R-Type Final

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 001223EF
Quick Score Gain102E6744 0000FFFF
Max Score202E6744 0098967F
Infinite Credits202E6754 00000063
Infinite Lives202E6758 00000009
Extra Lives10182508 00000001
Unlock All Gallery202F354C FFFFFFFF
Instant Beam High Charge20545790 43480000
Always Have Missles2054636C 00000001
Max Dose20546390 45BB8000
Invincible101C5036 00001000
101C5E66 00001000
101C5F86 00001000
101C60BE 00001000
101C6F2A 00001000
Invincible (Alternate)2030746C 00000001
Enter R Museum To Unlock All Ships2015CF7C 90410000
2015CF80 00230825
2015CF84 A0410000
2015CF88 24020000
Total Record Codes
Max Total Play Time202F2C9C ????????
Max Total Wave Cannon Energy Points202F2CF4 05F5E0FF
Max Special Weapon Usage Times202F2CF8 0001869F
Max Cleared Times202F2D50 0000270F
Max Launches Times202F2D58 0001869F
AI Record Codes
Current Win Streak Modifier202F2D00 ????????
Current Losing Streak Modifier202F2D04 ????????
Longest Win Streak Modifier202F2D08 ????????
Longest Losing Streak Modifier202F2D0C ????????
Record VS CPU W Modifier202F2D10 ????????
Record VS CPU L Modifier202F2D14 ????????
Record VS CPU % Modifier202F2D18 ????????
Record VS Pilot W Modifier202F2D1C ????????
Record VS Pilot L Modifier202F2D20 ????????
Record VS Pilot % Modifier202F2D24 ????????
Perfect Wins Modifier202F2D28 ????????