Sims-Bustin' Out, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Fusion

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0022B7DF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9022B7DC 0C099B1A
Max Money200C0220 3C01000F
200C0224 3421423F
200C0228 08074020
200C022C ACC10480
201BA9EC 0C030088
Always Max Motives200C0230 3C0142C8
200C0234 AC610000
200C0238 080BA9C9
200C023C C4600000
202EA720 0803008C
Ui Sounds Always Disabled203F874C 00000000
Ui Sounds Always Enabled203F874C 00000001
All Items Are Free203F8750 00000000
Display Debug Info203F8754 00000001
Unlock All Objects203F8758 00000001
Unlock All Houses203F875C 00000001
Debug Interactions (All Interactions)203F8768 00000001
Various Info Displayed203F876C 00000001
Display FPS203F8770 00000001
Grab Any Object203F8780 00000001
Red Border Activated?203F878C 00000001
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Money2033DCCC 00000000
Max Money For New Family203F7134 05F5E0FF
Always Have Cheat Gnome103F8682 0000FFFF
No Upkeep Penalty Per Dirty Object203F713C 00000000
No Upkeep Penalty Per Broken Object203F7140 00000000
Energy Motive Never Decreases202D3EF8 00000000
Comfort Motive Never Decreases202D3FA4 00000000
Hunger Motive Never Decreases202D3FA8 00000000
Social Motive Never Decreases202D3FFC 00000000
Fun Motive Never Decreases202D4068 00000000
Hygiene Motive Never Decreases202D406C 00000000
Bladder Motive Never Decreases202D4070 00000000
All Motives Never Decrease202D3E50 03E00008
202D3E54 00000000
Never Change Clothes201AEFB8 03E00008
201AEFBC 00000000
P1 Press L1+Up To Change Clothes InstantlyD1443E02 0000FBEF
201AECE8 00000000
D1443E02 0000FFFF
201AECE8 1062004E
Always Change Clothes To Naked201AED28 0806BB50
Always Change Clothes To Swimsuit 1201AED28 0806BB54
Always Change Clothes To Swimsuit 2201AED28 0806BB54
101AED62 00001000
Always Change Clothes To Sleep201AED28 0806BB65
Always Change Clothes To Formal201AED28 0806BB69
Always Change Clothes To Skeleton201AED28 0806BB71
Always Change Clothes To Workout201AED28 0806BB76
Change Clothes Modifier Codes
Swimsuit To Naked201AED74 24A5F290
Swimsuit To Swimsuit 2201AED74 24A5F2A8
Swimsuit To Sleep201AED74 24A5F2B8
Swimsuit To Formal201AED74 24A5F2C0
Swimsuit To Skeleton201AED74 24A5F2C8
Swimsuit To Workout201AED74 24A5F2D8
Sleep To Naked201AEDA0 24A5F290
Sleep To Swimsuit 1201AEDA0 24A5F298
Sleep To Swimsuit 2201AEDA0 24A5F2A8
Sleep To Formal201AEDA0 24A5F2C0
Sleep To Skeleton201AEDA0 24A5F2C8
Sleep To Workout201AEDA0 24A5F2D8
Formal To Naked201AEDB0 24A5F290
Formal To Swimsuit 1201AEDB0 24A5F298
Formal To Swimsuit 2201AEDB0 24A5F2A8
Formal To Sleep201AEDB0 24A5F2B8
Formal To Skeleton201AEDB0 24A5F2C8
Formal To Workout201AEDB0 24A5F2D8
Skeleton To Naked201AEDCC 24A5F290
Skeleton To Swimsuit 1201AEDCC 24A5F298
Skeleton To Swimsuit 2201AEDCC 24A5F2A8
Skeleton To Sleep201AEDCC 24A5F2B8
Skeleton To Formal201AEDCC 24A5F2C0
Skeleton To Workout201AEDCC 24A5F2D8
Workout To Naked201AEDE0 24A5F290
Workout To Swimsuit 1201AEDE0 24A5F298
Workout To Swimsuit 2201AEDE0 24A5F2A8
Workout To Sleep201AEDE0 24A5F2B8
Workout To Formal201AEDE0 24A5F2C0
Workout To Skeleton201AEDE0 24A5F2D8