Soldier Of Fortune-Gold Edition

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 00435A5F
200C0298 03E00008
200C029C 3C040056
2025CAD8 0C030088
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90435A5C 0C110DE5
200C0298 03E00008
200C029C 3C040056
2025CAD8 0C030088
Infinite Armor203B920C 00000000
Infinite Stealth202D0870 E61500CC
202D0874 E60000CC
Infinite Ammo (9MM Pistol)203B9144 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo-9MM Pistol203B913C 24030063
Extra Ammo (9MM Pistol)203B913C 00431021
Infinite Ammo (Throwing Knives)203C1FC4 00000000
Max Infinite Throwing Knives203C1FC0 240203E7
Extra Ammo (Throwing Knives)103C1FC0 00000001
Infinite Ammo (Shotgun)203B909C 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo-Shotgun203B9098 240303E7
Extra Ammo (Shotgun)103B9098 00000001
Infinite Flash Pak & Plastique203B6F0C 00000000
Max Infinite Flash Pak & Plastique203B6F04 24020063
Extra Flash Paks & Plastiques103B6F04 00000001
Never Reload (MPG-Secondary Fire)203C0F50 00000000
Never Reload (Shotgun-Primary Fire)203C0074 00000000
Never Reload (Heavy MG-Secondary Fire)203C2390 00000000
Never Reload (Slugthrower-Secondary Fire)203C2098 00000000
Never Reload (Flame Thrower-Primary Fire)203C16BC 00000000
Never Reload (Flame Thrower-Secondary Fire)203C17CC 00000000
Never Reload (Rocket Launcher-Secondary Fire)203C3F98 00000000
Never Reload (All Other Weapons-Primary Fire)203C3ED0 00000000
Change Weapons For Max Ammo In Clip203C4220 00000000
203C4228 24020063
203C4230 AE020000
God Mode200C0220 8C4101A0
200C0224 34210010
200C0228 AC4101A0
No Target200C022C 8C4101A0
200C0230 34210020
200C0234 AC4101A0
P1 Press L1+L2 To Have All Weapons200C02A0 24030001
200C02A4 24050063
200C02A8 AC830044
200C02AC AC850040
200C02B0 24630001
200C02B4 2C61000D
200C02B8 1420FFFB
200C02BC 2484000C
200C02C0 080EF4F4
200C02C4 8C420004
D06CF482 0000FAFF
203BD3C8 080300A8
D06CF482 0000FFFF
203BD3C8 8C420004
P1 Press L1+Select For No Clipping OnD043A1C2 0000FBFE
202DC27C 24030001
P1 Press L2+Select For No Clipping OffD043A1C2 0000FEFE
202DC27C 8E23019C
Speed Modifier Codes
P1 Press L3+Down For Slow AnimationsD06CF482 0000FFBD
2036FBEC 3C014400
P1 Press R3+Up For Fast AnimationsD06CF482 0000FFEB
2036FBEC 3C0144FF
P1 Press R3+Down For Hyper AnimationsD06CF482 0000FFBB
2036FBEC 3C014EFF
P1 Press L3+R3 For Normal MotionD06CF482 0000FFF9
2036FBEC 3C01447A
Show Debug Info Codes
Show High clamp10175634 0000000A
Show Low clamp101756B0 00000009
Show Moving Entity10216960 00000004
Show Rotating Entity10216E24 00000004
Show Debug Location20113F28 00000000
Show Trace/Points203CF468 00000000
Show More Info203F6A40 00000000
Show Packets20117D74 00000000
Show Frame Delta201735D8 00000000
Show Delta20172B58 00000000
Show Baseline20172BE4 00000000
Show Remove20172AF0 00000000
Show Unchanged20172A54 00000000