Phantasy Star Universe

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

MORE COMING SOON: Someone upload a gamesave where I can get into the Item Synthesis shop so I can make the weapon grinder codes :)
Enable Code (Must Be On)901B14F8 0C044FDE
Max Infinite HP200C0220 2401270F
200C0224 001018C0
200C0228 00641821
200C022C AC610024
200C0230 080E5A95
200C0234 AC610028
20396A40 08030088
Infinite Weapon HP200C0240 8601000E
200C0244 080BE0E8
200C0248 A601000C
202FBE74 0C030090
Max Weapon HP200C0250 2401270F
200C0254 A601000E
200C0258 03E00008
200C025C 8602000C
202FBE68 0C030094
Quick Max Level Gain202A63F0 3C1305F6
Gain 50000 Exp Per Kill202A63F0 3413C350
Gain 40000 Exp Per Kill202A63F0 34139C40
Gain 30000 Exp Per Kill202A63F0 34137530
Gain 20000 Exp Per Kill202A63F0 34134E20
Gain 10000 Exp Per Kill202A63F0 34132710
Gain 1000 Exp Per Kill202A63F0 341303E8
Gain 100 Exp Per Kill202A63F0 34130064
Quick Max Meseta202A6738 3C1105F5
202A674C 3625E0FF
Gain 50000 Meseta Per Change202A6738 3411C350
Gain 40000 Meseta Per Change202A6738 34119C40
Gain 20000 Meseta Per Change202A6738 34117520
Gain 10000 Meseta Per Change202A6738 34114E20
Gain 1000 Meseta Per Change202A6738 34112710
Gain 1000 Meseta Per Change202A6738 341103E8
Gain 100 Meseta Per Change202A6738 34110064
Infinite Item Usage202F8820 24100000
Super Item Usage/Duplication202F8820 24100000
1038E3B6 00001000
Timers Never Increase2086A1A0 00000000