Peter Jackson's King Kong-The Official Game Of The Movie

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master, Lajos Szalay

Enable Code (Must Be On)90606840 0C17B2AA
God Mode102D5412 00001000
Infinite Ammo202B9D8C 00000000
Max Infinite Ammo202B9D84 240303E7
Extra Ammo202B9D84 00671821
Never Reload (Pistol)202C350C 00000000
Never Reload (Sniper)202C38A4 00000000
Never Reload (Shotgun)202C3AEC 00000000
Never Reload (Machine Gun)202C48E4 00000000
Never Die From Fire202D5420 00000000
P1 Press L1+Select To Enable InvincibilityD0671802 0000FBFE
70DA0251 00000002
P1 Press L2+Select To Disable InvincibilityD0671802 0000FEFE
70DA0251 002000FD
P1 Press R3+Up To Have PistolD0671802 0000FFEB
20DA29A8 00000001
P1 Press R3+Right To Have Machine GuneD0671802 0000FFDB
20DA29A8 00000002
P1 Press R3+Down To Have ShotgunD0671802 0000FFBB
20DA29A8 00000003
P1 Press R3+Left To Have SniperD0671802 0000FF7B
20DA29A8 00000004
Enter Any Password For Correct Code203ABE48 00000000
Have Game Progress 100%206AFA74 00000007
Unlock All Levels20DA4654 00000029
Unlock Online Extra Codes
Online 320DA54EC 00000001
Online 220DA54F0 00000001
Online 120DA551C 00000001
Activate Cheat Codes
1-Hit Kills70DA0250 00000002
Enable Cheats Menu Option70DA0250 00000040
Level Select70DA0250 00000080
Unlock All Bonus70DA0251 00000001
Invincibility70DA0251 00000002
Infinite Spears70DA0251 00000020
Disable Cheated Flag70DA0253 002000EF
Have Revolver20DA29A8 00000001
Have Machine Gun20DA29A8 00000002
Have Shotgun20DA29A8 00000003
Have Sniper Weapon20DA29A8 00000004
Max Ammo20DA2BB0 000003E7
Game Speed Modifier Codes
P1 Press L1+Up For Quick Game SpeedE002FBEF 00671802
103BA404 00004000
20613000 40000000
P1 Press L1+Right For Super Quick Game SpeedE002FBDF 00671802
103BA404 00004080
20613000 40800000
P1 Press L1+Down For Slow Motion Game SpeedE002FBBF 00671802
103BA404 00003F00
20613000 3F000000
P1 Press L1+Left For Normal Game SpeedE002FB7F 00671802
103BA404 00003F80
20613000 3F800000
Max Score Codes
Scene 1206AFA84 000061A8
Scene 2206AFA88 000061A8
Scene 3206AFA8C 000061A8
Scene 4206AFA90 000061A8
Scene 5206AFA94 000061A8
Scene 6206AFA98 000061A8
Scene 7206AFA9C 000061A8
Scene 8206AFAA0 000061A8
Scene 9206AFAA4 000061A8
Scene 10206AFAA8 000061A8
Scene 11206AFAAC 000061A8
Scene 12206AFAB0 000061A8
Scene 13206AFAB4 000061A8
Scene 14206AFAB8 000061A8
Scene 15206AFABC 000061A8
Scene 16206AFAC0 000061A8
Scene 17206AFAC4 000061A8
Scene 18206AFAC8 000061A8
Scene 19206AFACC 000061A8
Scene 20206AFAD0 000061A8
Scene 21206AFAD4 000061A8
Scene 22206AFAD8 000061A8
Scene 23206AFADC 000061A8
Scene 24206AFAE0 000061A8
Scene 25206AFAE4 000061A8
Scene 26206AFAE8 000061A8
Scene 27206AFAEC 000061A8
Scene 28206AFAF0 000061A8
Scene 29206AFAF4 000061A8
Scene 30206AFAF8 000061A8
Scene 31206AFAFC 000061A8
Scene 32206AFB00 000061A8
Scene 33206AFB04 000061A8
Scene 34206AFB08 000061A8
Scene 35206AFB0C 000061A8
Scene 36206AFB10 000061A8
Scene 37206AFB14 000061A8
Scene 38206AFB18 000061A8
Scene 39206AFB1C 000061A8
Scene 40206AFB20 000061A8
All Scenes406AFA84 00280001
000061A8 00000000