Sly Cooper

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0020456F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9020456C 0C07D696
Infinite Lives2027DC00 00000063
Max Badges2027DC08 00000063
Extra Lives10160DC0 00000001
Infinite Time2026E9C8 4415C000
Have Normal Horseshoe2027DC04 00000000
Have Silver Horseshoe2027DC04 00000001
Have Gold Horseshoe2027DC04 00000002
Game Speed X1/220261850 3F000000
Game Speed X220261850 40000000
Game Speed X320261850 40400000
Game Speed X420261850 40800000
Have All Moves2027DC10 FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Movies2027DC14 FFFFFFFF
Unlock World Codes
Sunset Snake Eyes2027CF10 00000001
Vicious Voodoo2027D35C 00000001
Fire In The Sky2027D7A8 00000001
The Cold Heart Of Hate2027DBF4 00000001
Tide Of Terror Codes
Max Keys2027CAB4 00000007
Max Vaults2027CAB8 00000006
Max Time Trials2027CABC 00000006
Unlock Level Codes
A Stealthy ApproachD027C67C 00000000
2027C67C 00000001
Prowling The GroundsD027C6F4 00000000
2027C6F4 00000001
High Class HeistD027C76C 00000000
2027C76C 00000001
Into The MachineD027C7E4 00000000
2027C7E4 00000001
A Cunning DisguiseD027C85C 00000000
2027C85C 00000001
The Fire Down BelowD027C8D4 00000000
2027C8D4 00000001
Treasure In The DepthsD027C94C 00000000
2027C94C 00000001
The Gunboat GraveyardD027C9C4 00000000
2027C9C4 00000001
The Eye Of The StormD027CA3C 00000000
2027CA3C 00000001
Have Level Completed Codes
A Stealthy Approach2027C67C 0000000F
Prowling The Grounds2027C6F4 0000000F
High Class Heist2027C76C 0000000F
Into The Machine2027C7E4 0000000F
A Cunning Disguise2027C85C 0000000F
The Fire Down Below2027C8D4 0000000F
Treasure In The Depths2027C94C 0000000F
The Gunboat Graveyard2027C9C4 0000000F
The Eye Of The Storm2027CA3C 0000000F
Max Clues Codes
A Stealthy Approach2027C6E0 00000014
High Class Heist2027C7D0 0000001E
Into The Machine2027C848 0000001E
A Cunning Disguise2027C8C0 0000001E
The Fire Down Below2027C938 0000001E
The Gunboat Graveyard2027CA28 00000014
Sunset Snake Eyes Codes
Max Keys2027CF00 00000007
Max Vaults2027CF04 00000005
Max Time Trials2027CF08 00000005
Unlock Level Codes
A Rocky StartD027CAC8 00000000
2027CAC8 00000001
Muggshot's TurfD027CB40 00000000
2027CB40 00000001
Boneyard CasinoD027CBB8 00000000
2027CBB8 00000001
Murray's Big GambleD027CC30 00000000
2027CC30 00000001
At The Dog TrackD027CCA8 00000000
2027CCA8 00000001
Two To TangoD027CD20 00000000
2027CD20 00000001
Straight To The TopD027CD98 00000000
2027CD98 00000001
Back Alley HeistD027CE10 00000000
2027CE10 00000001
Last CallD027CE88 00000000
2027CE88 00000001
Have Level Completed Codes
A Rocky Start2027CAC8 0000000F
Muggshot's Turf2027CB40 0000000F
Boneyard Casino2027CBB8 0000000F
Murray's Big Gamble2027CC30 0000000F
At The Dog Track2027CCA8 0000000F
Two To Tango2027CD20 0000000F
Straight To The Top2027CD98 0000000F
Back Alley Heist2027CE10 0000000F
Last Call2027CE88 0000000F
Max Clues Codes
A Rocky Start2027CB2C 00000028
Boneyard Casino2027CC1C 00000028
Two To Tango2027CD84 0000001E
Straight To The Top2027CDFC 00000028
Back Alley Heist2027CE74 0000001E
Vicious Voodoo Codes
Max Keys2027D34C 00000007
Max Vaults2027D350 00000004
Max Time Trials2027D354 00000004
Unlock Level Codes
The Dread Swamp PathD027CF14 00000000
2027CF14 00000001
The Swamp's Dark CenterD027CF8C 00000000
2027CF8C 00000001
The Lair Of The BeastD027D004 00000000
2027D004 00000001
A Grave UndertakingD027D07C 00000000
2027D07C 00000001
Piranha LakeD027D0F4 00000000
2027D0F4 00000001
Descent Into DangerD027D16C 00000000
2027D16C 00000001
A Ghastly VoyageD027D1E4 00000000
2027D1E4 00000001
Down Home CookingD027D25C 00000000
2027D25C 00000001
A Deadly DanceD027D2D4 00000000
2027D2D4 00000001
Have Level Completed Codes
The Dread Swamp Path2027CF14 0000000F
The Swamp's Dark Center2027CF8C 0000000F
The Lair Of The Beast2027D004 0000000F
A Grave Undertaking2027D07C 0000000F
Piranha Lake2027D0F4 0000000F
Descent Into Danger2027D16C 0000000F
A Ghastly Voyage2027D1E4 0000000F
Down Home Cooking2027D25C 0000000F
A Deadly Dance2027D2D4 0000000F
Max Clues Codes
The Dread Swamp Path2027CF78 00000014
The Lair Of The Beast2027D068 0000001E
A Grave Undertaking2027D0E0 00000028
Descent Into Danger2027D1D0 00000028
Fire In The Sky Codes
Max Keys2027D798 00000007
Max Vaults2027D79C 00000004
Max Time Trials2027D7A0 00000004
Unlock Level Codes
A Perilous AscentD027D360 00000000
2027D360 00000001
Into The StrongholdD027D3D8 00000000
2027D3D8 00000001
Flaming Temple Of FlameD027D450 00000000
2027D450 00000001
The Unseen FoeD027D4C8 00000000
2027D4C8 00000001
The King Of The HillD027D540 00000000
2027D540 00000001
Rapid Fire AssaultD027D5B8 00000000
2027D5B8 00000001
Duel By The DragonD027D630 00000000
2027D630 00000001
A Desperate RaceD027D6A8 00000000
2027D6A8 00000001
Flame Fu!D027D720 00000000
2027D720 00000001
Have Level Completed Codes
A Perilous Ascent2027D360 0000000F
Into The Stronghold2027D3D8 0000000F
Flaming Temple Of Flame2027D450 0000000F
The Unseen Foe2027D4C8 0000000F
The King Of The Hill2027D540 0000000F
Rapid Fire Assault2027D5B8 0000000F
Duel By The Dragon2027D630 0000000F
A Desperate Race2027D6A8 0000000F
Flame Fu!2027D720 0000000F
Max Clues Codes
A Perilous Ascent2027D3C4 0000001E
Flaming Temple Of Flame2027D4B4 00000019
The Unseen Foe2027D52C 0000001E
Duel By The Dragon2027D694 00000028
The Cold Heart Of Hate Codes
Unlock Level Codes
A Hazardous PathD027D7AC 00000000
2027D7AC 00000001
Burning RubberD027D89C 00000000
2027D89C 00000001
A Daring RescueD027D914 00000000
2027D914 00000001
Bentley Comes ThroughD027D98C 00000000
2027D98C 00000001
A Temporary TruceD027DA04 00000000
2027DA04 00000001
Sinking PerilD027DA7C 00000000
2027DA7C 00000001
A Strange ReunionD027DB6C 00000000
2027DB6C 00000001