Seven Samurai 20XX

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 0011A427
Infinite HP203DD1A4 43FA0000
10521C30 000001F4
Max HP203DD1A8 43FA0000
10521C32 000001F4
Max Infinite HP203DD1A4 43FA0000
203DD1A8 43FA0000
20521C30 01F401F4
Infinite GP203DD1AC 43FA0000
10521C34 000001F4
Max GP203DD1B0 43FA0000
10521C36 000001F4
Max Infinite GP203DD1AC 43FA0000
203DD1B0 43FA0000
20521C34 01F401F4
Infinite NT203DD1B8 43FA0000
10521C38 000001F4
Max NT203DD1BC 43FA0000
10521C3A 000001F4
Max Infinite NT203DD1B8 43FA0000
203DD1BC 43FA0000
20521C38 01F401F4
Always Low Time203DD214 00000000
Have All Katanas103D7A9E 0000FFFF
003D7AA0 000000FF
Have All Enemy Info003D7AA1 000000FF
103D7AA2 0000FFFF
003D7AA8 000000FF
Unlock Survival Mode203DD188 00000001
Can Equip Katanas203DD19C 00000001
Max Combos205207C8 00000064
End Stage Results Codes
Nitoh-Ryu Codes
Max Activated203DD2A4 000F423F
Max Max Attack Continuation203DD2AC 461C3FF6
Max Attack203DD21C 000F423F
Max Hit203DD224 000F423F
Ittoh-Ryu Codes
Max Attack203DD22C 000F423F
Max Hit203DD234 000F423F
Kick Codes
Max Attack203DD23C 000F423F
Max Hit203DD244 000F423F
Charge Attack Codes
Max Attack203DD24C 000F423F
Max Hit203DD254 000F423F
Break Codes
Max Break203DD284 000F423F
Just Attack Codes
Max Dash Attack203DD25C 000F423F
Max Just Attack203DD264 000F423F
Just Guard Codes
Max Guard203DD274 000F423F
Max Just Guard203DD27C 000F423F
Just Step Codes
Max Step203DD294 000F423F
Max Just Step203DD29C 000F423F
Score Codes
Max Maximum Hit Count203DD2B4 000F423F
Max Destoryed Enemies203DD2BC 000F423F
Button Codes
Max Attack Button203DD2C4 000F423F
Max Guard Button203DD2CC 000F423F
Max Step Button203DD2D4 000F423F
Movement Codes
Max Pedometer203DD2DC 000F423F
Max Somersaults203DD2E4 000F423F
Damage Codes
Max Damage Counted203DD2EC 000F423F
Max Total Damage203DD2F4 4A7423F0
Max Recovery Items203DD2FC 000F423F
Clear Time Codes
Always Low Clear Time203DD304 00000000