RTX Red Rock

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, StalkerX

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 001A27F7
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
901A27F4 0C060B54
Infinite Health201E9B08 3C01447A
201E9B0C AE4105A4
Infinite Oxygen20152398 00000000
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Credit Limit201EF5E8 00000000
Use Item Once For Max Item201DBF08 240203E7
Infinite Time (Iris' World)202483F0 00000000
Infinite Health (Iris' World)202494DC 00000000
Infinite Item Codes (Upon Pickup)
Stage 1 Destructor Ammo202180D0 00000000
Fire Extinguisher Ammo2021801C 00000000
All Normal Items201DBF0C 00000000
Unlock All Special Features205D53E0 FFFFFFFF
Unlock Level Codes
Level 01-Phobos Station005A2ED0 00000001
Level 02-Thermal Research Outpost005A2ED1 00000001
Level 03-Kuztnetsov Diamond Mine005A2ED2 00000001
Level 04-Chryse Canal Complex005A2ED3 00000001
Level 05-Red Rock Township005A2ED4 00000001
Level 06-Xanthe Terra Power & Light005A2ED5 00000001
Level 07-Red Rock Sally Port Zulu005A2ED6 00000001
Level 08-Red Rock West Gate005A2ED7 00000001
Level 09-Aromatum Chaos005A2ED8 00000001
Level 10-Shalbatana Vallis005A2ED9 00000001