Rogue Galaxy

🇺🇸 • Credit: Skiller, Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9012B828 00832021
Other Codes
Bug Codes
Bug 1 Codes
Max Exp105CADC2 000003E7
Infinite HP205CADC4 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CADC8 00000000
Max Str005CADCC 000000FF
Max Def005CADCE 000000FF
Max Knockback005CADD0 000000FF
Max Confusion005CADD1 000000FF
Max Cut005CADD2 000000FF
Max Explosion005CADD3 000000FF
Max Throw005CADD4 000000FF
Max Poison005CADD5 000000FF
Max Condition005CADD6 000000FF
Level 99005CADD7 00000063
Bug 2 Codes
Max Exp105CADF6 000003E7
Infinite HP205CADF8 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CADFC 00000000
Max Str005CAE00 000000FF
Max Def005CAE02 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAE04 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAE05 000000FF
Max Cut005CAE06 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAE07 000000FF
Max Throw005CAE08 000000FF
Max Poison005CAE09 000000FF
Max Condition005CAE0A 000000FF
Level 99005CAE0B 00000063
Bug 3 Codes
Max Exp105CAE2A 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAE2C 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAE30 00000000
Max Str005CAE34 000000FF
Max Def005CAE36 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAE38 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAE39 000000FF
Max Cut005CAE3A 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAE3B 000000FF
Max Throw005CAE3C 000000FF
Max Poison005CAE3D 000000FF
Max Condition005CAE3E 000000FF
Level 99005CAE3F 00000063
Bug 4 Codes
Max Exp105CAE5E 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAE60 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAE64 00000000
Max Str005CAE68 000000FF
Max Def005CAE6A 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAE6C 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAE6D 000000FF
Max Cut005CAE6E 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAE6F 000000FF
Max Throw005CAE70 000000FF
Max Poison005CAE71 000000FF
Max Condition005CAE72 000000FF
Level 99005CAE73 00000063
Bug 5 Codes
Max Exp105CAE92 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAE94 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAE98 00000000
Max Str005CAE9C 000000FF
Max Def005CAE9E 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAEA0 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAEA1 000000FF
Max Cut005CAEA2 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAEA3 000000FF
Max Throw005CAEA4 000000FF
Max Poison005CAEA5 000000FF
Max Condition005CAEA6 000000FF
Level 99005CAEA7 00000063
Bug 6 Codes
Max Exp105CAEC6 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAEC8 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAECC 00000000
Max Str005CAED0 000000FF
Max Def005CAED2 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAED4 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAED5 000000FF
Max Cut005CAED6 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAED7 000000FF
Max Throw005CAED8 000000FF
Max Poison005CAED9 000000FF
Max Condition005CAEDA 000000FF
Level 99005CAEDB 00000063
Bug 7 Codes
Max Exp105CAEFA 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAEFC 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAF00 00000000
Max Str005CAF04 000000FF
Max Def005CAF06 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAF08 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAF09 000000FF
Max Cut005CAF0A 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAF0B 000000FF
Max Throw005CAF0C 000000FF
Max Poison005CAF0D 000000FF
Max Condition005CAF0E 000000FF
Level 99005CAF0F 00000063
Bug 8 Codes
Max Exp105CAF2E 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAF30 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAF34 00000000
Max Str005CAF38 000000FF
Max Def005CAF3A 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAF3C 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAF3D 000000FF
Max Cut005CAF3E 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAF3F 000000FF
Max Throw005CAF40 000000FF
Max Poison005CAF41 000000FF
Max Condition005CAF42 000000FF
Level 99005CAF43 00000063
Bug 9 Codes
Max Exp105CAF62 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAF64 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAF68 00000000
Max Str005CAF6C 000000FF
Max Def005CAF6E 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAF70 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAF71 000000FF
Max Cut005CAF72 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAF73 000000FF
Max Throw005CAF74 000000FF
