SOCOM 3-U.S. Navy Seals

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Idot

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First off: Sorry, but it had to be done, Infinite Health is released for this game's offline mode. NO cheats work online as Sony checks for Cheat Devices. You will get banned if you try to go online with cheats, so don't try it if you value playing online. They will ban your PS2's Serial Number and you wont be able to play until the ban is lifted. If you do it enough times, your Serial Number will be permanently banned. SO.... DONT SAY WE DIDNT WARN YOU!
Enable Code (Must Be On)901A9338 0C074318
Infinite Health (You & Your Team)E005982D 0059AE40
200C0220 3C013F80
200C0224 AE810968
200C0228 08166B98
200C022C 928200F1
2059AE5C 08030088
Never ReloadD04E1974 0000182B
204E1988 00000000
Idiot AIE0021B4C 004284F4
204284D0 03E00008
204284D4 00000000
No Damage From FallingD0180208 000006BC
2064C1E0 447A0000
Super JumpE0021034 003AC4FC
103AC502 00001000
2064C1B8 41800000
Ultra JumpE0021034 003AC4FC
103AC502 00001000
2064C1B8 42000000
No Recoil-Weapons (Non-Zoom)D04F086C 0000282D
204F0870 00000000
No Recoil-Sniper (Zoom)E002A303 0037B9C8
2037B9CC 00000000
2037B9D0 00000000
Perfect ShotE002A02D 0043E624
2043E610 03E00008
2043E614 00000000
No Explosion Damage With FallD03D3FF8 00000970
203D3FFC 00000000
No Explosion Damage With No FallD03D3FA8 0000A036
203D3FAC 1000000A
No Scope Screen BlockageD05A0C20 0000282D
205A0C34 00000000
Fire Once For Max Shots Fired By PlayerD0374AD8 0000882D
20374AC8 2406270F
Hit Enemy Once For Max Shots Hit By PlayerD0375878 00001824
20375868 2403270F
Kill Enemy Once For Max Enemies Downed By PlayerD0374DB4 0000102B
20374E00 2403270F
P1 Press L1+Up For Moon GravityD064F89C 0000FBEF
2064C1B0 3F800000
P1 Press L1+Down For Normal GravityD064F89C 0000FBBF
2064C1B0 436B0000
P1 Press L1+L2+R1+R2 To Complete Mission SuccessfullyD064F89C 0000F0FF
00887F7C 00000001
Vehicles Drive Much Faster206D071C 3E000000
Start On Mission Modifier Codes
North Africa-Deep StrikeD0688B80 00200001
20688B80 00000001
North Africa-EscalationD0688B80 00200002
20688B80 00000002
North Africa-Riposte's PrimerD0688B80 00200003
20688B80 00000003
North Africa-In The BalanceD0688B80 00200004
20688B80 00000004
North Africa-Day Of ReckoningD0688B80 00200005
20688B80 00000005
North Africa-Wake Of The FallenD0688B80 00200006
20688B80 00000006
South Asia-Nautical SalvageD0688B80 00200007
20688B80 00000007
South Asia-Friend Or FoeD0688B80 00200008
20688B80 00000008
South Asia-Heart Of The FistD0688B80 00200009
20688B80 00000009
Poland-NightcrawlerD0688B80 0020000A
20688B80 0000000A
Poland-State SecurityD0688B80 0020000B
20688B80 0000000B
Poland-RetributionD0688B80 0020000C
20688B80 0000000C
Poland-WaterloggedD0688B80 0020000D
20688B80 0000000D
Poland-Brewed ChaosD0688B80 0020000E
20688B80 0000000E
Extras Codes
Career Stats Codes
Always Low Player Hit Percentage20688FB0 00000000
Max Average Accuracy Rating20688FB4 00000064
No Average Accuracy Rating20688FB4 00000000
Max Average Stealth Rating20688FB8 00000064
No Average Stealth Rating20688FB8 00000000
Max Average Teamwork Rating20688FBC 00000064
No Average Teamwork Rating20688FBC 00000000
Max Average Objective Completion20688FC0 00000064
No Average Objective Completion20688FC0 00000000
Max Enemies Captured20688FC4 000F423F
No Enemies Captured20688FC4 00000000
Max Enemies Downed20688FC8 000F423F
No Enemies Downed20688FC8 00000000
Max Friendly Kills20688FCC 000F423F
No Friendly Kills20688FCC 00000000
Max Stealth Kills20688FD0 000F423F
No Stealth Kills20688FD0 00000000
Max CQB Kills20688FD4 000F423F
No CQB Kills20688FD4 00000000
Max Shots Fired20688FD8 000F423F
No Shots Fired20688FD8 00000000
Max Head Shots20688FDC 000F423F
No Head Shots20688FDC 00000000
Unlock Movies Codes
SOCOM 3 Credits00688A7D 000000FF
Making The Music00688A95 000000FF
North Africa Intro Movie00688A96 000000FF
South Asia Intro Movie00688A97 000000FF
Pland Intro Movie00688A98 000000FF
