Resident Evil-Outbreak (Version 1.0)

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay, VirusPunk, Jay007, Jarnold83

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Enable Code (Must Be On)90180558 0C041EAC
Infinite HealthE0023880 00660794
206607A0 2403270F
206607A8 A6030544
Infinite AmmoD05B1FC8 00001E3C
205B1FDC 00000000
Max Infinite AmmoD05B1FC8 00001E3C
205B1FD8 24030063
Extra AmmoD05B1FC8 00001E3C
105B1FD8 00000001
Infinite Item UsageE0031E3C 005B2148
205B215C 00000000
205B2170 00000000
205B5184 00000000
Infinite TimeD068C71C 00001821
2068C724 00000000
1-Hit Deaths (Enemies)D0640794 0000882D
206407A0 A6620138
Don't Become A Zombie Over TimeD0667DF4 00009F8C
20667DFC 00000000
Don't Become A Zombie When BittenD06600FC 00009FCC
20660100 00000000
Enemies Dont Damage You With AttacksD0660AAC 0000802D
20660AB8 00000000
Become A Zombie After Death (Offline Mode)D065FCB4 0000202D
1065FCDA 00001000
P1 Press L1+Select For Infection 100%D02AFE9C 0000FBFE
20667DC8 24900000
20667DC8 4410B800
Unlock All NPC's4031F1EC 00030001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Unlock Infinity Mode2031F1FC FFFFFFFF
Unlock All Scenarios20323260 FFFFFFFF
Unlock Costume Codes
Kevin-Type B7031F1E4 00000001
Kevin-Type C7031F1E4 00000002
Kevin-All Types7031F1E4 00000003
Mark-Type B7031F1E5 00000001
Mark-Type C7031F1E5 00000002
Mark-All Types7031F1E5 00000003
Jim-Type B7031F1E6 00000001
Jim-Type C7031F1E6 00000002
Jim-All Types7031F1E6 00000003
George-Type B7031F1E7 00000001
George-Type C7031F1E7 00000002
George-All Types7031F1E7 00000003
David-Type B7031F1E8 00000001
David-Type C7031F1E8 00000002
David-All Types7031F1E8 00000003
Alyssa-Type B7031F1E9 00000001
Alyssa-Type C7031F1E9 00000002
Alyssa-All Types7031F1E9 00000003
Yoko-Type B7031F1EA 00000001
Yoko-Type C7031F1EA 00000002
Yoko-All Types7031F1EA 00000003
Cindy-Type B7031F1EB 00000001
Cindy-Type C7031F1EB 00000002
Cindy-All Types7031F1EB 00000003
All Costumes2031F1E4 FFFFFFFF
Collection Codes
Infinite Reward Points1031F1E0 0000FFFF
Max Reward Points2031F1E0 05F5E0FF
Infinite Rewards Points UsageE0020832 0057ADF4
2057AE08 00000000
1057AE16 00001000
Have All Collection Available For Purchase40323274 00060001
FFFFFFFF 00000000
Have All Collection Purchased403232D4 00060001
FFFFFFFF 00000000