NCAA Football 2004

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 0044B14F
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
9044B14C 0C100C1E
Have Pennant Modifier Codes
Have Pennant Codes (Part 1)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21D257D0 00000170
Pennant 121D25840 00100000
Pennant 221D25844 00100001
Pennant 321D25848 00100002
Pennant 421D2584C 00100003
Pennant 521D25850 00100004
Pennant 621D25854 00100005
Pennant 721D25858 00100006
Pennant 821D2585C 00100007
Pennant 921D25860 00100008
Pennant 1021D25864 00100009
Pennant 1121D25868 0010000A
Pennant 1221D2586C 0010000B
Pennant 1321D25870 0010000C
Pennant 1421D25874 0010000D
Pennant 1521D25878 0010000E
Pennant 1621D2587C 0010000F
Pennant 1721D25880 00100010
Pennant 1821D25884 00100011
Pennant 1921D25888 00100012
Pennant 2021D2588C 00100013
Pennant 2121D25890 00100014
Pennant 2221D25894 00100015
Pennant 2321D25898 00100016
Pennant 2421D2589C 00100017
Pennant 2521D258A0 00100018
Pennant 2621D258A4 00100019
Pennant 2721D258A8 0010001A
Pennant 2821D258AC 0010001B
Pennant 2921D258B0 0010001C
Pennant 3021D258B4 0010001D
Pennant 3121D258B8 0010001E
Pennant 3221D258BC 0010001F
Pennant 3321D258C0 00100020
Pennant 3421D258C4 00100021
Pennant 3521D258C8 00100022
Pennant 3621D258CC 00100023
Pennant 3721D258D0 00100024
Pennant 3821D258D4 00100025
Pennant 3921D258D8 00100026
Pennant 4021D258DC 00100027
Pennant 4121D258E0 00100028
Pennant 4221D258E4 00100029
Pennant 4321D258E8 0010002A
Pennant 4421D258EC 0010002B
Pennant 4521D258F0 0010002C
Pennant 4621D258F4 0010002D
Pennant 4721D258F8 0010002E
Pennant 4821D258FC 0010002F
Pennant 4921D25900 00100030
Pennant 5021D25904 00100031
Pennant 5121D25908 00100032
Pennant 5221D2590C 00100033
Pennant 5321D25910 00100034
Pennant 5421D25914 00100035
Pennant 5521D25918 00100036
Pennant 5621D2591C 00100037
Pennant 5721D25920 00100038
Pennant 5821D25924 00100039
Pennant 5921D25928 0010003A
Pennant 6021D2592C 0010003B
Pennant 6121D25930 0010003C
Pennant 6221D25934 0010003D
Pennant 6321D25938 0010003E
Pennant 6421D2593C 0010003F
Pennant 6521D25940 00100040
Pennant 6621D25944 00100041
Pennant 6721D25948 00100042
Pennant 6821D2594C 00100043
Pennant 6921D25950 00100044
Pennant 7021D25954 00100045
Pennant 7121D25958 00100046
Pennant 7221D2595C 00100047
Pennant 7321D25960 00100048
Pennant 7421D25964 00100049
Pennant 7521D25968 0010004A
Pennant 7621D2596C 0010004B
Pennant 7721D25970 0010004C
Pennant 7821D25974 0010004D
Pennant 7921D25978 0010004E
Pennant 8021D2597C 0010004F
Pennant 8121D25980 00100050
Pennant 8221D25984 00100051
Pennant 8321D25988 00100052
Pennant 8421D2598C 00100053
Pennant 8521D25990 00100054
Pennant 8621D25994 00100055
Pennant 8721D25998 00100056
Pennant 8821D2599C 00100057
Pennant 8921D259A0 00100058
Pennant 9021D259A4 00100059
Pennant 9121D259A8 0010005A
Pennant 9221D259AC 0010005B
