Road Trip

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0200008 00273BA7
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90273BA4 0C09F9A3
Infinite Money1177FDB4 0000FFFF
Max Money2177FDB4 000F423F
Always Low Total Timer2177A7B0 00000001
Always Low Lap Timer2177AEB0 00000001
Start On Lap 3D177ADEA 00000000
0177ADEB 00000002
Warp To All Towns11780A3A 00000000
Have All Choro Q Coins4178FCA8 00030001
00000000 00000000
0178FCB4 00000000
Have Peach Town Race Completed Codes
Peach Raceway-Rank C01780750 00000000
Peach Raceway-Rank B01780751 00000000
Peach Raceway-Rank A01780752 00000000
Have Fuji City Race Completed Codes
Ninja Temple Raceway-Rank C01780753 00000000
Temple Raceway-Rank B01780754 00000000
Temple Raceway-Rank A01780755 00000000
Have Sand Polis Race Completed Codes
Desert Raceway-Rank C01780756 00000000
Desert Raceway-Rank B01780757 00000000
Night Glow Raceway-Rank B01780758 00000000
Night Glow Raceway-Rank A01780759 00000000
Have Chestnut Canyon Race Completed Codes
Miner 49er Raceway-Rank C0178075A 00000000
Miner 49er Raceway-Rank A0178075B 00000000
Lava Run Raceway-Rank B0178075C 00000000
Lava Run Raceway-Rank A0178075D 00000000
Have Mushroom Road Race Completed Codes
River Raceway-Rank C0178075E 00000000
Slick Track-Rank C0178075F 00000000
Oval Raceway-Rank B01780760 00000000
Slick Track-Rank A01780761 00000000
Have White Mountain Race Completed Codes
Snow Mountain Raceway-Rank B01780762 00000000
Snow Mountain Raceway-Rank A01780763 00000000
Have Papaya Island Race Completed Codes
Sunny Beach Raceway-Rank B01780764 00000000
Sunny Beach Raceway-Rank A01780765 00000000
Lagoon Raceway-Rank B01780766 00000000
Lagoon Raceway-Rank A01780767 00000000
Have My City Race Completed Codes
Endurance Run01780768 00000000
Have Cloud Hill Race Completed Codes
Tin Raceway01780769 00000000