Shadow Of Rome

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90275238 0C0496E8
Other Codes
Battle Selection Codes
Unlock Battle-Normal Difficulty Codes
City Arena-Battle Royale005509AD 00000001
City Arena-Elimination005509B5 00000001
City Arena-Beast Hunt005509BD 00000001
City Arena-Team Battle005509C5 00000001
City Arena-Siege005509CD 00000001
City Arena-Boss Battle005509D5 00000001
Northern Arena-Rescue Mission005509DD 00000001
Northern Arena-Elimination005509E5 00000001
Northern Arena-Battle Royale005509ED 00000001
Northern Arena-Team Battle005509F5 00000001
Northern Arena-Artus Dominus005509FD 00000001
Northern Arena-Battle Royale00550A0D 00000001
Circus Maximus-1st Race00550A15 00000001
Circus Maximus-2nd Race00550A1D 00000001
Circus Maximus-3rd Race00550A25 00000001
Circus Maximus-Last Race00550A35 00000001
Desert Arena-Battle Royale00550A3D 00000001
Desert Arena-Beast Hunt00550A45 00000001
Desert Arena-Team Battle00550A4D 00000001
Desert Arena-Artus Dominus00550A55 00000001
Desert Arena-Elimination00550A5D 00000001
Desert Arena-Boss Battle00550A65 00000001
Great Arena-Rescue Mission00550A6D 00000001
Great Arena-Beast Hunt00550A75 00000001
Great Arena-Elimination00550A7D 00000001
Great Arena-Team Battle00550A85 00000001
Great Arena-Siege00550A8D 00000001
Great Arena-Sword Struggle00550A95 00000001
Great Arena-Decius' Last Stand?00550AAD 00000001
Max Total Salvos-Normal Difficulty Codes
City Arena-Battle Royale205509A8 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Elimination205509B0 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Beast Hunt205509B8 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Team Battle205509C0 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Siege205509C8 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Boss Battle205509D0 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Rescue Mission205509D8 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Elimination205509E0 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Battle Royale205509E8 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Team Battle205509F0 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Artus Dominus205509F8 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Battle Royale20550A08 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-1st Race20550A10 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-2nd Race20550A18 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-3rd Race20550A20 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-Last Race20550A30 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Battle Royale20550A38 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Beast Hunt20550A40 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Team Battle20550A48 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Artus Dominus20550A50 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Elimination20550A58 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Boss Battle20550A60 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Rescue Mission20550A68 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Beast Hunt20550A70 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Elimination20550A78 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Team Battle20550A80 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Siege20550A88 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Sword Struggle20550A90 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Decius' Last Stand?20550AA8 05F5E0FF
Unlock Battle-Hard Difficulty Codes
City Arena-Battle Royale00550B2D 00000001
City Arena-Elimination00550B35 00000001
City Arena-Beast Hunt00550B3D 00000001
City Arena-Team Battle00550B45 00000001
City Arena-Siege00550B4D 00000001
City Arena-Boss Battle00550B55 00000001
Northern Arena-Rescue Mission00550B5D 00000001
Northern Arena-Elimination00550B65 00000001
Northern Arena-Battle Royale00550B6D 00000001
Northern Arena-Team Battle00550B75 00000001
Northern Arena-Artus Dominus00550B7D 00000001
Northern Arena-Battle Royale00550B8D 00000001
Circus Maximus-1st Race00550B95 00000001
Circus Maximus-2nd Race00550B9D 00000001
Circus Maximus-3rd Race00550BA5 00000001
Circus Maximus-Last Race00550BB5 00000001
Desert Arena-Battle Royale00550BBD 00000001
Desert Arena-Beast Hunt00550BC5 00000001
Desert Arena-Team Battle00550BCD 00000001
Desert Arena-Artus Dominus00550BD5 00000001
Desert Arena-Elimination00550BDD 00000001
Desert Arena-Boss Battle00550BE5 00000001
Great Arena-Rescue Mission00550BED 00000001
Great Arena-Beast Hunt00550BF5 00000001
Great Arena-Elimination00550BFD 00000001
Great Arena-Team Battle00550C05 00000001
Great Arena-Siege00550C0D 00000001
Great Arena-Sword Struggle00550C15 00000001
Great Arena-Decius' Last Stand?00550C2D 00000001
Max Total Salvos-Hard Difficulty Codes
