Scooby Doo-Mystery Mayhem

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 00131527
Never Scared208CB144 3F800000
Infinite Book Power208CB148 43340000
Max Ghosts Captured Codes
Ghost Type 1208CB158 00000063
Ghost Type 2208CB160 00000063
Ghost Type 3208CB168 00000063
Ghost Type 4208CB170 00000063
Have Complete Sandwich708CB1F0 0000001F
Have Clues Codes
Clue #1708CB1F0 00000020
Clue #2708CB1F0 00000040
Clue #3708CB1F0 00000080
Clue #4708CB1F1 00000001
Clue #5708CB1F1 00000002
Unlock All Mini-Games208CB1E4 FFFFFFFF
Game Art Gallery Codes
Have All Gallery Images/Character Models208CB204 FFFFFFFF
Have All Play Rerun/Movies208CB20C FFFFFFFF