Pac-Man World Rally

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)
Unlock PookaDEB8AA97 A3517001
Unlock FygarAD606CF3 F3AED05A
Unlock The Prince49F6FF6A 515FDF01
Unlock Nightmare Difficulty8A878D9E 23331705
P1 Codes
Infinite Pac-Mobile MeterE89785E3 2E081ADA
No Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter6C801669 1949345B
Always Have CherriesFC1BC796 7118A3A4
Never Have Cherries4C7850B5 9C50AEC2
Always Have Watermelon54653019 B4195C0F
Never Have Watermelon46448C0E 1E248150
Always Have Grapes28761237 FDBD0BF6
Never Have GrapesC95A8EFF 94185A7C
Max Circuit Points98683B65 F6211ABF
No Circuit Points7377FEF9 F1D03CEC
P2/Opponent 1 Codes
Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter1E15F208 362890BB
No Infinite Pac-Mobile MeterD9D20957 7AA7B35F
Always Have Cherries64F877C4 47433652
Never Have Cherries6ABB4B63 59068E8A
Always Have WatermelonD217A884 C2A2E84B
Never Have Watermelon0177F9A6 1E27662C
Always Have GrapesA87169C9 0CE11631
Never Have Grapes63940E88 23576097
Max Circuit Points60DCE5EC 99273CF6
No Circuit Points1BFB5B2E AC739783
Opponent 2 Codes
Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter5B5BE81C 77758302
No Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter850F0E91 EA5336F0
Always Have CherriesEECAD4CE 767CD56A
Never Have Cherries0116CE3A 8BB1BFBF
Always Have Watermelon85FF743E 003E11E9
Never Have Watermelon2B3A385A AB2DB0F3
Always Have Grapes89D3B4E2 92989EEB
Never Have Grapes9D0376BF 0BD6086C
Max Circuit Points31B41289 7899C2CA
No Circuit PointsC74787B7 DF7E315A
Opponent 3 Codes
Infinite Pac-Mobile MeterE2CA0150 EE771EEB
No Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter7EE40D41 C1C07278
Always Have Cherries971C0790 C62801F2
Never Have Cherries4C00FBFD 133695B7
Always Have Watermelon9EB628F9 B3FA293B
Never Have Watermelon35B997A6 99B7127B
Always Have Grapes76410D20 3BA9FD4A
Never Have GrapesC884D1B7 299A25FE
Max Circuit PointsE51E32AF F33463D9
No Circuit Points8BB1B66C DC481EC9
Opponent 4 Codes
Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter7D7802BC E2DC921D
No Infinite Pac-Mobile MeterC1C55931 5918B0C9
Always Have CherriesE1853276 D97F930B
Never Have Cherries22F70F3E 095973AC
Always Have Watermelon991E0A97 4494E6AE
Never Have Watermelon06BD2DA5 D032EEC8
Always Have GrapesABA4AFB6 C5D6E9A1
Never Have Grapes98D268A7 E8559A0C
Max Circuit Points55E6F173 81FC0421
No Circuit Points9A8B8C86 E86B605C
Opponent 5 Codes
Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter79F82204 7533EA5C
No Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter2B17F384 1238B24E
Always Have Cherries1292B5E9 4C96B0AF
Never Have Cherries8715945E 85CD2196
Always Have Watermelon4E693236 25D68356
Never Have Watermelon99F83925 DCE306CC
Always Have GrapesC24A5F2C 89E7BCA9
Never Have GrapesA786D010 5F166769
Max Circuit Points6C08A906 FC0704CE
No Circuit PointsB3BD1EBA 2BEC7B69
Opponent 6 Codes
Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter1C13E4B6 C1142744
No Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter483AE5E6 9E40D81D
Always Have Cherries612A91C7 AA54FF70
Never Have Cherries7438EC27 C46A06FB
Always Have Watermelon0607F7C2 A332B19D
Never Have Watermelon74C7C026 4D1D652F
Always Have Grapes3E77DCDD D3100112
Never Have Grapes62DD5A46 C57F2578
Max Circuit PointsD4862804 34E15F3B
No Circuit Points83AFB536 FF35E3B0
Opponent 7 Codes
Infinite Pac-Mobile Meter3CBC3D08 9ADA1131
No Infinite Pac-Mobile MeterADAB7B01 E5D52400
Always Have Cherries4798D8EB FE06A2B4
Never Have Cherries64CC892A D6D126B5
Always Have WatermelonB13F12CD 27B12AFD
Never Have WatermelonCD12B9AD 193903BA
Always Have Grapes4C26DD71 CF7ACEF1
Never Have GrapesA69D5151 EA110E49
Max Circuit Points76B80DD1 91152CE4
No Circuit Points2A2D70DB 6292B692