Silent Hill 3

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Floydfan

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0011F5C3
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9011F5C0 0C04412C
Infinite Health203D4AEC 43480000
203D4AF0 43480000
203D4AF4 42C80000
Infinite Ammo2016D91C 00000000
Extra Ammo1016D918 00000001
Have All Weapons & Supplies21D31BF0 8D7FFFFE
Have All Items21D31BF4 FFFFFFFC
21D31BFC 00000FFF
Always Number Of Saves 0201998E4 24040000
1-Hit Death (Enemies)2022EF78 AC80019C
Access All Maps202D1898 24020001
Have Maps For Current Level202D1888 24010001
202D1890 00410804
202D1894 00611825
202D1898 AE030000
202D189C 24020001
202D18A0 7BB00000
202D18A4 03E00008
202D18A8 27BD0020
Never Tired21D87F6C 00000000
No Saves Recorded11D87FDC 00000000
Enemy Attacks Do No Damage103D4AFE 00000000
1-Hit Kills203D4AF8 42C80000
Invincible (Cant Be Hit)203D4AD8 42C80000
Max Item Codes
Stun Gun11D31C10 000003E7
Handgun11D31C12 000003E7
Shotgun11D31C14 000003E7
Submachine Gun11D31C16 000003E7
Stun Gun Battery11D31C1A 000003E7
Handgun Bullets11D31C1C 000003E7
Shotgun Shells11D31C1E 000003E7
Submachine Gun Bullets11D31C20 000003E7
Health Drinks11D31C22 000003E7
First-Aid Kits11D31C24 000003E7
Ampoules11D31C26 000003E7
Beef Jerky11D31C28 000003E7
Ranking Screen Codes
Max Clear Number01D87FD0 00000063
No Clear Number01D87FD0 00000000
Max Items11D87FE0 0000270F
No Items11D87FE0 00000000
Max Enemies Defeated By Shooting11D87FE2 0000270F
No Enemies Defeated By Shooting11D87FE2 00000000
Max Enemies Defeated By Fighting11D87FE4 0000270F
No Enemies Defeated By Fighting11D87FE4 00000000
Always Low Clear Time21D87FEC 00000000
Always Low Walking Distance21D87FF0 00000000
Always Low Running Distance21D87FF4 00000000
Max Total Damage21D87FF8 497423F0
No Total Damage21D87FF8 00000000
Always Low Split Worm Kill Time21D87FFC 00000000
Always Low Missionary Kill TIme21D88000 00000000
Always Low Leonard Kill Time21D88004 00000000
Always Low Memory Of Alessa Kill Time21D88008 00000000
Always Low The God Kill Time21D8800C 00000000