Pennant 9321D259B0 0010005C
Pennant 9421D259B4 0010005D
Pennant 9521D259B8 0010005E
Pennant 9621D259BC 0010005F
Pennant 9721D259C0 00100060
Pennant 9821D259C4 00100061
Pennant 9921D259C8 00100062
Pennant 10021D259CC 00100063
Have Pennant Codes (Part 2)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21D257D0 00000170
Pennant 10121D259D0 00100064
Pennant 10221D259D4 00100065
Pennant 10321D259D8 00100066
Pennant 10421D259DC 00100067
Pennant 10521D259E0 00100068
Pennant 10621D259E4 00100069
Pennant 10721D259E8 0010006A
Pennant 10821D259EC 0010006B
Pennant 10921D259F0 0010006C
Pennant 11021D259F4 0010006D
Pennant 11121D259F8 0010006E
Pennant 11221D259FC 0010006F
Pennant 11321D25A00 00100070
Pennant 11421D25A04 00100071
Pennant 11521D25A08 00100072
Pennant 11621D25A0C 00100073
Pennant 11721D25A10 00100074
Pennant 11821D25A14 00100075
Pennant 11921D25A18 00100076
Pennant 12021D25A1C 00100077
Pennant 12121D25A20 00100078
Pennant 12221D25A24 00100079
Pennant 12321D25A28 0010007A
Pennant 12421D25A2C 0010007B
Pennant 12521D25A30 0010007C
Pennant 12621D25A34 0010007D
Pennant 12721D25A38 0010007E
Pennant 12821D25A3C 0010007F
Pennant 12921D25A40 00100080
Pennant 13021D25A44 00100081
Pennant 13121D25A48 00100082
Pennant 13221D25A4C 00100083
Pennant 13321D25A50 00100084
Pennant 13421D25A54 00100085
Pennant 13521D25A58 00100086
Pennant 13621D25A5C 00100087
Pennant 13721D25A60 00100088
Pennant 13821D25A64 00100089
Pennant 13921D25A68 0010008A
Pennant 14021D25A6C 0010008B
Pennant 14121D25A70 0010008C
Pennant 14221D25A74 0010008D
Pennant 14321D25A78 0010008E
Pennant 14421D25A7C 0010008F
Pennant 14521D25A80 00100090
Pennant 14621D25A84 00100091
Pennant 14721D25A88 00100092
Pennant 14821D25A8C 00100093
Pennant 14921D25A90 00100094
Pennant 15021D25A94 00100095
Pennant 15121D25A98 00100096
Pennant 15221D25A9C 00100097
Pennant 15321D25AA0 00100098
Pennant 15421D25AA4 00100099
Pennant 15521D25AA8 0010009A
Pennant 15621D25AAC 0010009B
Pennant 15721D25AB0 0010009C
Pennant 15821D25AB4 0010009D
Pennant 15921D25AB8 0010009E
Pennant 16021D25ABC 0010009F
Pennant 16121D25AC0 001000A0
Pennant 16221D25AC4 001000A1
Pennant 16321D25AC8 001000A2
Pennant 16421D25ACC 001000A3
Pennant 16521D25AD0 001000A4
Pennant 16621D25AD4 001000A5
Pennant 16721D25AD8 001000A6
Pennant 16821D25ADC 001000A7
Pennant 16921D25AE0 001000A8
Pennant 17021D25AE4 001000A9
Pennant 17121D25AE8 001000AA
Pennant 17221D25AEC 001000AB
Pennant 17321D25AF0 001000AC
Pennant 17421D25AF4 001000AD
Pennant 17521D25AF8 001000AE
Pennant 17621D25AFC 001000AF
Pennant 17721D25B00 001000B0
Pennant 17821D25B04 001000B1
Pennant 17921D25B08 001000B2
Pennant 18021D25B0C 001000B3
Pennant 18121D25B10 001000B4
Pennant 18221D25B14 001000B5
Pennant 18321D25B18 001000B6
Pennant 18421D25B1C 001000B7
Pennant 18521D25B20 001000B8
Pennant 18621D25B24 001000B9
Pennant 18721D25B28 001000BA
Pennant 18821D25B2C 001000BB
