NCAA Football 2003

🇺🇸 • Credit: Code Master

Code Breaker Version 1-5
Enable Code (Must Be On)
F0100008 003BC7EF
Code Breaker Version 6+
Enable Code (Must Be On)
903BC7EC 0C0E277C
Have Pennant Modifier Codes
Have Pennant Codes (Part 1)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21C0E180 00000119
Pennant 121C0E1F0 00100000
Pennant 221C0E1F4 00100001
Pennant 321C0E1F8 00100002
Pennant 421C0E1FC 00100003
Pennant 521C0E200 00100004
Pennant 621C0E204 00100005
Pennant 721C0E208 00100006
Pennant 821C0E20C 00100007
Pennant 921C0E210 00100008
Pennant 1021C0E214 00100009
Pennant 1121C0E218 0010000A
Pennant 1221C0E21C 0010000B
Pennant 1321C0E220 0010000C
Pennant 1421C0E224 0010000D
Pennant 1521C0E228 0010000E
Pennant 1621C0E22C 0010000F
Pennant 1721C0E230 00100010
Pennant 1821C0E234 00100011
Pennant 1921C0E238 00100012
Pennant 2021C0E23C 00100013
Pennant 2121C0E240 00100014
Pennant 2221C0E244 00100015
Pennant 2321C0E248 00100016
Pennant 2421C0E24C 00100017
Pennant 2521C0E250 00100018
Pennant 2621C0E254 00100019
Pennant 2721C0E258 0010001A
Pennant 2821C0E25C 0010001B
Pennant 2921C0E260 0010001C
Pennant 3021C0E264 0010001D
Pennant 3121C0E268 0010001E
Pennant 3221C0E26C 0010001F
Pennant 3321C0E270 00100020
Pennant 3421C0E274 00100021
Pennant 3521C0E278 00100022
Pennant 3621C0E27C 00100023
Pennant 3721C0E280 00100024
Pennant 3821C0E284 00100025
Pennant 3921C0E288 00100026
Pennant 4021C0E28C 00100027
Pennant 4121C0E290 00100028
Pennant 4221C0E294 00100029
Pennant 4321C0E298 0010002A
Pennant 4421C0E29C 0010002B
Pennant 4521C0E2A0 0010002C
Pennant 4621C0E2A4 0010002D
Pennant 4721C0E2A8 0010002E
Pennant 4821C0E2AC 0010002F
Pennant 4921C0E2B0 00100030
Pennant 5021C0E2B4 00100031
Pennant 5121C0E2B8 00100032
Pennant 5221C0E2BC 00100033
Pennant 5321C0E2C0 00100034
Pennant 5421C0E2C4 00100035
Pennant 5521C0E2C8 00100036
Pennant 5621C0E2CC 00100037
Pennant 5721C0E2D0 00100038
Pennant 5821C0E2D4 00100039
Pennant 5921C0E2D8 0010003A
Pennant 6021C0E2DC 0010003B
Pennant 6121C0E2E0 0010003C
Pennant 6221C0E2E4 0010003D
Pennant 6321C0E2E8 0010003E
Pennant 6421C0E2EC 0010003F
Pennant 6521C0E2F0 00100040
Pennant 6621C0E2F4 00100041
Pennant 6721C0E2F8 00100042
Pennant 6821C0E2FC 00100043
Pennant 6921C0E300 00100044
Pennant 7021C0E304 00100045
Pennant 7121C0E308 00100046
Pennant 7221C0E30C 00100047
Pennant 7321C0E310 00100048
Pennant 7421C0E314 00100049
Pennant 7521C0E318 0010004A
Pennant 7621C0E31C 0010004B
Pennant 7721C0E320 0010004C
Pennant 7821C0E324 0010004D
Pennant 7921C0E328 0010004E
Pennant 8021C0E32C 0010004F
Pennant 8121C0E330 00100050
Pennant 8221C0E334 00100051
Pennant 8321C0E338 00100052
Pennant 8421C0E33C 00100053
Pennant 8521C0E340 00100054
Pennant 8621C0E344 00100055
Pennant 8721C0E348 00100056
Pennant 8821C0E34C 00100057
Pennant 8921C0E350 00100058
Pennant 9021C0E354 00100059
Pennant 9121C0E358 0010005A
Pennant 9221C0E35C 0010005B
Pennant 9321C0E360 0010005C
Pennant 9421C0E364 0010005D
Pennant 9521C0E368 0010005E
Pennant 9621C0E36C 0010005F
Pennant 9721C0E370 00100060
Pennant 9821C0E374 00100061
Pennant 9921C0E378 00100062
Pennant 10021C0E37C 00100063
