Neo Contra

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)903633D0 0C0DA7A2
Infinite Credits203C831C 00000063
Infinite Credits Usage2012F2A4 00000000
Extra Credits1012F29C 00000001
Max Hit Rate203C8304 00000064
No Lost Remaining Life203C830C 00000000
Always Low Total Time203C8314 00000000
Quick Score Gain P1103C83DC 0000FFFF
Max Score P1203C83DC 0098967F
Infinite Lives P1203C83E4 00000064
Quick Score Gain P2103C841C 0000FFFF
Max Score P2203C841C 0098967F
Infinite Lives P2203C8424 00000064
Infinite Lives (Both Players)20130C38 00000000
Extra Lives (Both Players)10130C34 00000001
Invincible (Both Players)10156482 00001000
Unlock All Characters & Etc203C8364 FFFFFFFF
Always No Deaths Recorded20130C24 AE000014
Max # Of Battles203C8328 0098967F
No # Of Battles203C8328 00000000
Max Total Battle Time203C832C 022550FF
No Total Battle Time203C832C 00000000
Max Shortest Clear Time203C8330 022550FF
No Shortest Clear Time203C8330 00000000
Max Game Clear #203C8334 0098967F
No Game Clear #203C8334 00000000
Max Game Over #203C8338 0098967F
No Game Over #203C8338 00000000
Max Hi Score203C833C 0098967F
Have Level Completed Codes
Mission 01203C8394 00000000
Mission 02203C8398 00000000
Mission 03203C839C 00000000
Mission 04203C83A0 00000000
Mission 05203C83A4 00000000
All Missions403C8394 00050001
00000000 00000000
OPM November 2004-Issue 86 Demo Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)90339E58 0C0D015E
Infinite Credits2039F5DC 00000063
Infinite Credits Usage2012DDCC 00000000
Extra Credits1012DDC4 00000001
Quick Score Gain P11039F69C 0000FFFF
Max Score P12039F69C 0098967F
Infinite Lives P12039F6A4 00000064
Quick Score Gain P21039F6DC 0000FFFF
Max Score P22039F6DC 0098967F
Infinite Lives P22039F6E4 00000064
Infinite Lives (Both Players)2012F1D0 00000000
Extra Lives (Both Players)1012F1CC 00000001