All Movies00688A7D 000000FF
00688A95 000000FF
10688A96 0000FFFF
00688A98 000000FF
Unlock Weapons Codes
Seal Weapons00688A7E 000000FF
Terrorist Weapons00688A7F 000000FF
GROM Weapons00688A80 000000FF
SBS Weapons00688A81 000000FF
IW-80 A200688A82 000000FF
STG 7700688A83 000000FF
Medium Scope00688A84 000000FF
Front Grip00688A85 000000FF
ZX25 Airburst00688A86 000000FF
All Weapons10688A7E 000000FF
10688A84 0000FFFF
00688A86 000000FF
Unlock Unjukebox Codes
Lieutenant Rank Required Songs00688A99 000000FF
Captain Rank Required Songs00688A9A 000000FF
Unlock Character Codes
North Africa Character Codes
Seal-Killjoy00688A89 000000FF
Seal-Desert Ghille Suit00688A8A 000000FF
Terrorist-Al-Kamil Sarwat00688A8B 000000FF
Terrorist-Desert Ghillie Suit00688A8C 000000FF
South Asia Character Codes
Seal-Chopper00688A8D 000000FF
Seal-Jungle Ghillie Suit00688A8E 000000FF
Terrorist-Hari Raman00688A8F 000000FF
Terrorist-Jungle Ghillie Suit00688A90 000000FF
Poland Character Codes
Seal-Coldkill00688A91 000000FF
Seal-Winter Ghillie Suit00688A92 000000FF
Terrorist-Dr. Basia Mironova00688A93 000000FF
Terrorist-Winter Ghillie Suit00688A94 000000FF
All Characters00688A89 000000FF
10688A8A 0000FFFF
00688A94 000000FF
Unlock Crosstalk Codes
Deep Strike-Destroy Transmitter00688A9C 000000FF
Escalation-Obtain Manifest00688A9D 000000FF
Escalation-Obtain Ledger00688A9E 000000FF
Escalation-Rescue Resistance Forces00688A9F 000000FF
Riposte's Primer-Prevent Further Launches00688AA1 000000FF
In The Balance-No CHA Points Overrun00688AA2 000000FF
Day Of Reckoning-Obtain Intel00688AA3 000000FF
Wake Of The Fallen-Capture NAPF Soldiers00688AA4 000000FF
Wake Of The Fallen-Complete Mission00688AA5 000000FF
Nautical Salvage-Overhear Arms Shipment00688AA6 000000FF
Nautical Salvage-Recon Warehouse00688AA7 000000FF
Nautical Salvage-Complete Mission00688AA8 000000FF
Friend Or Foe-No Villagers Killed00688AA9 000000FF
Friend Or Foe-Destroy Arms Shipment00688AAA 000000FF
Friend Or Foe-Obtain Intel00688AAB 000000FF
Friend Or Foe-Liberate Village00688AAC 000000FF
Heart Of The Fist-Capture Abbas00688AAD 000000FF
Heart Of The Fist-Secure Captain00688AAE 000000FF
Heart Of The Fist-Secure Engineer00688AAF 000000FF
Heart Of The Fist-Destroy Speedboat00688AB0 000000FF
Heart Of The Fist-Obtain Contact List00688AB1 000000FF
Heart Of The Fist-Secure Cargo00688AB2 000000FF
Heart Of The Fist-Capture Raman00688AB3 000000FF
Nightcrawler-Plant Bug00688AB4 000000FF
Nightcrawler-Create Diversion00688AB5 000000FF
State Security-No Damage To First Lady00688AB6 000000FF
State Security-Complete Mission00688AB7 000000FF
Retribution-Disable Generators00688AB8 000000FF
Retribution-Secure Arms Dealer00688AB9 000000FF
Waterlogged-No Terrorists Engaged00688ABA 000000FF
Brewed Chaos-Neutralize Kryzstol Gryc00688ABB 000000FF
Brewed Chaos-Neturalize Dr. Mironova00688ABC 000000FF
Brewed Chaos-Clear Brewery00688ABD 000000FF
Isolated Agent-Capture DDDBall00688ABE 000000FF
Short Fuse-Capture NAPF Soldier00688ABF 000000FF
Short Fuse-Photograph Sarwat00688AC0 000000FF
Lethal Crossing-Destroy Trucks00688AC1 000000FF
Desert Siege-Obtain Map00688AC2 000000FF
Desert Siege-Obtain Memo00688AC3 000000FF
Songbird-Extract MAGPIE Unharmed00688AC4 000000FF
Biohazard-Obtain Training Film00688AC5 000000FF
Under Fire-Obtain Intel00688AC6 000000FF
Underflow-Ontain Laptop00688AC7 000000FF
Village Recon-Eliminate All Anarchists00688AC8 000000FF
Powderkeg-Photograph Gas Mas Crates00688AC9 000000FF
Clean Sweap-Obtain Docs00688ACA 000000FF
Supply And Demand-Secure Terrorist00688ACC 000000FF
Supply And Demand-Retrive All Intell00688ACD 000000FF
Undermining Authority-No Alarms00688ACE 000000FF
Chemical Reaction-Remain Stealthy00688ACF 000000FF
Chemical Reaction-Kill All NSO00688AD0 000000FF
ZX2500688AD2 000000FF
9MM Sub00688AD3 000000FF
STG 7700688AD4 000000FF
Al-Kamil Sarwat00688AD5 000000FF
Gamal Imad00688AD6 000000FF
Benito Salazar Zayas00688AD7 000000FF
Dr. Basia Mironova00688AD8 000000FF