City Arena-Battle Royale20550B28 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Elimination20550B30 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Beast Hunt20550B38 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Team Battle20550B40 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Siege20550B48 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Boss Battle20550B50 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Rescue Mission20550B58 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Elimination20550B60 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Battle Royale20550B68 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Team Battle20550B70 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Artus Dominus20550B78 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Battle Royale20550B88 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-1st Race20550B90 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-2nd Race20550B98 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-3rd Race20550BA0 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-Last Race20550BB0 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Battle Royale20550BB8 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Beast Hunt20550BC0 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Team Battle20550BC8 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Artus Dominus20550BD0 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Elimination20550BD8 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Boss Battle20550BE0 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Rescue Mission20550BE8 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Beast Hunt20550BF0 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Elimination20550BF8 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Team Battle20550C00 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Siege20550C08 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Sword Struggle20550C10 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Decius' Last Stand?20550C28 05F5E0FF
Unlock Battle-Extreme Difficulty Codes
City Arena-Battle Royale00550CAD 00000001
City Arena-Elimination00550CB5 00000001
City Arena-Beast Hunt00550CBD 00000001
City Arena-Team Battle00550CC5 00000001
City Arena-Siege00550CCD 00000001
City Arena-Boss Battle00550CD5 00000001
Northern Arena-Rescue Mission00550CDD 00000001
Northern Arena-Elimination00550CE5 00000001
Northern Arena-Battle Royale00550CED 00000001
Northern Arena-Team Battle00550CF5 00000001
Northern Arena-Artus Dominus00550CFD 00000001
Northern Arena-Battle Royale00550D0D 00000001
Circus Maximus-1st Race00550D15 00000001
Circus Maximus-2nd Race00550D1D 00000001
Circus Maximus-3rd Race00550D25 00000001
Circus Maximus-Last Race00550D35 00000001
Desert Arena-Battle Royale00550D3D 00000001
Desert Arena-Beast Hunt00550D45 00000001
Desert Arena-Team Battle00550D4D 00000001
Desert Arena-Artus Dominus00550D55 00000001
Desert Arena-Elimination00550D5D 00000001
Desert Arena-Boss Battle00550D65 00000001
Great Arena-Rescue Mission00550D6D 00000001
Great Arena-Beast Hunt00550D75 00000001
Great Arena-Elimination00550D7D 00000001
Great Arena-Team Battle00550D85 00000001
Great Arena-Siege00550D8D 00000001
Great Arena-Sword Struggle00550D95 00000001
Great Arena-Decius' Last Stand?00550DAD 00000001
Max Total Salvos-Extreme Difficulty Codes
City Arena-Battle Royale20550CA8 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Elimination20550CB0 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Beast Hunt20550CB8 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Team Battle20550CC0 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Siege20550CC8 05F5E0FF
City Arena-Boss Battle20550CD0 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Rescue Mission20550CD8 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Elimination20550CE0 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Battle Royale20550CE8 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Team Battle20550CF0 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Artus Dominus20550CF8 05F5E0FF
Northern Arena-Battle Royale20550D08 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-1st Race20550D10 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-2nd Race20550D18 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-3rd Race20550D20 05F5E0FF
Circus Maximus-Last Race20550D30 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Battle Royale20550D38 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Beast Hunt20550D40 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Team Battle20550D48 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Artus Dominus20550D50 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Elimination20550D58 05F5E0FF
Desert Arena-Boss Battle20550D60 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Rescue Mission20550D68 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Beast Hunt20550D70 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Elimination20550D78 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Team Battle20550D80 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Siege20550D88 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Sword Struggle20550D90 05F5E0FF
Great Arena-Decius' Last Stand?20550DA8 05F5E0FF
Misc. Codes
Disable FMV201099B0 24020001
Infinite Health2037D284 A4430382
Infinite Salvo Points104FEB40 0000FFFF
Max Salvo Points204FEB40 05F5E0FF
Infinite Weapon Durability201A208C 00000000
Have All Salvo List (In-Game)40551590 007E0001
A70FA70F 00000000
Secrets Of Rome Codes
Unlock All Options/Cheats20550998 FFFFFFFF
Have All Salvos40550FD4 00080001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Have All Salvos Viewed40550FF4 00080001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Stats Codes (Part 1)
Overall Codes
Max Total Salvo Points-All Games20551BE4 05F5E0FF
No Total Salvo Points-All Games20551BE4 00000000
Max Enemies Killed205522BC 85F5E0FF
No Enemies Killed205522BC 80000000
Max Most Salvo Points In One Event205522C4 85F5E0FF
No Most Salvo Points In One Event205522C4 80000000
No Continues Used205522CC 80000000
Max Longest Chain Combo205522D0 85F5E0FF
No Longest Chain Combo205522D0 80000000
Max Bare-Handed Clears205522F8 85F5E0FF
No Bare-Handed Clears205522F8 80000000
Max Distance Traveled In Miles20552350 8997A960