Have Pennant Codes (Part 2)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21C0E180 00000119
Pennant 10121C0E380 00100064
Pennant 10221C0E384 00100065
Pennant 10321C0E388 00100066
Pennant 10421C0E38C 00100067
Pennant 10521C0E390 00100068
Pennant 10621C0E394 00100069
Pennant 10721C0E398 0010006A
Pennant 10821C0E39C 0010006B
Pennant 10921C0E3A0 0010006C
Pennant 11021C0E3A4 0010006D
Pennant 11121C0E3A8 0010006E
Pennant 11221C0E3AC 0010006F
Pennant 11321C0E3B0 00100070
Pennant 11421C0E3B4 00100071
Pennant 11521C0E3B8 00100072
Pennant 11621C0E3BC 00100073
Pennant 11721C0E3C0 00100074
Pennant 11821C0E3C4 00100075
Pennant 11921C0E3C8 00100076
Pennant 12021C0E3CC 00100077
Pennant 12121C0E3D0 00100078
Pennant 12221C0E3D4 00100079
Pennant 12321C0E3D8 0010007A
Pennant 12421C0E3DC 0010007B
Pennant 12521C0E3E0 0010007C
Pennant 12621C0E3E4 0010007D
Pennant 12721C0E3E8 0010007E
Pennant 12821C0E3EC 0010007F
Pennant 12921C0E3F0 00100080
Pennant 13021C0E3F4 00100081
Pennant 13121C0E3F8 00100082
Pennant 13221C0E3FC 00100083
Pennant 13321C0E400 00100084
Pennant 13421C0E404 00100085
Pennant 13521C0E408 00100086
Pennant 13621C0E40C 00100087
Pennant 13721C0E410 00100088
Pennant 13821C0E414 00100089
Pennant 13921C0E418 0010008A
Pennant 14021C0E41C 0010008B
Pennant 14121C0E420 0010008C
Pennant 14221C0E424 0010008D
Pennant 14321C0E428 0010008E
Pennant 14421C0E42C 0010008F
Pennant 14521C0E430 00100090
Pennant 14621C0E434 00100091
Pennant 14721C0E438 00100092
Pennant 14821C0E43C 00100093
Pennant 14921C0E440 00100094
Pennant 15021C0E444 00100095
Pennant 15121C0E448 00100096
Pennant 15221C0E44C 00100097
Pennant 15321C0E450 00100098
Pennant 15421C0E454 00100099
Pennant 15521C0E458 0010009A
Pennant 15621C0E45C 0010009B
Pennant 15721C0E460 0010009C
Pennant 15821C0E464 0010009D
Pennant 15921C0E468 0010009E
Pennant 16021C0E46C 0010009F
Pennant 16121C0E470 001000A0
Pennant 16221C0E474 001000A1
Pennant 16321C0E478 001000A2
Pennant 16421C0E47C 001000A3
Pennant 16521C0E480 001000A4
Pennant 16621C0E484 001000A5
Pennant 16721C0E488 001000A6
Pennant 16821C0E48C 001000A7
Pennant 16921C0E490 001000A8
Pennant 17021C0E494 001000A9
Pennant 17121C0E498 001000AA
Pennant 17221C0E49C 001000AB
Pennant 17321C0E4A0 001000AC
Pennant 17421C0E4A4 001000AD
Pennant 17521C0E4A8 001000AE
Pennant 17621C0E4AC 001000AF
Pennant 17721C0E4B0 001000B0
Pennant 17821C0E4B4 001000B1
Pennant 17921C0E4B8 001000B2
Pennant 18021C0E4BC 001000B3
Pennant 18121C0E4C0 001000B4
Pennant 18221C0E4C4 001000B5
Pennant 18321C0E4C8 001000B6
Pennant 18421C0E4CC 001000B7
Pennant 18521C0E4D0 001000B8
Pennant 18621C0E4D4 001000B9
Pennant 18721C0E4D8 001000BA
Pennant 18821C0E4DC 001000BB
Pennant 18921C0E4E0 001000BC
Pennant 19021C0E4E4 001000BD
Pennant 19121C0E4E8 001000BE
Pennant 19221C0E4EC 001000BF
Pennant 19321C0E4F0 001000C0
Pennant 19421C0E4F4 001000C1
Pennant 19521C0E4F8 001000C2
Pennant 19621C0E4FC 001000C3
Pennant 19721C0E500 001000C4
Pennant 19821C0E504 001000C5
Pennant 19921C0E508 001000C6
Pennant 20021C0E50C 001000C7
Have Pennant Codes (Part 3)
With these codes, you must have this extra Enable Code on for these codes to function.
