🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90291160 00832021
Unlock Extras Codes
InvincibilityD085A642 0000BF80
2085A640 00000000
Unlimited AmmoD085A646 0000BF80
2085A644 00000000
1-Hit KillsD085A64A 0000BF80
2085A648 00000000
Access To All LevelsD085A64E 0000BF80
2085A64C 00000000
Lancer's Multiplayer SkinD085A652 0000BF80
2085A650 00000000
Scott Bernard's Multiplayer SkinD085A656 0000BF80
2085A654 00000000
Rand's Multiplayer SkinD085A65A 0000BF80
2085A658 00000000
Rock's Multiplayer SkinD085A65E 0000BF80
2085A65C 00000000
Activate Cheat Codes
Invincibility2085A640 3F800000
Unlimited Ammo2085A644 3F800000
1-Hit Kills2085A648 3F800000
Access To All Levels2085A64C 3F800000
Lancer's Multiplayer Skin2085A650 3F800000
Scott Bernard's Multiplayer Skin2085A654 3F800000
Rand's Multiplayer Skin2085A658 3F800000
Rock's Multiplayer Skin2085A65C 3F800000