Sly 2-Band Of Thieves

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90243348 0C08CC83
Disable FMV2024B618 24020001
Quick Coins Gain003D4B00 000000FF
Super Quick Coins Gain103D4B00 0000FFFF
Max Gold Coins203D4B00 05F5E0FF
Infinite Health (Sly Cooper)203D4AB0 00000028
Infinite Gadget Power (Sly Cooper)203D4AB4 00000028
Infinite Health (Bentley)203D4AC8 00000028
Infinite Gadget Power (Bentley)203D4ACC 00000028
Infinite Health (Murray)203D4AE0 0000003C
Infinite Gadget Power (Murray)203D4AE4 00000028
Have All Gadgets203D4AF8 FFFFFFFF
Infinite Gadget Usage (All Characters)201441D8 24050064
201441E0 ACC50000
Access All Episodes/Movies205975E8 00000008
Coins Dont Decrease When Buying Gadgets201D8184 00000000
Coins Increase When Buying Gadgets201D817C 00481023
Infinite Double Jumps201963C0 00000000
201963D4 00000000
Have Level Completed Codes
Episode 1D03D4E36 00203F80
203D4E34 3F800000
Episode 2D03D4F4E 00203F80
203D4F4C 3F800000
Episode 3D03D4FDE 00203F80
203D4FDC 3F800000
Episode 4D03D4FE2 002040AC
203D4FE0 40AC7691
Episode 5D03D50B6 002040AC
203D50B4 40AC7691
Episode 6D03D5366 002040AC
203D5364 40AC7691
Episode 7D03D54C2 002040AC
203D54C0 40AC7691
Episode 8D03D5662 002040AC
203D5660 40AC7691