Reign Of Fire

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0012911F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9012911C 0C047EE0
Unlock All Levels (Unlock Dragon)20275AF0 FFFFFFFF
Human Codes
Always Max Primary Ammo201AF2E0 24060063
201AF2E8 AC660328
Always Max Secondary Ammo201AF358 24060063
201AF360 AC66032C
Infinite Primary Ammo (On-Pickup)201DC194 00000000
Extra Primary Ammo (On-Pickup)101DC18C 00000001
Infinite Secondary Ammo (On-Pickup)201DC514 00000000
Extra Secondary Ammo (On-Pickup)101DC510 00000001
Infinite Health201D6FB4 3C014448
201D6FB8 03E00008
201D6FBC AC81008C
Dragon Codes
Infinite Napalm Breath201CFC48 00000000
Infinite Fireball201CFDB4 00000000
201CFF64 00000000
Infinite Stamina201D2B0C 00000000
201D462C 00000000
Infinite Health201CD210 3C014516
201CD214 03E00008
201CD218 AC81008C
Have Human Award Modifier Codes
Basic Training00275BFD 000000??
Into The Breach00275BFE 000000??
Fallen Angels00275BFF 000000??
Firefight00275C00 000000??
Storm Front00275C01 000000??
Origin Of Species00275C02 000000??
London's Burning00275C03 000000??
Bullfight00275C04 000000??
Ashes To Ashes00275C06 000000??
Have Dragon Award Modifier Codes
Proving Grounds00275C07 000000??
The Tower00275C08 000000??
Terminus00275C09 000000??
Retribution00275C0A 000000??
Slipping The Net00275C0B 000000??
Bitter Harvest00275C0C 000000??
Apocalypse00275C0D 000000??