Max Poison005CAF75 000000FF
Max Condition005CAF76 000000FF
Level 99005CAF77 00000063
Bug 10 Codes
Max Exp105CAF96 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAF98 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAF9C 00000000
Max Str005CAFA0 000000FF
Max Def005CAFA2 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAFA4 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAFA5 000000FF
Max Cut005CAFA6 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAFA7 000000FF
Max Throw005CAFA8 000000FF
Max Poison005CAFA9 000000FF
Max Condition005CAFAA 000000FF
Level 99005CAFAB 00000063
Bug 11 Codes
Max Exp105CAFCA 000003E7
Infinite HP205CAFCC 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CAFD0 00000000
Max Str005CAFD4 000000FF
Max Def005CAFD6 000000FF
Max Knockback005CAFD8 000000FF
Max Confusion005CAFD9 000000FF
Max Cut005CAFDA 000000FF
Max Explosion005CAFDB 000000FF
Max Throw005CAFDC 000000FF
Max Poison005CAFDD 000000FF
Max Condition005CAFDE 000000FF
Level 99005CAFDF 00000063
Bug 12 Codes
Max Exp105CAFFE 000003E7
Infinite HP205CB000 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CB004 00000000
Max Str005CB008 000000FF
Max Def005CB00A 000000FF
Max Knockback005CB00C 000000FF
Max Confusion005CB00D 000000FF
Max Cut005CB00E 000000FF
Max Explosion005CB00F 000000FF
Max Throw005CB010 000000FF
Max Poison005CB011 000000FF
Max Condition005CB012 000000FF
Level 99005CB013 00000063
Bug 13 Codes
Max Exp105CB032 000003E7
Infinite HP205CB034 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CB038 00000000
Max Str005CB03C 000000FF
Max Def005CB03E 000000FF
Max Knockback005CB040 000000FF
Max Confusion005CB041 000000FF
Max Cut005CB042 000000FF
Max Explosion005CB043 000000FF
Max Throw005CB044 000000FF
Max Poison005CB045 000000FF
Max Condition005CB046 000000FF
Level 99005CB047 00000063
Bug 14 Codes
Max Exp105CB066 000003E7
Infinite HP205CB068 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CB06C 00000000
Max Str005CB070 000000FF
Max Def005CB072 000000FF
Max Knockback005CB074 000000FF
Max Confusion005CB075 000000FF
Max Cut005CB076 000000FF
Max Explosion005CB077 000000FF
Max Throw005CB078 000000FF
Max Poison005CB079 000000FF
Max Condition005CB07A 000000FF
Level 99005CB07B 00000063
Bug 15 Codes
Max Exp105CB09A 000003E7
Infinite HP205CB09C 03E703E7
Always Low Hunger205CB0A0 00000000
Max Str005CB0A4 000000FF
Max Def005CB0A6 000000FF
Max Knockback005CB0A8 000000FF
Max Confusion005CB0A9 000000FF
Max Cut005CB0AA 000000FF
Max Explosion005CB0AB 000000FF
Max Throw005CB0AC 000000FF
Max Poison005CB0AD 000000FF
Max Condition005CB0AE 000000FF
Level 99005CB0AF 00000063
Character Codes
Character 1 Codes
Level 99205C7D90 00000063
Infinite HP205C7D94 000003E7
Infinite AP205C7D98 000003E7
Max HP205C7D9C 000003E7
205C7DA0 000003E7
Max AP205C7DA4 03E703E7
Max Defense205C7DAC 03E703E7
Max Str205C7DB0 03E703E7
Max Vit205C7DB4 03E703E7
Max Aim205C7DB8 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205C7F44 447A0000
Max Main Wep205C7FC8 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205C7FCC 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405C8060 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105C8238 0000FFFF
Max Exp205C8238 05F5E0FF
Character 2 Codes
Level 99205C8258 00000063
Infinite HP205C825C 000003E7
Infinite AP205C8260 000003E7
Max HP205C8264 000003E7
205C8268 000003E7
Max AP205C826C 03E703E7
Max Defense205C8274 03E703E7
Max Str205C8278 03E703E7
Max Vit205C827C 03E703E7
Max Aim205C8280 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205C840C 447A0000
Max Main Wep205C8490 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205C8494 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405C8528 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105C8700 0000FFFF
Max Exp205C8700 05F5E0FF
Character 3 Codes
Level 99205C8720 00000063
Infinite HP205C8724 000003E7
Infinite AP205C8728 000003E7
Max HP205C872C 000003E7
205C8730 000003E7
Max AP205C8734 03E703E7
Max Defense205C873C 03E703E7
Max Str205C8740 03E703E7
Max Vit205C8744 03E703E7
Max Aim205C8748 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205C88D4 447A0000
Max Main Wep205C8958 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205C895C 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405C89F0 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105C8BC8 0000FFFF
Max Exp205C8BC8 05F5E0FF
Character 4 Codes
Level 99205C8BE8 00000063
Infinite HP205C8BEC 000003E7
Infinite AP205C8BF0 000003E7
Max HP205C8BF4 000003E7
205C8BF8 000003E7
Max AP205C8BFC 03E703E7
Max Defense205C8C04 03E703E7