No Distance Traveled In Miles20552350 80000000
Max Most Points From A Single Salvo20552378 85F5E0FF
No Most Points From A Single Salvo20552378 80000000
Weapons Codes
Max Weapons Thrown205522D4 85F5E0FF
No Weapons Thrown205522D4 80000000
Max Thrown Weapon Hits205522D8 85F5E0FF
No Thrown Weapon Hits205522D8 80000000
Max Thrown Weapon Kills205522DC 85F5E0FF
No Thrown Weapon Kills205522DC 80000000
Max Weapons Broken205522E0 85F5E0FF
No Weapons Broken205522E0 80000000
Max Weapons Stolen From Enemies205522FC 85F5E0FF
No Weapons Stolen From Enemies205522FC 80000000
Max Weapons Stolen By Enemies20552300 85F5E0FF
No Weapons Stolen By Enemies20552300 80000000
Max Weapons Dropped20552320 85F5E0FF
No Weapons Dropped20552320 80000000
Max Enemy Weapons Dropped20552324 85F5E0FF
No Enemy Weapons Dropped20552324 80000000
Max Successful Supra Attacks20552330 85F5E0FF
No Successful Supra Attacks20552330 80000000
Fighting Codes
Max Times You've Been Knocked Down205522E4 85F5E0FF
No Times You've Been Knocked Down205522E4 80000000
Max Times You've Knocked Enemies Down205522E8 85F5E0FF
No Times You've Knocked Enemies Down205522E8 80000000
Max Enemies Pulled To Their Feet205522EC 85F5E0FF
No Enemies Pulled To Their Feet205522EC 80000000
Max Enemies Chased And Attacked205522F0 85F5E0FF
No Enemies Chased And Attacked205522F0 80000000
Max Enemies Chased And Killed205522F4 85F5E0FF
No Enemies Chased And Killed205522F4 80000000
Max Attacks Received By Enemies2055231C 85F5E0FF
No Attacks Received By Enemies2055231C 80000000
Max Enemy Attacks Blocked20552328 85F5E0FF
No Enemy Attacks Blocked20552328 80000000
Max Attacks Blocked By Enemies2055232C 85F5E0FF
No Attacks Blocked By Enemies2055232C 80000000
Max Helmets Broken By Enemies20552334 85F5E0FF
No Helmets Broken By Enemies20552334 80000000
Max Enemy Helmets Broken20552338 85F5E0FF
No Enemy Helmets Broken20552338 80000000
Victories By Weapon Type Codes
Max Victories-Gladius2055237C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Gladius2055237C 80000000
Max Victories-Scimitar20552380 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Scimitar20552380 80000000
Max Victories-Mace20552384 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Mace20552384 80000000
Max Victories-Halberd20552388 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Halberd20552388 80000000
Max Victories-Maul2055238C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Maul2055238C 80000000
Max Victories-Morningstar20552390 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Morningstar20552390 80000000
Max Victories-Dagger20552394 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Dagger20552394 80000000
Max Victories-Rock20552398 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Rock20552398 80000000
Max Victories-Spear2055239C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Spear2055239C 80000000
Max Victories-Bow205523A0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Bow205523A0 80000000
Max Victories-Sling205523A4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Sling205523A4 80000000
Max Victories-Torch205523A8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Torch205523A8 80000000
Max Victories-Rudis205523AC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Rudis205523AC 80000000
Max Victories-Whip205523B0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Whip205523B0 80000000
Max Victories-Trident205523B4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Trident205523B4 80000000
Max Victories-Magnus205523B8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Magnus205523B8 80000000
Max Victories-Roma Sai205523BC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Roma Sai205523BC 80000000
Max Victories-Barca Axe205523C0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Barca Axe205523C0 80000000
Max Victories-German Hand Axe205523C4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-German Hand Axe205523C4 80000000
Max Victories-Long Axe205523C8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Long Axe205523C8 80000000
Max Victories-Guardian Gladius205523CC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Guardian Gladius205523CC 80000000
Max Victories-Gedo Spear205523D0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Gedo Spear205523D0 80000000
Max Victories-Zedo Spear205523D4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Zedo Spear205523D4 80000000
Max Victories-Power Gladius205523D8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Power Gladius205523D8 80000000
Max Victories-Power Scimitar205523DC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Power Scimitar205523DC 80000000
Max Victories-Grand Mace205523E0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Grand Mace205523E0 80000000
Max Victories-Grand Halberd205523E4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Grand Halberd205523E4 80000000
Max Victories-Power Maul205523E8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Power Maul205523E8 80000000
Max Victories-War Chain205523EC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-War Chain205523EC 80000000
Max Victories-Apollo Spear205523F0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Apollo Spear205523F0 80000000
Max Victories-Fire Bow205523F4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Fire Bow205523F4 80000000
Max Victories-Oil Sling205523F8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Oil Sling205523F8 80000000
Max Victories-Stick205523FC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Stick205523FC 80000000
Max Victories-Head20552400 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Head20552400 80000000
