Rally Fusion

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 0030B427
Access All Multiplayer Cars20918FF8 FFFFFFFF
Access All Multiplayer Tracks20918FFC FFFFFFFF
Access All Multiplayer Modes20919000 FFFFFFFF
Access All Tracks20919008 FFFFFFFF
Always Low Time201BBB0C 00000000
Press L1+Select To End Race200C0220 9421E082
200C0224 3402FBFE
200C0228 14220002
200C022C 24020001
200C0230 AC820060
200C0234 03E00008
200C0238 8C820060
201C8958 08030088
201C895C 3C010072