Sonic Heroes

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Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 001EBD93
Level Codes
Bingo Highway Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A39C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A3A0 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A3A4 00000000
0051A3A6 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A3A7 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A3A8 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A3AC 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A3B0 00000000
0051A3B2 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A3B3 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A3B4 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A3B8 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A3BC 00000000
0051A3BE 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A3BF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A3C0 00000000
0051A3C2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A3C3 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A3C4 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A3C8 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A3CC 00000000
0051A3CE 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A3CF 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A3D0 00000000
0051A3D2 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A3D3 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A3D4 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A3D8 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A3DC 00000000
0051A3DE 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A3DF 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A3E0 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A3E4 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A3E8 00000000
0051A3EA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A3EB 00000005
Bullet Station Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A43C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A440 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A444 00000000
0051A446 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A447 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A448 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A44C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A450 00000000
0051A452 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A453 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A454 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A458 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A45C 00000000
0051A45E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A45F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A460 00000000
0051A462 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A463 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A464 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A468 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A46C 00000000
0051A46E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A46F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A470 00000000
0051A472 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A473 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A474 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A478 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A47C 00000000
0051A47E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A47F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A480 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A484 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A488 00000000
0051A48A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A48B 00000005
Casino Park Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A34C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A350 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A354 00000000
0051A356 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A357 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A358 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A35C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A360 00000000
0051A362 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A363 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A364 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A368 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A36C 00000000
0051A36E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A36F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A370 00000000
0051A372 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A373 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A374 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A378 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A37C 00000000
0051A37E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A37F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A380 00000000
0051A382 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A383 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A384 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A388 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A38C 00000000
0051A38E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A38F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A390 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A394 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A398 00000000
0051A39A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A39B 00000005
Egg Fleet Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A5CC 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A5D0 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A5D4 00000000
0051A5D6 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A5D7 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A5D8 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A5DC 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A5E0 00000000
0051A5E2 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A5E3 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A5E4 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A5E8 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A5EC 00000000
0051A5EE 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A5EF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A5F0 00000000
0051A5F2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A5F3 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A5F4 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A5F8 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A5FC 00000000
0051A5FE 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A5FF 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A600 00000000
0051A602 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A603 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A604 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A608 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A60C 00000000
0051A60E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A60F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A610 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A614 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A618 00000000
0051A61A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A61B 00000005
Final Fortress Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A61C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A620 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A624 00000000
0051A626 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A627 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A628 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A62C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A630 00000000
0051A632 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A633 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A634 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A638 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A63C 00000000
0051A63E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A63F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A640 00000000
0051A642 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A643 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A644 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A648 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A64C 00000000
0051A64E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A64F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A650 00000000
0051A652 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A653 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A654 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A658 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A65C 00000000
0051A65E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A65F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A660 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A664 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A668 00000000
0051A66A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A66B 00000005
Frog Forest Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A48C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A490 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A494 00000000
0051A496 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A497 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A498 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A49C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A4A0 00000000
0051A4A2 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A4A3 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A4A4 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A4A8 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A4AC 00000000
0051A4AE 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A4AF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A4B0 00000000
0051A4B2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A4B3 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A4B4 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A4B8 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A4BC 00000000
0051A4BE 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A4BF 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A4C0 00000000
0051A4C2 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A4C3 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A4C4 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A4C8 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A4CC 00000000
0051A4CE 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A4CF 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A4D0 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A4D4 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A4D8 00000000
0051A4DA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A4DB 00000005
Grand Metropolis COdes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A2AC 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A2B0 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A2B4 00000000
0051A2B6 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A2B7 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A2B8 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A2BC 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A2C0 00000000
0051A2C2 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A2C3 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A2C4 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A2C8 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A2CC 00000000
0051A2CE 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A2CF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A2D0 00000000
0051A2D2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A2D3 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A2D4 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A2D8 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A2DC 00000000
0051A2DE 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A2DF 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A2E0 00000000
0051A2E2 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A2E3 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A2E4 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A2E8 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A2EC 00000000
0051A2EE 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A2EF 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A2F0 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A2F4 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A2F8 00000000
0051A2FA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A2FB 00000005
Hang Castle Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A52C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A530 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A534 00000000
0051A536 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A537 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A538 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A53C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A540 00000000
0051A542 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A543 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A544 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A548 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A54C 00000000
0051A54E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A54F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A550 00000000
0051A552 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A553 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A554 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A558 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A55C 00000000
0051A55E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A55F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A560 00000000
0051A562 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A563 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A564 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A568 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A56C 00000000
0051A56E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A56F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A570 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A574 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A578 00000000
0051A57A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A57B 00000005
Lost Jungle Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A4DC 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A4E0 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A4E4 00000000
0051A4E6 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A4E7 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A4E8 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A4EC 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A4F0 00000000
0051A4F2 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A4F3 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A4F4 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A4F8 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A4FC 00000000
0051A4FE 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A4FF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A500 00000000
