Nobunaga's Ambition Rise To Power

🇺🇸 • Credit: Skiller

Enable Code (Must Be On)901317D0 0C04C59C
Gain/Advance Codes
Have 4 Orders20242E58 24020004
Max Loyalty201D4580 A2033F4E
Max Troops201D45C4 AE033F14
Max Food201D3AC8 AE033F1C
Max Money201D3B88 AE033F18
Max Horses201D3A08 AE033F20
Max Muskets201D3948 AE033F24
Max Cannons201D3888 AE033F28
Lost/Used Codes
Max Food201D3A88 AE033F1C
Max Money201D3B48 AE033F18
Max Horses201D39C8 AE033F20
Max Muskets201D3908 AE033F24
Max Cannons201D3848 AE033F28
Your Town Only Codes
Activation Code (Must Be on)200A0000 3C01005B
200A0004 8C21F5F8
200A0008 1020001F
200A0010 3C020001
200A0014 3442869F
200A0030 24020004
200A0038 24020064
200A0088 03E00008
201427E4 08028000
Max/Infinite Troops200A0018 AC223F14
Max/Infinite Money200A001C AC223F18
Max/Infinite Food200A0020 AC223F1C
Max/Infinite Horses200A0024 AC223F20
Max/Infinite Muskets200A0028 AC223F24
Max/Infinite Cannons200A002C AC223F28
Max/Infinite Orders/Turns200A0034 A0223F52
Max/Infinite Loyalty200A003C A0223F4E
Max/Infinite Flood200A0040 A0223F4D
Max/Infinite Order200A0044 A0223F4C