Soul Reaver 2 (Version 1.1)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Lajos Szalay

With this game, if these codes dont work, Try These!
Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 001EEDA7
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
901EEDA4 0C07D2AF
A lot of these codes are based on work by Ben Lincoln, Warpsavant, and Vampmaster from Legacy of Kain: The Lost Worlds. Check out their site for lots of goodies, information and much more.
Press X For Moon Jump (Dont Use With Fly Mode)D026D5C0 0000BFFF
2026DB88 42E00000
Fly Mode (Press X Repeatedly To Fall Back To Normal)21FD4B90 00000003
Invincibility (Press R3 To Activate, L3 To De-Activate)D026D5C0 0000FFFB
1023C5D4 00000000
D026D5C0 0000FFFD
1023C5D4 00000800
Display Short Stats Debug Info2012858C 00000000
16x9 Widescreen Mode Always On2023F420 00000001
Disable HUD2013E494 00000000
No Optional Signals2023C684 00000040
Skip First Puppet Show1023C68A 000000A0
Quick MovementD026D5C0 0000F3DF
0023C6EB 00000001
D026D5C0 0000F37F
0023C6EB 00000000
All Face Attr/Flags Activated2023C6F8 FFFFFFFF
Time Mult (Default 1000)2023C754 0000????
Frame Rate Lock Modifier (01-03)2023C758 000000??
Switch Camera ModeD026D5C0 0000F3EF
2023F454 00000000
D026D5C0 0000F3BF
2023F454 00000007
Projected Shadows2023FD14 00000001
Disable Sun2023FD18 00000001
Fog Far Modifier (Default 2CEC)2023FD50 0000????
Fog Near Modifier (Default 2904)2023FD54 0000????
Fog Red Modifier2023FD5C 000000??
Fog Green Modifier2023FD60 000000??
Fog Blue Modifier2023FD64 000000??
Health Level Modifier (00-04)2023FD68 000000??
Mana Level Modifier (00-0D)2023FD6C 000000??
New Combat Camera2023FD70 00000001
Have All Abilities20242764 3FFFFEFF
Sunny Health Meter202E8AA8 00002800
Activate Cheat Modifier 120242770 000000??
Activate Debug Cheat Modifier 12023C5D0 ????????
Activate Debug Cheat Modifier 22023C5D4 ????????
Activate Debug Cheat Modifier 32023C5D8 ????????
Character Width Modifier (Default 3F800000)2026DAF0 ????????
Character Depth Modifier (Default 3F800000)2026DAF4 ????????
Character Height Modifier (Default 3F800000)2026DAF8 ????????
Invisible0026DBB9 0000000C
Transparent0026DC59 0000000A
Debug MenuE001FFFD 0026D5C0
1023C6A6 00000004
E002FFFB 0026D5C0
1023C6A6 00000000
0026DBB5 00000006
Have More Debug Option Codes
Press Down+R2 For Print/PS2 Stats Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000FDBF
20242704 0023FE38
Press Right+R2 For Save Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000FDDF
20242704 0023FEC8
Press Up+R1 For Event Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000F7EF
20242704 0023FF28
Press Down+R1 For Fog Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000F7BF
20242704 0023FFD0
Press Right+R1 For Misc. Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000F7DF
20242704 00240090
Press Up+R2 For Face Attr/Flag Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000FDEF
20242704 002401F8
Press Left+R1 For Misc. 2 Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000F77F
20242704 00240B40
Press Up+R1+R2 For New Combat Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000F5EF
20242704 00240EA0
Press Left+R2 For Monster Debug ScreenD026D5C0 0000FD7F
20242704 00241020
Reaver Modifier Codes
Press Up+L2 For Spectral ReaverD026D5C0 0000FEEF
20242768 00000400
Press Right+L2 For Material ReaverD026D5C0 0000FEDF
20242768 00000800
Press Up+L1 For Dark ReaverD026D5C0 0000FBEF
20242768 00001000
Press Right+L1 For Light ReaverD026D5C0 0000FBDF
20242768 00002000
Press Down+L1 For Air ReaverD026D5C0 0000FBBF
20242768 00004000
Press Left+L1 For Fire ReaverD026D5C0 0000FB7F
20242768 00008000
Press Down+L2 For Water ReaverD026D5C0 0000FEBF
20242768 00010000
Press Left+L2 For Earth ReaverD026D5C0 0000FEBF
20242768 00020000
Press Up+L1+L2 For Spirit ReaverD026D5C0 0000FEBF
20242768 00040000