Silent Scope 3

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0010C18F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9010C18C 0C04570E
Infinite Credits (Silent Scope EX-Story Mode)1056BD50 00000063
Extra Credits (Silent Scope EX-Story Mode)101F3908 00000001
All Mode Codes
Quick Score Gain10530CD4 0000FFFF
Max Score20530CD4 05F5E0FF
Always Low Mission Time20530CB8 00000000
Better Rank10530D0E 00000001
Infinite Health20530D60 3F800000
Infinite Bullets10530D86 00000006
Infinite Critical Time10530D9C 00000016
Instant Death (All Enemies)201C1EB8 24030000
201C1EC0 A603000A
Press Select To Kill Any Enemy201C1EC0 A603000A
D05803C6 0010FFFE
201C1EB8 8603000A
D05803C6 0000FFFE
201C1EB8 24030000
Silent Scope 3 Codes
Harbor Stage Codes
Max Cleared Score20597320 05F5E0FF
Always Low Cleared Time20597324 00000000
Have Finished2059732C 000000FF
Research Lab Codes
Max Cleared Score20597330 05F5E0FF
Always Low Cleared Time20597334 00000000
Have Finished2059733C 000000FF
Casino Codes
Max Cleared Score20597340 05F5E0FF
Always Low Cleared Time20597344 00000000
Have Finished2059734C 000000FF
Dam Codes
Max Cleared Score20597350 05F5E0FF
Always Low Cleared Time20597354 00000000
Have Finished2059735C 000000FF
Canal Codes
Max Cleared Score20597370 05F5E0FF
Always Low Cleared Time20597374 00000000
Have Finished2059737C 000000FF
Oil Rig Codes
Max Cleared Score20597380 05F5E0FF
Always Low Cleared Time20597384 00000000
Have Finished2059738C 000000FF
Ironworks Codes
Max Cleared Score20597390 05F5E0FF
Always Low Cleared Time20597394 00000000
Have Finished2059739C 000000FF