Need For Speed-Underground 2

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Enable Code (Must Be On)9042C81C 0C1100EB
Infinite Nitrous Usage2030A6AC 00000000
Max Infinite Nitro2030A374 2403270F
2030A378 AE030334
1030A3CE 00001000
2030A6F4 2403270F
2030A6FC AE03042C
Quick Bank Gain104F9A64 0000FFFF
Max Bank204F9A64 05F5E0FF
Quick Max Bank Gain2026E3D0 3C0205F5
2026E3D4 3442E0FF
Max Races Entered204FB060 000003E7
No Races Entered204FB060 00000000
Max Total Spent On Car20501A88 05F5E0FF
View Event To Have Event Completed (World Map)201EDBF0 24020001
201EDBF4 AE62001C
Story Races Always Won2026C958 03E00008
2026C95C 24020001
Drive Thru Cars/Walls2030D828 03E00008
2030D82C 24020000
Idiot AI-Normal Traffic2056C04C 00000000
P1 Press L1+Right To Enable Idiot AI-Normal TrafficD052D502 0000FBDF
2056C04C 00000000
P1 Press L1+Left To Enable Idiot AI-Normal TrafficD052D502 0000FB7F
2056C04C 41C4B127
Idiot AI-Racers20121B10 03E00008
20121B14 00000000
P1 Press L1+Up To Enable Idiot AI-RacersE002FBEF 0052D502
20121B10 03E00008
20121B14 00000000
P1 Press L1+Down To Enable Idiot AI-RacersE002FBBF 0052D502
20121B10 27BDFF70
20121B14 FFB20020
Unlock All Quick Race Tracks20266078 24020002
2026607C 03E00008
20266080 A0820002
Access All Cars20274550 03E00008
20274554 24020001
Access All Customize Parts (Not Saveable/Non Career)202F01F8 03E00008
202F01FC 24020001
GTA 1 Mode (Overhead Camera)2056C2FC 42340000
P1 Press L1+Select For Hyper ModeD052D502 0000FBFE
2056C11C 46000000
P1 Press L2+Select For Slow MotionD052D502 0000FEFE
2056C11C 30000000
P1 Press L1+L2 For Normal Speed ModeD052D502 0000FAFF
2056C11C 365FB23B
Max Total Reputation Codes
Stage 1204F9DF0 4CBEBC20
204F9DF4 00000001
Stage 2204F9EF4 4CBEBC20
204F9EF8 00000001
Stage 3204F9FF8 4CBEBC20
204F9FFC 00000001
Stage 4204FA0FC 4CBEBC20
204FA100 00000001
Stage 5204FA200 4CBEBC20
204FA204 00000001
Total Laps Per Race Modifier Codes
10 Laps20548620 0000000A
9 Laps20548620 00000009
8 Laps20548620 00000008
7 Laps20548620 00000007
6 Laps20548620 00000006
5 Laps20548620 00000005
4 Laps20548620 00000004
3 Laps20548620 00000003
2 Laps20548620 00000002
1 Lap20548620 00000001
Career Mode Codes
Have All Body Parts/Interiors/Car Specialties Owned200C0220 24010001
200C0224 00611804
200C0228 8C410000
200C022C 00230825
200C0230 0809E9F8
200C0234 AC410000
2027A7D0 08030088
Performance Parts Codes
Own All Performance Parts20501828 FFFFFFFF
Have Weight Reduction Parts Owned Codes
Rear Seats70501828 00000001
Interior Panels70501828 00000002
Lightweight Windows70501828 00000004
Lightweight Seats70501828 00000008
Lightweight Doors70501828 00000010
Foam Filled Interior70501828 00000020
All Reduction Parts70501828 0000003F
Have Transmission Owned Codes
Short Throw Shift Kit70501828 00000040
Lightweight Flywheel70501828 00000080
Differntial70501829 00000001
Limited Slip Differential70501829 00000002
High Performance Clutch70501829 00000004
6 Speed Transmission70501829 00000008
All Transmissions70501828 00100FC0
Have Nitrous Oxide Owned Codes
Dry Shot Of Notrious Oxide70501829 00000010
Wet Shot Of Notrious Oxide70501829 00000020
Direct Port Nitrious Oxide70501829 00000040
All Nitrous Oxides70501829 00000070
Have Engine Owned Codes
Performance Exhaust70501829 00000080
Cold Air Intake System7050182A 00000001
Replace Headers7050182A 00000002
Mild Camshaft & Cam Gears7050182A 00000004
Cat Back Exhaust System7050182A 00000008
High Flow Intake Manifold7050182A 00000010
Larger Diameter Downpipe7050182A 00000020
Racing Camshaft And Gears7050182A 00000040
Port And Polish Heads7050182A 00000080
Blueprint The Block7050182B 00000001
High Flow Headers7050182B 00000002
All Engines70501829 00000080
7050182A 001003FF
Have Turbo Owned Codes
Stage 1 Turbo Kit7050182B 00000004
Stage 2 Turbo Kit7050182B 00000008
Stage 3 Turbo Kit7050182B 00000010
All Turbos7050182B 0000001C
Have Suspension Owned Codes
Sport Springs And Shocks7050182B 00000020
Strut Tower Bar7050182B 00000040
Performance Springs And Shocks7050182B 00000080
Front And Rear Sway Bars7050182C 00000001
Coil Over Suspension System7050182C 00000008
Adjustable Camber Plates7050182C 00000010
Large Diameter Sway Bars7050182C 00000020
All Suspensions7050182B 000000E0
7050182C 00000039
Have Brakes Owned Codes
Street Compound Brake Pads7050182C 00000040
Steel Braided Brake Lines7050182C 00000080
Cross Drilled Rotors7050182D 00000001
Large Diameter Rotors7050182D 00000002
Race Compound Brake Pads7050182D 00000004
Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors7050182D 00000008
6 Piston Racing Calipers7050182D 00000010
All Brakes7050182C 00101FC0
Have ECU Owned Codes
Top Speed Limiter7050182D 00000020
Performance Chip7050182D 00000040
High Flow Fuel Pump7050182D 00000080
Fuel Pressure Regulator7050182E 00000001
Fuel Rail7050182E 00000002
Fuel Filter7050182E 00000004
Engine Management Unit7050182E 00000008
Fuel Injectors7050182E 00000010
All ECU's7050182D 000000E0
7050182E 0000001F
Have Tires Owned Codes
Street Performance Tires7050182E 00000020
Pro Performance Tires7050182E 00000040
Extreme Performance Tires7050182E 00000080
All Tires7050182E 000000E0
OPM November 2004-Issue 86 Codes
Enable Code (Must Be On)9034BD5C 0C0D7553
Infinite Time To Play1027CEC6 00001000