NHL 2008

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)906F3088 00832021
Home Team Scores 50108884DA 00000032
Home Team Scores 20108884DA 00000014
Home Team Scores 0108884DA 00000000
Home Team Start With Score 50D08884DA 00000000
108884DA 00000032
Home Team Start With Score 20D08884DA 00000000
108884DA 00000014
Home Team Start With Score 10D08884DA 00000000
108884DA 0000000A
Home Team Start With Score 5D08884DA 00000000
108884DA 00000005
Away Team Scores 5010888536 00000032
Away Team Scores 2010888536 00000014
Away Team Scores 010888536 00000000
Away Team Start With Score 50D0888536 00000000
10888536 00000032
Away Team Start With Score 20D0888536 00000000
10888536 00000014
Away Team Start With Score 10D0888536 00000000
10888536 0000000A
Away Team Start With Score 5D0888536 00000000
10888536 00000005
P1 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0DCE142 0000FAFF
108794F8 000004B0
P1 Press R1+R2 To End PeriodD0DCE142 0000F5FF
108794F8 00000001
P2 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0DCE442 0000FAFF
108794F8 000004B0
P2 Press R1+R2 To End PeriodD0DCE442 0000F5FF
108794F8 00000001
P3 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0DCE742 0000FAFF
108794F8 000004B0
P3 Press R1+R2 To End PeriodD0DCE742 0000F5FF
108794F8 00000001
P4 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0DCEA42 0000FAFF
108794F8 000004B0
P4 Press R1+R2 To End PeriodD0DCEA42 0000F5FF
108794F8 00000001
P5 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0DCED42 0000FAFF
108794F8 000004B0
P5 Press R1+R2 To End PeriodD0DCED42 0000F5FF
108794F8 00000001
P6 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0DCF042 0000FAFF
108794F8 000004B0
P6 Press R1+R2 To End PeriodD0DCF042 0000F5FF
108794F8 00000001
P7 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0DCF342 0000FAFF
108794F8 000004B0
P7 Press R1+R2 To End PeriodD0DCF342 0000F5FF
108794F8 00000001
P8 Press L1+L2 For More TimeD0DCF642 0000FAFF
108794F8 000004B0
P8 Press R1+R2 To End PeriodD0DCF642 0000F5FF
108794F8 00000001
P1 Press L1+Select For 2nd PeriodE002FBFE 00DCE142
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
P1 Press L2+Select For 3rd PeriodE002FEFE 00DCE142
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
P2 Press L1+Select For 2nd PeriodE002FBFE 00DCE442
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
P2 Press L2+Select For 3rd PeriodE002FEFE 00DCE442
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
P3 Press L1+Select For 2nd PeriodE002FBFE 00DCE742
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
P3 Press L2+Select For 3rd PeriodE002FEFE 00DCE742
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
P4 Press L1+Select For 2nd PeriodE002FBFE 00DCEA42
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
P4 Press L2+Select For 3rd PeriodE002FEFE 00DCEA42
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
P5 Press L1+Select For 2nd PeriodE002FBFE 00DCED42
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
P5 Press L2+Select For 3rd PeriodE002FEFE 00DCED42
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
P6 Press L1+Select For 2nd PeriodE002FBFE 00DCF042
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
P6 Press L2+Select For 3rd PeriodE002FEFE 00DCF042
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
P7 Press L1+Select For 2nd PeriodE002FBFE 00DCF342
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
P7 Press L2+Select For 3rd PeriodE002FEFE 00DCF342
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
P8 Press L1+Select For 2nd PeriodE002FBFE 00DCF642
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
P8 Press L2+Select For 3rd PeriodE002FEFE 00DCF642
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
Start On 2nd PeriodE0020000 008794FE
108794FE 00000001
10879500 00000001
Start On 3rd PeriodE0020000 008794FE
108794FE 00000002
10879500 00000002
Goal's Score 101022D438 0000000A
Goal's Score 51022D438 00000005
Goal's Score 21022D438 00000002
All Goals Score For Home Team2022D378 24030000
All Goals Score For Away Team2022D378 24030001
Home Team Stats Modifier Codes
Max Shots108884D8 0000270F
No Shots108884D8 00000000
Max Shorthanded Goals108884E0 0000270F
No Shorthanded Goals108884E0 00000000
Max Empty Net Goals108884E4 0000270F
No Empty Net Goals108884E4 00000000
Max Faceoffs Won108884E8 0000270F
No Faceoffs Won108884E8 00000000
Max Overall Powerplays108884EC 0000270F
No Overall Powerplays108884EC 00000000
Max Powerplays108884EE 0000270F
No Powerplays108884EE 00000000
Max Powerplay Minutes108884F2 00000257
No Powerplay Minutes108884F2 00000000
Max Penalties108884F4 0000270F
No Penalties108884F4 00000000
Max Penalty Minutes108884F6 00000257
No Penalty Minutes108884F6 00000000
Max Time On Attack108884F8 00000257
No Time On Attack108884F8 00000000
Max One-Timers108884FA 0000270F
No One-Timers108884FA 00000000
Max One-Timer Goals108884FE 0000270F
No One-Timer Goals108884FE 00000000
Max Breakaways10888500 0000270F
No Breakaways10888500 00000000
Max Overall Penalty Shots10888504 0000270F
No Overall Penalty Shots10888504 00000000
Max Penalty Shots10888506 0000270F
No Penalty Shots10888506 00000000
Max Hits10888508 0000270F
No Hits10888508 00000000
Max Overall Passing1088850A 0000270F
No Overall Passing1088850A 00000000
Max Passing1088850C 0000270F
No Passing1088850C 00000000
Away Team Stats Modifier Codes
Max Shots10888534 0000270F
No Shots10888534 00000000
Max Shorthanded Goals1088853C 0000270F
No Shorthanded Goals1088853C 00000000
Max Empty Net Goals10888540 0000270F
No Empty Net Goals10888540 00000000
Max Faceoffs Won10888544 0000270F
No Faceoffs Won10888544 00000000
Max Overall Powerplays10888548 0000270F
No Overall Powerplays10888548 00000000
Max Powerplays1088854A 0000270F
No Powerplays1088854A 00000000
Max Powerplay Minutes1088854E 00000257
No Powerplay Minutes1088854E 00000000
Max Penalties10888550 0000270F
No Penalties10888550 00000000
Max Penalty Minutes10888552 00000257
No Penalty Minutes10888552 00000000
Max Time On Attack10888554 00000257
No Time On Attack10888554 00000000
Max One-Timers10888556 0000270F
No One-Timers10888556 00000000
Max One-Timer Goals1088855A 0000270F
No One-Timer Goals1088855A 00000000
Max Breakaways1088855C 0000270F
No Breakaways1088855C 00000000
Max Overall Penalty Shots10888560 0000270F
No Overall Penalty Shots10888560 00000000
Max Penalty Shots10888562 0000270F
No Penalty Shots10888562 00000000
Max Hits10888564 0000270F
No Hits10888564 00000000
Max Overall Passing10888566 0000270F
No Overall Passing10888566 00000000
Max Passing10888568 0000270F
No Passing10888568 00000000