wrangler20A6010C 3F800000
Speed Freak20A60110 3F800000
Hardcore Gamer20A60114 3F800000
Lover Not A Fighter20A60118 3F800000
Hero In Training20A6011C 3F800000
Hero20A60120 3F800000
Super Hero20A60124 3F800000
Mega Hero20A60128 3F800000
Game Master20A6012C 3F800000
All Awards40A60090 00280001
3F800000 00000000
Game Stats Codes
Max Hint Markers Found20A5FAAC 43550000
Find 1 Hit Marker For QuantityD0A5FAAE 00204354
20A5FAAC 43540000
Max Challenges Completed20A5FAA4 43160000
Complete 1 Challenge For Max CompletedD0A5FAA6 00204315
20A5FAA4 43150000
Max Secret Tokens Found20A5E50C 42960000
Find 1 Secret Token For Max QuantityD0A5E50E 00204294
20A5E50C 42940000
Max Skyscraper Tokens Found20A5E510 43160000
Find 1 Skycraper Token For Max QuantityD0A5E512 00204315
20A5E510 43150000
Max Hideout Tokens Found20A5E514 42140000
Find 1 Hideout Token For Max QuantityD0A5E516 00204210
20A5E514 42100000
Max Buoy Tokens Found20A5E518 43020000
Find 1 Buoy Token For Max QuantityD0A5E51A 00204301
20A5E518 43010000
Max Mega Challenges Completed20A5EDB0 43160000
Complete 1 Mega Challenge For Max CompletedD0A5EDB2 00204315
20A5EDB0 43150000
Max Citizens In Distress Helped20A5FAB8 4CBEBC20
Max Petty Crimes Stopped20A5FAC0 4CBEBC20
Max Total Hero Points Gained20A5FACC 4CBEBC20
Max Enemies Defeated20A5FFE0 4CBEBC20
Max Number Of Jumps20A5FFE4 4CBEBC20
Max Weapons Yanked20A5FFEC 4CBEBC20
No Times Hit20A5FFF0 00000000
No Times Fallen Hard On Ground20A60000 00000000
Max Number Of Steps Taken20A60010 4CBEBC20
No Number Of Pedestrians Jostled20A60014 00000000
Max Number Of Swings20A60018 4CBEBC20
Max Unconscious Enemies Hung From Lightpoles20A60028 4CBEBC20
Max Most Enemies Defeated Without Damage20A6002C 4CBEBC20
Max Helicopters Swung From20A60030 4CBEBC20
Max Total Attacks Dodged20A60034 4CBEBC20
Max Total Bullets Dodged20A60038 4CBEBC20
Max Spinning Pile Driver Revolutions20A6003C 4CBEBC20
Max Pizzas Delivered20A60044 4CBEBC20
No Times Fallen In Water20A60054 00000000
Max Ballons Returned20A60058 4CBEBC20
Max Gang Wars Stopped20A6005C 4CBEBC20
Max Purse Snatches Foiled20A60060 4CBEBC20
Max Muggings Averted20A60064 4CBEBC20
Max Break-Ins Foiled20A60068 4CBEBC20
Max Road Rages Ended20A6006C 4CBEBC20
Max Robberies Put Down20A60070 4CBEBC20
Max Battles Royal20A60074 4CBEBC20
Max Hangers Rescued20A60078 4CBEBC20
Max Ambushes Avenged20A6007C 4CBEBC20
Max Car Jackings Foiled20A60080 4CBEBC20
Max Sinking Boat Rescues20A60084 4CBEBC20
Max Medical Emergencies Resolved20A60088 4CBEBC20
Max Officer Assists20A6008C 4CBEBC20