Enable Code (Must Be On)21C0E180 00000119
Pennant 20121C0E510 001000C8
Pennant 20221C0E514 001000C9
Pennant 20321C0E518 001000CA
Pennant 20421C0E51C 001000CB
Pennant 20521C0E520 001000CC
Pennant 20621C0E524 001000CD
Pennant 20721C0E528 001000CE
Pennant 20821C0E52C 001000CF
Pennant 20921C0E530 001000D0
Pennant 21021C0E534 001000D1
Pennant 21121C0E538 001000D2
Pennant 21221C0E53C 001000D3
Pennant 21321C0E540 001000D4
Pennant 21421C0E544 001000D5
Pennant 21521C0E548 001000D6
Pennant 21621C0E54C 001000D7
Pennant 21721C0E550 001000D8
Pennant 21821C0E554 001000D9
Pennant 21921C0E558 001000DA
Pennant 22021C0E55C 001000DB
Pennant 22121C0E560 001000DC
Pennant 22221C0E564 001000DD
Pennant 22321C0E568 001000DE
Pennant 22421C0E56C 001000DF
Pennant 22521C0E570 001000E0
Pennant 22621C0E574 001000E1
Pennant 22721C0E578 001000E2
Pennant 22821C0E57C 001000E3
Pennant 22921C0E580 001000E4
Pennant 23021C0E584 001000E5
Pennant 23121C0E588 001000E6
Pennant 23221C0E58C 001000E7
Pennant 23321C0E590 001000E8
Pennant 23421C0E594 001000E9
Pennant 23521C0E598 001000EA
Pennant 23621C0E59C 001000EB
Pennant 23721C0E5A0 001000EC
Pennant 23821C0E5A4 001000ED
Pennant 23921C0E5A8 001000EE
Pennant 24021C0E5AC 001000EF
Pennant 24121C0E5B0 001000F0
Pennant 24221C0E5B4 001000F1
Pennant 24321C0E5B8 001000F2
Pennant 24421C0E5BC 001000F3
Pennant 24521C0E5C0 001000F4
Pennant 24621C0E5C4 001000F5
Pennant 24721C0E5C8 001000F6
Pennant 24821C0E5CC 001000F7
Pennant 24921C0E5D0 001000F8
Pennant 25021C0E5D4 001000F9
Pennant 25121C0E5D8 001000FA
Pennant 25221C0E5DC 001000FB
Pennant 25321C0E5E0 001000FC
Pennant 25421C0E5E4 001000FD
Pennant 25521C0E5E8 001000FE
Pennant 25621C0E5EC 001000FF
Pennant 25721C0E5F0 00100100
Pennant 25821C0E5F4 00100101
Pennant 25921C0E5F8 00100102
Pennant 26021C0E5FC 00100103
Pennant 26121C0E600 00100104
Pennant 26221C0E604 00100105
Pennant 26321C0E608 00100106
Pennant 26421C0E60C 00100107
Pennant 26521C0E610 00100108
Pennant 26621C0E614 00100109
Pennant 26721C0E618 0010010A
Pennant 26821C0E61C 0010010B
Pennant 26921C0E620 0010010C
Pennant 27021C0E624 0010010D
Pennant 27121C0E628 0010010E
Pennant 27221C0E62C 0010010F
Pennant 27321C0E630 00100110
Pennant 27421C0E634 00100111
Pennant 27521C0E638 00100112
Pennant 27621C0E63C 00100113
Pennant 27721C0E640 00100114
Pennant 27821C0E644 00100115
Pennant 27921C0E648 00100116
Pennant 28021C0E64C 00100117
Pennant 28121C0E650 00100118
Other Codes
Misc. Codes
Home Team Score Modifier1047D688 0000????
