Pirates-Legend Of The Black Buccaneer

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90134328 00832021
Max Health205FFCE0 0000270F
Infinite Health205FFCE4 0000270F
Max Energy205FFCF0 0000270F
Infinite Energy205FFCF4 0000270F
Unlock All Cinematics204365EC 2401FFFF
204365F0 AC4100C0
Unlock All Art Gallery204365FC 2401FFFF
20436604 AE010010
Characteristics Codes
Max Possession214FDF6C 00000005
Max Bombs214FDFB4 00000005
Max Player Life Force214FDFD8 00000005
Max Pistol214FE044 00000005
Max Curse214FE090 00000005
Max Black Buccaneer's Fire Attack214FE0B0 00000005
Max Damage With Melee Weapons214FE0D4 00000005
Max Zombie214FE0F8 00000005
Max Offerings214FE188 0000270F
Have Special Powers Codes
Transformation Item214FDCC0 00000001
Skeleton Statue214FE020 00000001
Thorny Plants214FE068 00000001
Light/Medium/Heavy Obstacles214FE08C 00000003
Have Quest Logs Finished Codes
Black Buccaneer214FDEDC 00000006
La Borgne214FDF00 00000008
Francis214FDF24 00000006
De La Cruz214FDF48 00000003