Samurai Jack-The Shadow Of Aku

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 0030A227
Infinite Health200C0220 240100C8
200C0224 AC41022C
200C0228 3C014348
200C022C 03E00008
200C0230 44810000
2020DEC4 0C030088
Infinite Zen200C0240 3C0144FA
200C0244 44810000
200C0248 03E00008
200C024C E4600080
2020DEE8 0C030090
Max Health21AFBA98 00000003
Max Power21AFBA9C 00000003
Max Zen21AFBAA0 00000003
Powered Up Health21AFBAB0 42C80000
Powered Up Power21AFBAC0 42C80000
Powered Up Zen21AFBAD0 42C80000
Max Current Rescues21AFBA6C 000000F0
21AFBA70 000000F0
Max Overall Rescues21AFBA74 000000F0
21AFBA78 000000F0
Max Current Relics21AFBA80 00000546
21AFBA94 00000546
Max Overall Relics21AFBA88 00000546
21AFBA94 00000546
Can Throw Ninja Star With 0 Quantity201E30D0 24020032
Throw Ninja Star For Max Quantity101DCB62 00001000
Infinite Ninja Stars (Upon Pickup)201DCB70 00000000
Can Shoot Arrows With 0 Quantity201DDEA8 24020032
201DE090 24020032
Shoot Arrow For Max Quantity101DD2D6 00001000
Infinite Arrows (Upon Pickup)201DD2E8 00000000
Have Level Stats Unlocked Codes
Reach The Village21AFBA10 00000001
Rescue The King21AFBA14 00000001
The Burning Building21AFBA18 00000001
Destroy The Statue21AFBA1C 00000001
Free The Priest21AFBA20 00000001
Break The Siege21AFBA24 00000001
The Greenhouse21AFBA28 00000001
Find The Tree Spirit21AFBA2C 00000001
Defeat The Foreman21AFBA30 00000001
Rescue THe Archaeologist21AFBA38 00000001
Find The Map Tablet21AFBA3C 00000001
Disable Security System21AFBA40 00000001
Find The Time Portal21AFBA44 00000001
Enter The City21AFBA4C 00000001
Free The Scotsman21AFBA50 00000001
Stop The Designer21AFBA54 00000001
Break Into The Central Computer21AFBA58 00000001
Penetrate Aku's Fortress21AFBA5C 00000001