Pryzm-Chapter One-The Dark Unicorn

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Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 003705FF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
903705FC 0C0E2CCF
Have Level Select203AE1A4 00000001
Have Quin-Lum Elvin Woods Level Completed Codes
Quin-To-Me Storm Havens203ADF14 00000001
Quin-Oh-By Guard Wood203ADF20 00000001
Quin-Lo-Fe Forest Village203ADF2C 00000001
Quin-Do-Ky High Tree203ADF38 00000001
Quil-Fee-Ut King's Glen203ADF68 00000001
Have Lum-Moon Gnome Hills Level Completed Codes
Tay-Moo Hog Hollow203ADF74 00000001
Bay-Moo Sunset Vineyards203ADF80 00000001
Fay-Moo Windy Hills203ADF8C 00000001
Kay-Moo Harvest Town203ADF98 00000001
Kee-Nu Meeting Circle203ADFC8 00000001
Have Sas-Lum Nymph Marshes Level Completed Codes
Say-Sun Whispering Marsh203ADFD4 00000001
Sim-See Singing Falls203ADFE0 00000001
Sis-Sas Muttering Earth203ADFEC 00000001
Suz-Soo Sighing Willows203ADFF8 00000001
Zi-Yil Queen's Mirror203AE028 00000001
Have Lum-Mas Troll Mountains Level Completed Codes
Kal-Mas-A Cutters Keep203AE034 00000001
Lun-Mas-A Burning Lands203AE040 00000001
Pec-Mas-A Iron Blood203AE04C 00000001
Zuc-Mas-A Blizzard Gorge203AE058 00000001
Gac-Mis-Um Frozen Fang203AE088 00000001