Pennant 18921D25B30 001000BC
Pennant 19021D25B34 001000BD
Pennant 19121D25B38 001000BE
Pennant 19221D25B3C 001000BF
Pennant 19321D25B40 001000C0
Pennant 19421D25B44 001000C1
Pennant 19521D25B48 001000C2
Pennant 19621D25B4C 001000C3
Pennant 19721D25B50 001000C4
Pennant 19821D25B54 001000C5
Pennant 19921D25B58 001000C6
Pennant 20021D25B5C 001000C7
Have Pennant Codes (Part 3)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21D257D0 00000170
Pennant 20121D25B60 001000C8
Pennant 20221D25B64 001000C9
Pennant 20321D25B68 001000CA
Pennant 20421D25B6C 001000CB
Pennant 20521D25B70 001000CC
Pennant 20621D25B74 001000CD
Pennant 20721D25B78 001000CE
Pennant 20821D25B7C 001000CF
Pennant 20921D25B80 001000D0
Pennant 21021D25B84 001000D1
Pennant 21121D25B88 001000D2
Pennant 21221D25B8C 001000D3
Pennant 21321D25B90 001000D4
Pennant 21421D25B94 001000D5
Pennant 21521D25B98 001000D6
Pennant 21621D25B9C 001000D7
Pennant 21721D25BA0 001000D8
Pennant 21821D25BA4 001000D9
Pennant 21921D25BA8 001000DA
Pennant 22021D25BAC 001000DB
Pennant 22121D25BB0 001000DC
Pennant 22221D25BB4 001000DD
Pennant 22321D25BB8 001000DE
Pennant 22421D25BBC 001000DF
Pennant 22521D25BC0 001000E0
Pennant 22621D25BC4 001000E1
Pennant 22721D25BC8 001000E2
Pennant 22821D25BCC 001000E3
Pennant 22921D25BD0 001000E4
Pennant 23021D25BD4 001000E5
Pennant 23121D25BD8 001000E6
Pennant 23221D25BDC 001000E7
Pennant 23321D25BE0 001000E8
Pennant 23421D25BE4 001000E9
Pennant 23521D25BE8 001000EA
Pennant 23621D25BEC 001000EB
Pennant 23721D25BF0 001000EC
Pennant 23821D25BF4 001000ED
Pennant 23921D25BF8 001000EE
Pennant 24021D25BFC 001000EF
Pennant 24121D25C00 001000F0
Pennant 24221D25C04 001000F1
Pennant 24321D25C08 001000F2
Pennant 24421D25C0C 001000F3
Pennant 24521D25C10 001000F4
Pennant 24621D25C14 001000F5
Pennant 24721D25C18 001000F6
Pennant 24821D25C1C 001000F7
Pennant 24921D25C20 001000F8
Pennant 25021D25C24 001000F9
Pennant 25121D25C28 001000FA
Pennant 25221D25C2C 001000FB
Pennant 25321D25C30 001000FC
Pennant 25421D25C34 001000FD
Pennant 25521D25C38 001000FE
Pennant 25621D25C3C 001000FF
Pennant 25721D25C40 00100100
Pennant 25821D25C44 00100101
Pennant 25921D25C48 00100102
Pennant 26021D25C4C 00100103
Pennant 26121D25C50 00100104
Pennant 26221D25C54 00100105
Pennant 26321D25C58 00100106
Pennant 26421D25C5C 00100107
Pennant 26521D25C60 00100108
Pennant 26621D25C64 00100109
Pennant 26721D25C68 0010010A
Pennant 26821D25C6C 0010010B
Pennant 26921D25C70 0010010C
Pennant 27021D25C74 0010010D
Pennant 27121D25C78 0010010E
Pennant 27221D25C7C 0010010F
Pennant 27321D25C80 00100110
Pennant 27421D25C84 00100111
Pennant 27521D25C88 00100112
Pennant 27621D25C8C 00100113
Pennant 27721D25C90 00100114
Pennant 27821D25C94 00100115
Pennant 27921D25C98 00100116
Pennant 28021D25C9C 00100117
Pennant 28121D25CA0 00100118
Pennant 28221D25CA4 00100119
Pennant 28321D25CA8 0010011A
