Shark Tale

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90289B1C 0C0A7E97
Infinite Money11FDC140 0000FFFF
11FDB084 0000FFFF
Max Money21FDC140 05F5E0FF
21FDB084 05F5E0FF
Quick Fame Gain11FDC194 0000FFFF
Max Fame21FDC194 05F5E0FF
Enable Debug Menu (Press L2+R2 To Open/Close)20334C0C 00000001
Debug Menu Option Codes
Occlusion Culling Always On203330F8 00000001
Occlusion Culling Always Off203330F8 00000000
Draw Occlusion Always On203330FC 00000001
Draw Occlusion Always Off203330FC 00000000
Stop Drawing-Particles Always On20333138 00000001
Stop Drawing-Particles Always Off20333138 00000000
Draw Partitions Always On20333190 00000001
Draw Partitions Always Off20333190 00000000
Distortion Wireframe Always On203331FC 00000001
Distortion Wireframe Always Off203331FC 00000000
Overhead View Always On20333248 00000001
Overhead View Always Off20333248 00000000
Free Memory Always On20333EB4 00000001
Free Memory Always Off20333EB4 00000000
Sound System State Always On20333EB8 00000001
Sound System State Always Off20333EB8 00000000
Instance Names Always On20333EBC 00000001
Instance Names Always Off20333EBC 00000000
Depth Complexity Always On2033470C 00000001
Depth Complexity Always Off2033470C 00000000
Draw Collision Cause Spheres Always On20334BF4 00000001
Draw Collision Cause Spheres Always Off20334BF4 00000000
Draw Collision Receive Spheres Always On20334BF8 00000001
Draw Collision Receive Spheres Always Off20334BF8 00000000
Draw Fog Always On20334BFC 00000001
Draw Fog Always Off20334BFC 00000000
Collide With World Always On20334C00 00000001
Collide With World Always Off20334C00 00000000
Draw Safe Frame Always On20334C08 00000001
Draw Safe Frame Always Off20334C08 00000000
Show Background Shader Always On20334C10 00000001
Show Background Shader Always Off20334C10 00000000
Show Newspaper Transitions Always On20334C14 00000001
Show Newspaper Transitions Always Off20334C14 00000000
Skip Moves Always On20334C18 00000001
Skip Moves Always Off20334C18 00000000
Mute PC Audio Always On20334C1C 00000001
Mute PC Audio Always Off20334C1C 00000000
Oscar Invincible Always On20334C20 00000001
Oscar Invincible Always Off20334C20 00000000
Show Skybox Always On20334C24 00000001
Show Skybox Always Off20334C24 00000000
Screen Position Info Always On20334C28 00000001
Screen Position Info Always Off20334C28 00000000
Oscar Super Speed Always On20334C2C 00000001
Oscar Super Speed Always Off20334C2C 00000000
Debug Pause Always On20334C30 00000001
Debug Pause Always Off20334C30 00000000
Particle Mem Msg Always Enabled20334C34 00000001
Particle Mem Msg Always Disabled20334C34 00000000
Draw Instance Bounds Always On20334C54 00000001
Draw Instance Bounds Always Off20334C54 00000000
Performance Metrics Always On2033A54C 00000001
Performance Metrics Always Off2033A54C 00000000