P.T.O.-Pacific Theater Of Operation IV

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)F0100008 00127DDF
Campaign Mode Codes
Japan Codes
Max Money20422D04 0098967F
No Money20422D04 00000000
Max Oil20422D08 0098967F
No Oil20422D08 00000000
Max Steel20422D0C 0098967F
No Steel20422D0C 00000000
Max AL20422D10 0098967F
No AL20422D10 00000000
USA Codes
Max Money20422D48 0098967F
No Money20422D48 00000000
Max Oil20422D4C 0098967F
No Oil20422D4C 00000000
Max Steel20422D50 0098967F
No Steel20422D50 00000000
Max AL20422D54 0098967F
No AL20422D54 00000000
Britain Codes
Max Money20422D8C 0098967F
No Money20422D8C 00000000
Max Oil20422D90 0098967F
No Oil20422D90 00000000
Max Steel20422D94 0098967F
No Steel20422D94 00000000
Max AL20422D98 0098967F
No AL20422D98 00000000
Germany Codes
Max Money20422DD0 0098967F
No Money20422DD0 00000000
Max Oil20422DD4 0098967F
No Oil20422DD4 00000000
Max Steel20422DD8 0098967F
No Steel20422DD8 00000000
Max AL20422DDC 0098967F
No AL20422DDC 00000000