Sims 2-Pets, The

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Skiller

Enable Code (Must Be On)904972B8 00832021
Max Money200C0220 3C02000F
200C0224 3442423F
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C AC820074
202487F0 08030088
Max Pet Points200C0230 3C02000F
200C0234 3442423F
200C0238 03E00008
200C023C AC820078
20248980 0803008C
View Progress For Max Aspiration Points200C0240 3C010063
200C0244 3421270F
200C0248 03E00008
200C024C AC813CE0
2023E930 08030090
P1 Press L1+L2 To Stop Daily TimerD1A528C2 0000FAFF
2020F764 00000000
P1 Press R1+R2 To Restart Daily TimerD1A528C2 0000F5FF
2020F764 A6620020
Always Max Motives2023CDC4 00000000
Always Max Energy201AD658 3C0142C8
201AD670 44811000
Always Max Comfort201AD6A8 3C0142C8
201AD6C0 44811800
Always Max Hunger201AD6E0 3C0142C8
201AD6E4 44812000
Always Max Hygiene201AD6F0 3C0142C8
201AD6F4 44814800
Always Max Bladder201AD700 3C0142C8
201AD704 44812800
Always Max Social201AD730 3C0142C8
201AD734 44814000
Always Max Fun201AD740 3C0142C8
201AD744 44811000
Always Max Room201AD784 3C0142C8
201AD78C 44810000
Energy Never Decreases201AD688 00000000
Comfort Never Decreases201AD6D8 00000000
Hunger Never Decreases201AD6E8 00000000
Hygiene Never Decreases201AD6F8 00000000
Bladder Never Decreases201AD708 00000000
Social Never Decreases201AD738 00000000
Fun Never Decreases201AD748 00000000
Room Never Decreases201AD790 00000000
Enable Display Animation Names20535A74 00000001
Enable 3D Wall Fade20535A80 00000001
Enable Display Performance Metrics20535A84 00000001
Enable Display Text Boundaries20535A88 00000001
Enable Display Flash Messages20535A8C 00000001
Enable Display Motive Values20535A90 00000001
Enable Colored Bounding Boxes20535AB4 00000001
Enable Lightweight HUD20535AC8 00000001
Enable Character Diagnostics20535AD0 00000001
Enable Build Past Fire Code20535AD4 00000001
Transition Lots After Spending Random Time On20535AE0 00000001
Enable Sequence Lots Fast Forward2053FAEC 00000001
Enable Random Skin Change20535AF0 00000001
Enable Show Missing Assets20535AF4 00000001
Enable Sim Interactor20535AFC 00000001
Enable Pet Wants Panel20535B00 00000001
Disable Pet Want Balloons20535B04 00000001
Enable Player Selectable Pets20535B08 00000001
Disable All Passive Influence Motives20535B0C 00000001
Enable All Items Are Free20535B1C 00000001
Enable Clothing Catalog20535B24 00000001
Enable Free Play mode20535B28 00000001
Enable All Objects Moveable20535B2C 00000001
Disable Double Speed20535B34 00000001
Force Rain20535B38 00000001
Enable Male As Default New20535B40 00000001
Enable NPC Editing20535B44 00000001
Enable Pet NPC Editing20535B48 00000001
Enable Grandparent Editing20535B4C 00000001
Enable Costumes Editing20535B50 00000001
Enable Random Pet Editing20535B54 00000001
Enable Pet Breeds Editing20535B58 00000001
Enable Cas Circle Cheat20535B5C 00000001
Enable Cas Extra Debug Info20535B60 00000001
Enable Cas Genetics Screen20535B64 00000001
Enable Cas Tweak UI20535B68 00000001
Unlock All Kissing Points20535B6C 00000001
Enable Create-A-Pet20535B70 00000001
Enable Create-A-Sim20535B74 00000001
Display Game Assets In Cas20535B78 00000001
Ui Sounds Always Disabled20535B7C 00000000
Ui Sounds Always Enabled20535B7C 00000001
Enable Skip Startup Movies20535B84 00000001
Enable Skip Maxis Logo20535B88 00000001
Enable Skip Start Screen20535B8C 00000001
Enable Skip Lot Intro20535B90 00000001
Disable Rain20535B98 00000001
Max Money For New Family20530490 05F5E0FF
No Upkeep Penalty Per Dirty Object20530498 00000000
No Upkeep Penalty Per Broken Object2053049C 00000000
P1 Press L1+Select To Change ClothesD1A528C2 0000FBFE
2010D080 24110001
P1 Press L2+Select To Change Back To NormalD1A528C2 0000FEFE
2010D080 0040882D
Never Change Clothes1010D072 00001000
Always Change Clothes To Naked2011B790 0805B2D2
Always Change Clothes To Swimsuit 12011B790 0805B2D5
2011B7C0 24050000
Always Change Clothes To Swimsuit 22011B790 0805B2D5
2011B7C0 24050001
Always Change Clothes To Swimsuit 32011B790 0805B2D5
2011B7C0 24050002
Always Change Clothes To Marriage2011B790 0805B2F0
Always Change Clothes To PJ2011B790 0805B2F3
Always Change Clothes To Workout2011B790 0805B2F6
Always Change Clothes To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B790 0805B2F9
Always Change Clothes To Yeti2011B790 0805B2FC
Always Change Clothes To Panda2011B790 0805B2FF
Always Change Clothes To Robot2011B790 0805B302
Change Clothes Modifier Codes
Naked To Swimsuit 12011B7A0 24426DD8
Naked To Swimsuit 22011B7A0 24426DE8
Naked To Swimsuit 32011B7A0 24426DF8