0051A502 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A503 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A504 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A508 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A50C 00000000
0051A50E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A50F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A510 00000000
0051A512 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A513 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A514 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A518 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A51C 00000000
0051A51E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A51F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A520 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A524 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A528 00000000
0051A52A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A52B 00000005
Misc. Level Codes
Egg Hawk Codes
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A66C 00000000
0051A66E 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A66F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A670 00000000
0051A672 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A673 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A674 00000000
0051A676 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A677 00000005
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A678 00000000
0051A67A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A67B 00000005
Team Rose Codes
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A67C 00000000
0051A67E 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A67F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A680 00000000
0051A682 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A683 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A684 00000000
0051A686 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A687 00000005
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A688 00000000
0051A68A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A68B 00000005
Robot Carnival Codes
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A68C 00000000
0051A68E 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A68F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A690 00000000
0051A692 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A693 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A694 00000000
0051A696 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A697 00000005
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A698 00000000
0051A69A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A69B 00000005
Egg Albatross Codes
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A69C 00000000
0051A69E 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A69F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6A0 00000000
0051A6A2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6A3 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6A4 00000000
0051A6A6 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6A7 00000005
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6A8 00000000
0051A6AA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6AB 00000005
Team Dark Codes
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6AC 00000000
0051A6AE 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6AF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6B0 00000000
0051A6B2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6B3 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6B4 00000000
0051A6B6 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6B7 00000005
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6B8 00000000
0051A6BA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6BB 00000005
Robot Storm Codes
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6BC 00000000
0051A6BE 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6BF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6C0 00000000
0051A6C2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6C3 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6C4 00000000
0051A6C6 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6C7 00000005
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6C8 00000000
0051A6CA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6CB 00000005
Egg Emperor Codes
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6CC 00000000
0051A6CE 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6CF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6D0 00000000
0051A6D2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6D3 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6D4 00000000
0051A6D6 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6D7 00000005
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6D8 00000000
0051A6DA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6DB 00000005
Metal Madness Codes
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6DC 00000000
0051A6DE 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6DF 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6E0 00000000
0051A6E2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6E3 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6E4 00000000
0051A6E6 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6E7 00000005
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A6E8 00000000
0051A6EA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A6EB 00000005
Mystic Mansion Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A57C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A580 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A584 00000000
0051A586 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A587 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A588 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A58C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A590 00000000
0051A592 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A593 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A594 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A598 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A59C 00000000
0051A59E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A59F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A5A0 00000000
0051A5A2 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A5A3 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A5A4 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A5A8 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A5AC 00000000
0051A5AE 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A5AF 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A5B0 00000000
0051A5B2 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A5B3 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A5B4 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A5B8 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A5BC 00000000
0051A5BE 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A5BF 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A5C0 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A5C4 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A5C8 00000000
0051A5CA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A5CB 00000005
Ocean Palace Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A25C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A260 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A264 00000000
0051A266 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A267 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A268 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A26C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A270 00000000
0051A272 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A273 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A274 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A278 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A27C 00000000
0051A27E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A27F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A280 00000000
0051A282 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A283 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A284 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A288 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A28C 00000000
0051A28E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A28F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A290 00000000
0051A292 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A293 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A294 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A298 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A29C 00000000
0051A29E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A29F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A2A0 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A2A4 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A2A8 00000000
0051A2AA 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A2AB 00000005
Power Plant Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A2FC 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A300 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A304 00000000
0051A306 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A307 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A308 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A30C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A310 00000000
0051A312 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A313 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A314 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A318 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A31C 00000000
0051A31E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A31F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A320 00000000
0051A322 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A323 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A324 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A328 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A32C 00000000
0051A32E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A32F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A330 00000000
0051A332 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A333 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A334 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A338 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A33C 00000000
0051A33E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A33F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A340 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A344 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A348 00000000
0051A34A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A34B 00000005
Rail Canyon Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A3EC 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A3F0 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A3F4 00000000
0051A3F6 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A3F7 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A3F8 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A3FC 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A400 00000000
0051A402 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A403 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A404 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A408 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A40C 00000000
0051A40E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A40F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A410 00000000
0051A412 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A413 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A414 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A418 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A41C 00000000
0051A41E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A41F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A420 00000000
0051A422 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A423 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A424 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A428 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A42C 00000000
0051A42E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A42F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A430 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A434 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A438 00000000
0051A43A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A43B 00000005
Seaside Hill Codes
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A20C 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A210 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A214 00000000
0051A216 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A217 00000005
Sonic Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A218 000003E7
Sonic Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A21C 3B9AC9FF
Sonic Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A220 00000000
0051A222 00000000
Sonic Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A223 00000005
Dark Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A224 000003E7
Dark Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A228 3B9AC9FF
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A22C 00000000
0051A22E 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A22F 00000005
Dark Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A230 00000000
0051A232 00000000
Dark Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A233 00000005
Rose Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A234 000003E7
Rose Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A238 3B9AC9FF
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A23C 00000000
0051A23E 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A23F 00000005
Rose Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A240 00000000
0051A242 00000000
Rose Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A243 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 12051A244 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 12051A248 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 11051A24C 00000000
0051A24E 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 10051A24F 00000005
Chaotix Team-Max Rings-Challenge 22051A250 000003E7
Chaotix Team-Max Score-Challenge 22051A254 3B9AC9FF
Chaotix Team-Low Time-Challenge 21051A258 00000000
0051A25A 00000000
Chaotix Team-Level Completed-Challenge 20051A25B 00000005
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Max Rings204DE080 000003E7
Rings Worth Modifier202B5EE8 245000??
Pick Up 1 Ring For Max Rings202B5EE8 241003E7
Infinite Lives204DE0A0 00000063
Extra Lives1028E74C 00000001
Team Blast204DE0F0 42C80000
Turn Hud Off204AD1C8 00000001
P1 Press L1+Select To Enable Debug InfoD051969C 0000FBFE
204AD1C0 00000001
P1 Press L2+Select To Disable Debug InfoD051969C 0000FEFE
204AD1C0 00000000
Language Modifier20311400 03E00008
20311404 240200??
Always Low Time20477D7C 00000000
20477D80 00000000
20477D84 00000000
Unlock Challenges0051A1E2 00000078
Max Score Codes
Character 1204DE0B0 0098967F
Character 2204DE0B4 0098967F
Character 3204DE0B8 0098967F
Max Level Codes
Sonic00B7C488 00000003
Tails00B7C489 00000003
Knuckles00B7C48A 00000003
All Characters10B7C488 00000303
00B7C48A 00000003