Max Str205C8C08 03E703E7
Max Vit205C8C0C 03E703E7
Max Aim205C8C10 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205C8D9C 447A0000
Max Main Wep205C8E20 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205C8E24 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405C8EB8 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105C9090 0000FFFF
Max Exp205C9090 05F5E0FF
Character 5 Codes
Level 99205C90B0 00000063
Infinite HP205C90B4 000003E7
Infinite AP205C90B8 000003E7
Max HP205C90BC 000003E7
205C90C0 000003E7
Max AP205C90C4 03E703E7
Max Defense205C90CC 03E703E7
Max Str205C90D0 03E703E7
Max Vit205C90D4 03E703E7
Max Aim205C90D8 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205C9264 447A0000
Max Main Wep205C92E8 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205C92EC 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405C9380 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105C9558 0000FFFF
Max Exp205C9558 05F5E0FF
Character 6 Codes
Level 99205C9578 00000063
Infinite HP205C957C 000003E7
Infinite AP205C9580 000003E7
Max HP205C9584 000003E7
205C9588 000003E7
Max AP205C958C 03E703E7
Max Defense205C9594 03E703E7
Max Str205C9598 03E703E7
Max Vit205C959C 03E703E7
Max Aim205C95A0 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205C972C 447A0000
Max Main Wep205C97B0 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205C97B4 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405C9848 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105C9A20 0000FFFF
Max Exp205C9A20 05F5E0FF
Character 7 Codes
Level 99205C9A40 00000063
Infinite HP205C9A44 000003E7
Infinite AP205C9A48 000003E7
Max HP205C9A4C 000003E7
205C9A50 000003E7
Max AP205C9A54 03E703E7
Max Defense205C9A5C 03E703E7
Max Str205C9A60 03E703E7
Max Vit205C9A64 03E703E7
Max Aim205C9A68 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205C9BF4 447A0000
Max Main Wep205C9C78 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205C9C7C 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405C9D10 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105C9EE8 0000FFFF
Max Exp205C9EE8 05F5E0FF
Character 8 Codes
Level 99205C9F08 00000063
Infinite HP205C9F0C 000003E7
Infinite AP205C9F10 000003E7
Max HP205C9F14 000003E7
205C9F18 000003E7
Max AP205C9F1C 03E703E7
Max Defense205C9F24 03E703E7
Max Str205C9F28 03E703E7
Max Vit205C9F2C 03E703E7
Max Aim205C9F30 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205CA0BC 447A0000
Max Main Wep205CA140 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205CA144 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405CA1D8 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105CA3B0 0000FFFF
Max Exp205CA3B0 05F5E0FF
Character 9 Codes
Level 99205CA3D0 00000063
Infinite HP205CA3D4 000003E7
Infinite AP205CA3D8 000003E7
Max HP205CA3DC 000003E7
205CA3E0 000003E7
Max AP205CA3E4 03E703E7
Max Defense205CA3EC 03E703E7
Max Str205CA3F0 03E703E7
Max Vit205CA3F4 03E703E7
Max Aim205CA3F8 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205CA584 447A0000
Max Main Wep205CA608 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205CA60C 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405CA6A0 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105CA878 0000FFFF
Max Exp205CA878 05F5E0FF
Character 10 Codes
Level 99205CA898 00000063
Infinite HP205CA89C 000003E7
Infinite AP205CA8A0 000003E7
Max HP205CA8A4 000003E7
205CA8A8 000003E7
Max AP205CA8AC 03E703E7
Max Defense205CA8B4 03E703E7
Max Str205CA8B8 03E703E7
Max Vit205CA8BC 03E703E7
Max Aim205CA8C0 03E703E7
Always Full Attack Bar205CAA4C 447A0000
Max Main Wep205CAAD0 03E703E7
Max Sub Wep205CAAD4 03E703E7
Have All Abilities405CAB68 00040001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Quick Exp Gain105CAD40 0000FFFF
Max Exp205CAD40 05F5E0FF
Misc. Codes
Infinite Z105C1010 0000FFFF
105C5204 0000FFFF
Max Z205C1010 05F5E0FF
205C5204 05F5E0FF
Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Z203C8EAC 00000000
Buying Items Increases Z203C8EA8 0050102F
Infinite Hunter Points105C1030 0000FFFF
Max Hunter Points205C1030 0098967F
Infinite Item Usage203D3884 00000000
Infinite Weapon 1 Bar203D65A8 00000000
Infinite Weapon 2 Bar203D2C9C 00000000
Quick Max Exp203AC754 3C0205F5
203AC75C 3442E0FF
Bug Codes
Always Hungry203D1B48 00000000
P1 Press L2 To Win Bug TournamentsD04B2A82 0000FEFF
0172CECF 000000E4
Feed Once For Max Stats00465D80 000000FF
200A0000 A045001C
200A0004 A045001E
200A0008 A0450020
200A000C A0450021
200A0010 A0450022
200A0014 A0450023
200A0018 A0450024
200A001C A0450025
200A0020 080F46D3
203D1B48 08028000