Shrek 2

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)902DEA94 0C0B8BA0
Infinite Health20190F64 C4A001AC
20190F6C E4A001A8
Always Max Eyeballs2024CA30 C780E358
2024CA3C E780E35C
Infinite Specials Usage201785AC 00000000
Always Have Max Gingerbread Man's Cookie Toss201C2A94 2402000A
201C2A98 ACC20344
Always Have Max Fiona's Slow Time201C1540 2402000A
201C1544 AC820344
Always Have Max Lil Red's Rottle Apple Bomb201C84F0 2402000A
201C84F4 AE020344
Infinite Gold Coins1037916C 0000FFFF
Max Gold Coins2037916C 05F5E0FF
Unlock All Levels20379C78 0000000F
Have All Snapshot Codes
Shrek's Swamp20379BBC 01111111
Spooky Forest20379BC0 01111111
Far Far Away20379BC4 01111111
Ogre Killer20379BC8 00000111
Walking The Path20379BCC 01111111
Jack And Jill's Farm20379BD0 01111111
Fairy Godmother's20379BD4 01111111
Prison Break20379BE4 01111111
The Mines20379BEC 01111111
Cookie, Cookie20379BF0 01111111
Final Fight20379BF4 00001111
Have Upgrades Codes
Three Bears' Porridge20379BF8 00000001
Ogre Ring20379BFC 00000001
Pott Of Gold20379C00 00000001
Green Clover20379C04 00000001
Heart Of Gold20379C08 00000001
Lucky Horseshoe20379C0C 00000001
Nine Lives20379C10 00000001
Cupid's Arrow20379C14 00000001
Lucky Rabbit's Foot20379C18 00000001
All Upgrades40379BF8 00090001
00000001 00000000