Max Victories-Arm20552404 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Arm20552404 80000000
Max Victories-Parma20552408 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Parma20552408 80000000
Max Victories-Spike Shield2055240C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Spike Shield2055240C 80000000
Max Victories-German Shield20552410 85F5E0FF
No Victories-German Shield20552410 80000000
Max Victories-Roma Shield20552414 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Roma Shield20552414 80000000
Max Victories-Guardian Shield20552418 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Guardian Shield20552418 80000000
Max Victories-No Weapon2055241C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-No Weapon2055241C 80000000
Max Victories-Barrel20552420 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Barrel20552420 80000000
Max Victories-Valcross Bow20552424 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Valcross Bow20552424 80000000
Max Victories-Claw Shard20552428 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Claw Shard20552428 80000000
Stats Codes (Part 2)
Victories By Enemy Type Codes
Max Victories-Large Warrior2055246C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Large Warrior2055246C 80000000
Max Victories-Mid-Size Warrior20552470 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Mid-Size Warrior20552470 80000000
Max Victories-Small Warrior20552474 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Small Warrior20552474 80000000
Max Victories-Female Warrior20552478 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Female Warrior20552478 80000000
Max Victories-Roman Soldier2055247C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Roman Soldier2055247C 80000000
Max Victories-German Fighter20552480 85F5E0FF
No Victories-German Fighter20552480 80000000
Max Victories-Soldier Of Antonius20552484 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Soldier Of Antonius20552484 80000000
Max Victories-Bandit20552488 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Bandit20552488 80000000
Max Victories-Pirate2055248C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Pirate2055248C 80000000
Max Victories-Barca20552490 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Barca20552490 80000000
Max Victories-Sextus20552494 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Sextus20552494 80000000
Max Victories-Decius20552498 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Decius20552498 80000000
Max Victories-Antonius2055249C 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Antonius2055249C 80000000
Max Victories-Arcanas205524A0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Arcanas205524A0 80000000
Max Victories-Narclastese205524A4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Narclastese205524A4 80000000
Max Victories-Askari205524A8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Askari205524A8 80000000
Max Victories-Zedo205524AC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Zedo205524AC 80000000
Max Victories-Gedo205524B0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Gedo205524B0 80000000
Max Victories-Tiger205524B4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Tiger205524B4 80000000
Max Victories-Elephant205524B8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Elephant205524B8 80000000
Max Victories-Vulture205524BC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Vulture205524BC 80000000
Max Victories-Elite Large Warrior205524C0 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Elite Large Warrior205524C0 80000000
Max Victories-Elite Mid-Size Warrior205524C4 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Elite Mid-Size Warrior205524C4 80000000
Max Victories-Elite Small Warrior205524C8 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Elite Small Warrior205524C8 80000000
Max Victories-Elite Female Warrior205524CC 85F5E0FF
No Victories-Elite Female Warrior205524CC 80000000
Amputations Codes
Max Heads Severed20552444 85F5E0FF
No Heads Severed20552444 80000000
Max Arms Severed20552448 85F5E0FF
No Arms Severed20552448 80000000
Max Torsos Hacked2055244C 85F5E0FF
No Torsos Hacked2055244C 80000000
Max Heads Crushed20552450 85F5E0FF
No Heads Crushed20552450 80000000
Bones Broken Codes
Max Necks Broken20552454 85F5E0FF
No Necks Broken20552454 80000000
Max Arms Broken20552458 85F5E0FF
No Arms Broken20552458 80000000
Distance Traveled Details Codes
Max Distance Ran In Miles205524D0 8997A960
No Distance Ran In Miles205524D0 80000000
Max Distance Walked In Miles205524D4 8997A960
No Distance Walked In Miles205524D4 80000000
Max Distance Crawled In Miles205524D8 8997A960
No Distance Crawled In Miles205524D8 80000000
Other Codes
Max Pieces Of Meat Thrown To Crowd20552304 85F5E0FF
No Pieces Of Meat Thrown To Crowd20552304 80000000
Max Roses Thrown To Crowd20552308 85F5E0FF
No Roses Thrown To Crowd20552308 80000000
Max Weapons Thrown To Crowd2055230C 85F5E0FF
No Weapons Thrown To Crowd2055230C 80000000
Max Appeals20552310 85F5E0FF
No Appeals20552310 80000000
Max Successful Appeals20552314 85F5E0FF
No Successful Appeals20552314 80000000
Max Times Caught On Fire2055233C 85F5E0FF
No Times Caught On Fire2055233C 80000000
Max Enemies Caught On Fire20552340 85F5E0FF
No Enemies Caught On Fire20552340 80000000
Max Times Doused In Oil20552344 85F5E0FF
No Times Doused In Oil20552344 80000000
Max Times Enemies Doused In Oil20552348 85F5E0FF
No Times Enemies Doused In Oil20552348 80000000
Max Pieces Of Meat Eaten2055234C 85F5E0FF
No Pieces Of Meat Eaten2055234C 80000000