Pennant 28421D25CAC 0010011B
Pennant 28521D25CB0 0010011C
Pennant 28621D25CB4 0010011D
Pennant 28721D25CB8 0010011E
Pennant 28821D25CBC 0010011F
Pennant 28921D25CC0 00100120
Pennant 29021D25CC4 00100121
Pennant 29121D25CC8 00100122
Pennant 29221D25CCC 00100123
Pennant 29321D25CD0 00100124
Pennant 29421D25CD4 00100125
Pennant 29521D25CD8 00100126
Pennant 29621D25CDC 00100127
Pennant 29721D25CE0 00100128
Pennant 29821D25CE4 00100129
Pennant 29921D25CE8 0010012A
Pennant 30021D25CEC 0010012B
Have Pennant Codes (Part 4)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21D257D0 00000170
Pennant 30121D25CF0 0010012C
Pennant 30221D25CF4 0010012D
Pennant 30321D25CF8 0010012E
Pennant 30421D25CFC 0010012F
Pennant 30521D25D00 00100130
Pennant 30621D25D04 00100131
Pennant 30721D25D08 00100132
Pennant 30821D25D0C 00100133
Pennant 30921D25D10 00100134
Pennant 31021D25D14 00100135
Pennant 31121D25D18 00100136
Pennant 31221D25D1C 00100137
Pennant 31321D25D20 00100138
Pennant 31421D25D24 00100139
Pennant 31521D25D28 0010013A
Pennant 31621D25D2C 0010013B
Pennant 31721D25D30 0010013C
Pennant 31821D25D34 0010013D
Pennant 31921D25D38 0010013E
Pennant 32021D25D3C 0010013F
Pennant 32121D25D40 00100140
Pennant 32221D25D44 00100141
Pennant 32321D25D48 00100142
Pennant 32421D25D4C 00100143
Pennant 32521D25D50 00100144
Pennant 32621D25D54 00100145
Pennant 32721D25D58 00100146
Pennant 32821D25D5C 00100147
Pennant 32921D25D60 00100148
Pennant 33021D25D64 00100149
Pennant 33121D25D68 0010014A
Pennant 33221D25D6C 0010014B
Pennant 33321D25D70 0010014C
Pennant 33421D25D74 0010014D
Pennant 33521D25D78 0010014E
Pennant 33621D25D7C 0010014F
Pennant 33721D25D80 00100150
Pennant 33821D25D84 00100151
Pennant 33921D25D88 00100152
Pennant 34021D25D8C 00100153
Pennant 34121D25D90 00100154
Pennant 34221D25D94 00100155
Pennant 34321D25D98 00100156
Pennant 34421D25D9C 00100157
Pennant 34521D25DA0 00100158
Pennant 34621D25DA4 00100159
Pennant 34721D25DA8 0010015A
Pennant 34821D25DAC 0010015B
Pennant 34921D25DB0 0010015C
Pennant 35021D25DB4 0010015D
Pennant 35121D25DB8 0010015E
Pennant 35221D25DBC 0010015F
Pennant 35321D25DC0 00100160
Pennant 35421D25DC4 00100161
Pennant 35521D25DC8 00100162
Pennant 35621D25DCC 00100163
Pennant 35721D25DD0 00100164
Pennant 35821D25DD4 00100165
Pennant 35921D25DD8 00100166
Pennant 36021D25DDC 00100167
Pennant 36121D25DE0 00100168
Pennant 36221D25DE4 00100169
Pennant 36321D25DE8 0010016A
Pennant 36421D25DEC 0010016B
Pennant 36521D25DF0 0010016C
Pennant 36621D25DF4 0010016D
Pennant 36721D25DF8 0010016E
Pennant 36821D25DFC 0010016F
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Home Team Score Modifier10524B68 0000????
Home Team Starts With Score ModifierD0524B68 00000000
10524B68 0000????
Away Team Score Modifier10524B6C 0000????
Away Team Starts With Score ModifierD0524B6C 00000000
10524B6C 0000????
