Open Season

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)90123EF8 00832021
Infinite Health200C0220 24030005
200C0224 AE030A2C
200C0228 03E00008
200C022C 92040A20
2052FB74 0C030088
Access Wild Academy203203D4 34420002
203203DC A0820048
Beth's Scrapbox Codes
Unlock All Animal Buddy FactsE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All TrashE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All ButterfliesE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All AcornsE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All MushroomsE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All BeetlesE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All FeathersE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All FlowersE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All LeavesE00100F3 00F2841E
Unlock All TracksE00100F3 00F2841E
Wild Academy Codes
Max PointsE00100F3 00F2841E
20F28358 0001869F
Have Upgrade Codes
Improved HealthE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF0 00000001
Super HealthE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF1 00000001
Supreme HealthE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF2 00000001
Improved ForagingE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF3 00000001
Improved ThrowE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF4 00000001
Super ThrowE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF5 00000001
Improved Quick ThrowE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF6 00000001
Super Quick ThrowE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF7 00000001
Ultimate ElliotE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF8 00000001
Improved Call ElliotE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CF9 00000001
Improved RoarE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CFA 00000001
Super RoarE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CFB 00000001
Supreme RoarE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CFC 00000001
Improved SmellE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CFD 00000001
Super SmellE00100F3 00F2841E
00F38CFE 00000001
All UpgradesE00400F3 00F2841E
40F38CF0 00040001
01010101 00000000
10F38CFC 00000101
10F38CFE 00000001
Replay Scenes Codes
Activation Code (Must Be On)E00100F3 10F2841E
20123F3C 03E00008
E00700F3 00F2841E
200C0000 3C0300F3
200C0004 8C638410
200C0008 1060007B
200C000C 24010001
200C01F8 03E00008
200C01FC 00000000
20123F3C 08030000
Unlock Level Codes
Dinkelman Dreams200C0010 A0610008
Timberline!200C0014 A0610010
Pumi Mart Picnic200C0018 A0610018
Wake In The Wild200C001C A0610020
Meet The Skunks200C0020 A0610028
Hoof It!200C0024 A0610030
Mine Shafted200C0028 A0610038
Hunted!200C002C A0610040
Snow Blitz200C0030 A0610048
Crazy Quackers200C0034 A0610050
Fowl Duty200C0038 A0610058
Duck And Cover200C003C A0610060
Beaver Damage200C0040 A0610068
Rocky River200C0044 A0610070
Shaw's Shack200C0048 A0610078
Start The Battle!200C0050 A0610088
Protect The Clan's Gree!200C0054 A0610090
Tanks A Lot!200C0058 A0610098
Clear The Ducks!200C005C A06100A0
The Trouble With Trappers200C0060 A06100A8
Toothy Torpedoes200C0064 A06100B0
Chainsaw Cha Cha200C0068 A06100B8
Reilly's Rampage200C006C A06100C0
Shaw Showdown200C0070 A06100C8
Scare Bear200C0078 A06100D8
Have All Badges Codes
Dinkelman Dreams200C0080 2401001E
200C0084 AC61000C
Timberline!200C0088 2401006E
200C008C AC610014
Pumi Mart Picnic200C0090 2401003C
200C0094 AC61001C
Wake In The Wild200C0098 24010056
200C009C AC610024
Meet The Skunks200C00A0 24010087
200C00A4 AC61002C
Hoof It!200C00A8 24010037
200C00AC AC610034
Mine Shafted200C00B0 24010177
200C00B4 AC61003C
Hunted!200C00B8 240101BD
200C00BC AC610044
Snow Blitz200C00C0 240101F4
200C00C4 AC61004C
Crazy Quackers200C00C8 240100FA
200C00CC AC610054
Fowl Duty200C00D0 2401007D
200C00D4 AC61005C
Duck And Cover200C00D8 2401010E
200C00DC AC610064
Beaver Damage200C00E0 24010253
200C00E4 AC61006C
Rocky River200C00E8 2401015E
200C00EC AC610074
Shaw's Shack200C00F0 240100D2
200C00F4 AC61007C
Start The Battle!200C00F8 24010267
200C00FC AC61008C
Protect The Clan's Gree!200C0100 240102BC
200C0104 AC610094
Tanks A Lot!200C0108 24010235
200C010C AC61009C
Clear The Ducks!200C0110 24010262
200C0114 AC6100A4
The Trouble With Trappers200C0118 24010230
200C011C AC6100AC
Toothy Torpedoes200C0120 240101F4
200C0124 AC6100B4
Chainsaw Cha Cha200C0128 2401027B
200C012C AC6100BC
Reilly's Rampage200C0130 24010262
200C0134 AC6100C4
Shaw Showdown200C0138 240103E8
200C013C AC6100CC
Scare Bear200C0140 2401007D
200C0144 AC6100DC