Sega Classics Collection

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Alien Syndrome Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)901B9920 0C047714
Infinite Health20196948 00000000
Infinite Lives20196280 00000000
20196614 00000000
Extra Lives1019627C 00000001
10196610 00000001
Quick Score Gain201937FC 3405270F
Quicker Score Gain201937FC 3405C350
Quick Max Score20193818 3C0405F5
2019381C 3484E0FF
Infinite Time201B814C 00000000
Columns Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)901154B4 0C046B70
Quick Score Gain2016AFB0 3404270F
2017A938 3403270F
Quicker Score Gain2016AFB0 3404C350
2017A938 3403C350
Quick Max Score2016AFB4 3C0305F5
2016AFB8 3463E0FF
2017A934 3C0205F5
2017A93C 3442E0FF
Gems Worth 502016A624 34030032
Gems Worth 252016A624 34030019
Gems Worth 102016A624 3403000A
Gems Worth 52016A624 34030005
Quick Max Gems2016A62C 2402270F
Fantasy Zone Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)9010F8A4 0C071E46
Infinite Lives2012213C 00000000
Max Infinite Lives20122130 24020064
Extra Lives10122130 00000001
Quick Score Gain20123058 3405270F
Quicker Score Gain20123058 3405C350
Quick Max Score2012306C AC253A18
Max Gold200C0220 3C0305F5
200C0224 3463E0FF
200C0228 080481CC
200C022C AC233A08
2011DB78 0C030088
Golden Axe Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)9010E064 0C047BA8
Infinite Health201BD518 8E030394
201BD530 AE110398
Infinite Magic201BD56C 8E03039C
201BD584 AE1203A0
Monaco GP Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)901B0424 0C073317
Quick Score Gain20143B58 3403270F
Quicker Score Gain20143B58 3403C350
Quick Max Score20143B5C 3C020098
20143B60 3442967F
P1 Press L1+Select To Stop TimerD01F97C2 0000FBFE
20144118 00000000
P1 Press L2+Select To Restart TimerD01F97C2 0000FEFE
20144118 00000000
Take No Damage From Other Vehicles20400CA0 FFFF0001
Outrun Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)9010E064 0C04692A
Infinite Time201566F8 00000000
Always Low Lap Time20156718 AC203194
Quick Score Gain20156EC8 3404270F
Quicker Score Gain20156EC8 3404C350
Quick Max Score20156ECC 3C0305F5
20156ED0 3463E0FF
Space Harrier Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)9017401C 0C0642E3
Infinite Lives2011922C 00000000
Max Infinite Lives20119200 24020064
Extra Lives10119200 00000001
Invincible701A8770 00000002
201A877C 000000C8
Tant R & Bonanza Bros. Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)901ADDEC 0C06ECAC
Infinite Lives20145E04 00000000
Max Infinite Lives20145DFC 24030009
Extra Lives10145DFC 00000001
P1 Press L1+Select To Stop TimerD01CE4C2 0000FBFE
201451EC 00000000
P1 Press L2+Select To Restart TimerD01CE4C2 0000FEFE
201451EC ACA400B4
Virtua Racing Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)90117BE4 0C049074
Infinite Time201B2F94 00000000
Always Low Lap Time201B2FD0 AE20016C