Always 1st Down20230EA0 24020001
Always 4th Down20230EA0 24020004
P1 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0565E82 0000FEFE
20230EA0 24020001
D0565E82 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P1 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0565E82 0000FDFE
20230EA0 24020004
D0565E82 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P2 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0565F82 0000FEFE
20230EA0 24020001
D0565F82 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P2 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0565F82 0000FDFE
20230EA0 24020004
D0565F82 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P3 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0566082 0000FEFE
20230EA0 24020001
D0566082 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P3 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0566082 0000FDFE
20230EA0 24020004
D0566082 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P4 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0566182 0000FEFE
20230EA0 24020001
D0566182 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P4 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0566182 0000FDFE
20230EA0 24020004
D0566182 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P5 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0566282 0000FEFE
20230EA0 24020001
D0566282 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P5 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0566282 0000FDFE
20230EA0 24020004
D0566282 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P6 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0566382 0000FEFE
20230EA0 24020001
D0566382 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P6 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0566382 0000FDFE
20230EA0 24020004
D0566382 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P7 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0566482 0000FEFE
20230EA0 24020001
D0566482 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P7 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0566482 0000FDFE
20230EA0 24020004
D0566482 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P8 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD0566582 0000FEFE
20230EA0 24020001
D0566582 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
P8 Press R2+Select For 4th DownD0566582 0000FDFE
20230EA0 24020004
D0566582 0000FFFF
20230EA0 8C620030
Home Team Always Has The Ball20231278 24020000
Away Team Always Has The Ball20231278 24020001
P1 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD0565E82 0000F7FE
201369E0 00000000
P1 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD0565E82 0000FDFE
201369E0 2442FFFF
P2 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD0565F82 0000F7FE
201369E0 00000000
P2 Press R2+Select To Disable TimersD0565F82 0000FDFE
201369E0 2442FFFF
P3 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD0566082 0000F7FE
201369E0 00000000
P3 Press R2+Select To Disable TimersD0566082 0000FDFE
201369E0 2442FFFF
P4 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD0566182 0000F7FE
201369E0 00000000
P4 Press R2+Select To Disable TimersD0566182 0000FDFE
201369E0 2442FFFF
P5 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD0566282 0000F7FE
201369E0 00000000
P5 Press R2+Select To Disable TimersD0566282 0000FDFE
201369E0 2442FFFF
P6 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD0566382 0000F7FE
201369E0 00000000
P6 Press R2+Select To Disable TimersD0566382 0000FDFE
201369E0 2442FFFF
P7 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD0566482 0000F7FE
201369E0 00000000
P7 Press R2+Select To Disable TimersD0566482 0000FDFE
201369E0 2442FFFF
P8 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD0566582 0000F7FE
201369E0 00000000
P8 Press R2+Select To Disable TimersD0566582 0000FDFE
201369E0 2442FFFF
Infinite Pennant Credits11D25710 0000FFFF
Max Pennant Credits21D25710 05F5E0FF
Buy 1 Pennant For Max Pennant Credits2041494C 3C0205F5
20414950 3442E0FF
Buy Pennants With No Credits20261C5C 24020001
Have All Pennants (V7.0 Or Higher Needed!)21D257D0 00000170
41D25840 01700001
00100000 00000001
Both Team Codes
Touch Down's Score Modifier1013C4D4 000000??
1013C53C 000000??
1013C964 000000??
Extra Point's Score Modifier1013C750 000000??
2-Point Conversions Score Modifier1013C798 000000??
Safety's Score Modifier1013CA04 0000FF??
Field Goal's Score Modifier1013C1A0 000000??
Home/Away Team Only Codes Activator20511638 3C010051
2051163C 03E00008
20511640 AC221658
20231274 0814458E
Home Team Only Codes
Touch Down's Score ModifierE0030001 00511658
1013C4D4 00000006
1013C53C 00000006
1013C964 00000006
E0030000 00511658
1013C4D4 000000??
1013C53C 000000??
1013C964 000000??
Extra Point's Score ModifierE0010001 00511658
1013C750 00000001
E0010000 00511658
1013C750 000000??
2-Point Conversions Score ModifierE0010001 00511658
1013C798 00000002
E0010000 00511658
1013C798 000000??
Safety's Score ModifierE0010001 00511658
1013CA04 0000FFFE
E0010000 00511658
1013CA04 0000FF??
Field Goal's Score ModifierE0010001 00511658
1013C1A0 00000003
E0010000 00511658
1013C1A0 000000??
Away Team Only Codes
Touch Down's Score ModifierE0030000 00511658
1013C4D4 00000006
1013C53C 00000006
1013C964 00000006
E0030001 00511658
1013C4D4 000000??
1013C53C 000000??
1013C964 000000??
Extra Point's Score ModifierE0010000 00511658
1013C750 00000001
E0010001 00511658
1013C750 000000??
2-Point Conversions Score ModifierE0010000 00511658
1013C798 00000002
E0010001 00511658
1013C798 000000??
Safety's Score ModifierE0010000 00511658
1013CA04 0000FFFE
E0010001 00511658
1013CA04 0000FF??
Field Goal's Score ModifierE0010000 00511658
1013C1A0 00000003
E0010001 00511658
1013C1A0 000000??