Naked To Marriage2011B7A0 24426E08
Naked To PJ2011B7A0 24426E18
Naked To Workout2011B7A0 24426E20
Naked To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B7A0 24426E28
Naked To Yeti2011B7A0 24426E38
Naked To Panda2011B7A0 24426E40
Naked To Robot2011B7A0 24426E48
Swimsuit 1 To Naked2011B7FC 24426DD0
Swimsuit 1 To Swimsuit 22011B7FC 24426DE8
Swimsuit 1 To Swimsuit 32011B7FC 24426DF8
Swimsuit 1 To Marriage2011B7FC 24426E08
Swimsuit 1 To PJ2011B7FC 24426E18
Swimsuit 1 To Workout2011B7FC 24426E20
Swimsuit 1 To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B7FC 24426E28
Swimsuit 1 To Yeti2011B7FC 24426E38
Swimsuit 1 To Panda2011B7FC 24426E40
Swimsuit 1 To Robot2011B7FC 24426E48
Swimsuit 2 To Naked2011B804 24426DD0
Swimsuit 2 To Swimsuit 12011B804 24426DD8
Swimsuit 2 To Swimsuit 32011B804 24426DF8
Swimsuit 2 To Marriage2011B804 24426E08
Swimsuit 2 To PJ2011B804 24426E18
Swimsuit 2 To Workout2011B804 24426E20
Swimsuit 2 To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B804 24426E28
Swimsuit 2 To Yeti2011B804 24426E38
Swimsuit 2 To Panda2011B804 24426E40
Swimsuit 2 To Robot2011B804 24426E48
Swimsuit 3 To Naked2011B80C 24426DD0
Swimsuit 3 To Swimsuit 12011B80C 24426DD8
Swimsuit 3 To Swimsuit 22011B80C 24426DE8
Swimsuit 3 To Marriage2011B80C 24426E08
Swimsuit 3 To PJ2011B80C 24426E18
Swimsuit 3 To Workout2011B80C 24426E20
Swimsuit 3 To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B80C 24426E28
Swimsuit 3 To Yeti2011B80C 24426E38
Swimsuit 3 To Panda2011B80C 24426E40
Swimsuit 3 To Robot2011B80C 24426E48
Married To Naked2011B818 24426DD0
Married To Swimsuit 12011B818 24426DD8
Married To Swimsuit 22011B818 24426DE8
Married To Swimsuit 32011B818 24426DF8
Married To PJ2011B818 24426E18
Married To Workout2011B818 24426E20
Married To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B818 24426E28
Married To Yeti2011B818 24426E38
Married To Panda2011B818 24426E40
Married To Robot2011B818 24426E48
PJ To Naked2011B824 24426DD0
PJ To Swimsuit 12011B824 24426DD8
PJ To Swimsuit 22011B824 24426DE8
PJ To Swimsuit 32011B824 24426DF8
PJ To Married2011B824 24426E08
PJ To Workout2011B824 24426E20
PJ To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B824 24426E28
PJ To Yeti2011B824 24426E38
PJ To Panda2011B824 24426E40
PJ To Robot2011B824 24426E48
Workout To Naked2011B830 24426DD0
Workout To Swimsuit 12011B830 24426DD8
Workout To Swimsuit 22011B830 24426DE8
Workout To Swimsuit 32011B830 24426DF8
Workout To Married2011B830 24426E08
Workout To PJ2011B830 24426E18
Workout To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B830 24426E28
Workout To Yeti2011B830 24426E38
Workout To Panda2011B830 24426E40
Workout To Robot2011B830 24426E48
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Naked2011B83C 24426DD0
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Swimsuit 12011B83C 24426DD8
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Swimsuit 22011B83C 24426DE8
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Swimsuit 32011B83C 24426DF8
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Married2011B83C 24426E08
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To PJ2011B83C 24426E18
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Workout2011B83C 24426E20
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Yeti2011B83C 24426E38
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Panda2011B83C 24426E40
Sci Fi Jumpsuit To Robot2011B83C 24426E48
Yeti To Naked2011B848 24426DD0
Yeti To Swimsuit 12011B848 24426DD8
Yeti To Swimsuit 22011B848 24426DE8
Yeti To Swimsuit 32011B848 24426DF8
Yeti To Married2011B848 24426E08
Yeti To PJ2011B848 24426E18
Yeti To Workout2011B848 24426E20
Yeti To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B848 24426E28
Yeti To Panda2011B848 24426E40
Yeti To Robot2011B848 24426E48
Panda To Naked2016CC04 24426DD0
Panda To Swimsuit 12011B854 24426DD8
Panda To Swimsuit 22011B854 24426DE8
Panda To Swimsuit 32011B854 24426DF8
Panda To Married2011B854 24426E08
Panda To PJ2011B854 24426E18
Panda To Workout2011B854 24426E20
Panda To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B854 24426E28
Panda To Yeti2011B854 24426E38
Panda To Robot2011B854 24426E48
Robot To Naked2011B860 24426DD0
Robot To Swimsuit 12011B860 24426DD8
Robot To Swimsuit 22011B860 24426DE8
Robot To Swimsuit 32011B860 24426DF8
Robot To Married2011B860 24426E08
Robot To PJ2011B860 24426E18
Robot To Workout2011B860 24426E20
Robot To Sci Fi Jumpsuit2011B860 24426E28
Robot To Yeti2011B860 24426E38
Robot To Panda2011B860 24426E40