Soul Nomad & The World Eaters

🇺🇸 • Credit: Skiller

Enable Code (Must Be On)901252A8 00832021
Infinite GP10415B88 0000FFFF
Max GP20415B88 3B9AC9FF
P1 Press L1+Select For Infinite Stamina OnD03A6302 0000FBFE
202379C8 00000000
P1 Press L2+Select For Infinite Stamina OffD03A6302 0000FEFE
202379C8 A6830128
P1 Press R1+Select For Infinite HP OnD03A6302 0000F7FE
201D528C 00000000
P1 Press R2+Select For Infinite HP OffD03A6302 0000FDFE
201D528C ACA20000