Home Team Starts With Score ModifierD047D688 00000000
1047D688 0000????
Away Team Score Modifier1047D68C 0000????
Away Team Starts With Score ModifierD047D68C 00000000
1047D68C 0000????
Always 1st Down2020A250 24020001
Always 4th Down2020A250 24020004
P1 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD04BA102 0000FEFE
2020A250 24020001
D04BA102 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P1 Press Select+L2 For 4th DownD04BA102 0000FDFE
2020A250 24020004
D04BA102 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P2 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD04BA202 0000FEFE
2020A250 24020001
D04BA202 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P2 Press Select+L2 For 4th DownD04BA202 0000FDFE
2020A250 24020004
D04BA202 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P3 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD04BA302 0000FEFE
2020A250 24020001
D04BA302 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P3 Press Select+L2 For 4th DownD04BA302 0000FDFE
2020A250 24020004
D04BA302 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P4 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD04BA402 0000FEFE
2020A250 24020001
D04BA402 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P4 Press Select+L2 For 4th DownD04BA402 0000FDFE
2020A250 24020004
D04BA402 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P5 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD04BA502 0000FEFE
2020A250 24020001
D04BA502 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P5 Press Select+L2 For 4th DownD04BA502 0000FDFE
2020A250 24020004
D04BA502 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P6 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD04BA602 0000FEFE
2020A250 24020001
D04BA102 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P6 Press Select+L2 For 4th DownD04BA602 0000FDFE
2020A250 24020004
D04BA602 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P7 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD04BA702 0000FEFE
2020A250 24020001
D04BA702 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P7 Press Select+L2 For 4th DownD04BA702 0000FDFE
2020A250 24020004
D04BA702 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P8 Press L2+Select For 1st DownD04BA802 0000FEFE
2020A250 24020001
D04BA802 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
P8 Press Select+L2 For 4th DownD04BA802 0000FDFE
2020A250 24020004
D04BA802 0000FFFF
2020A250 8C620030
Home Team Always Has The Ball2020A5C0 24020000
Away Team Always Has The Ball2020A5C0 24020001
P1 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD04BA102 0000F7FE
201278A0 00000000
P1 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD04BA102 0000FDFE
201278A0 2442FFFF
P2 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD04BA202 0000F7FE
201278A0 00000000
P2 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD04BA202 0000FDFE
201278A0 2442FFFF
P3 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD04BA302 0000F7FE
201278A0 00000000
P3 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD04BA302 0000FDFE
201278A0 2442FFFF
P4 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD04BA402 0000F7FE
201278A0 00000000
P4 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD04BA402 0000FDFE
201278A0 2442FFFF
P5 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD04BA502 0000F7FE
201278A0 00000000
P5 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD04BA502 0000FDFE
201278A0 2442FFFF
P6 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD04BA602 0000F7FE
201278A0 00000000
P6 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD04BA602 0000FDFE
201278A0 2442FFFF
P7 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD04BA702 0000F7FE
201278A0 00000000
P7 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD04BA702 0000FDFE
201278A0 2442FFFF
P8 Press R1+Select To Disable TimersD04BA802 0000F7FE
201278A0 00000000
P8 Press R2+Select To Enable TimersD04BA802 0000FDFE
201278A0 2442FFFF
Infinite Pennant Credits11BF6320 0000FFFF
Max Pennant Credits21BF6320 05F5E0FF
Buy 1 Pennant For Max Pennant Credits20399FE4 3C0205F5
20399FE8 3442E0FF
Buy Pennants With No Credits202372A4 24020001
Have All Pennants (V7.0 Or Higher Needed!)21C0E180 00000119
41C0E1F0 01190001
00100000 00000001
Both Team Codes
Field Goal's Score Modifier1012D760 000000??
Touch Down's Score Modifier1012D9D0 000000??
1012DA38 000000??
1012DE8C 000000??
Extra Point's Score Modifier1012DCBC 000000??
2-Point Conversions Score Modifier1012DD04 000000??
Safety's Score Modifier1012DF2C 0000FF??
Home/Away Team Only Codes Activator2020A5BC 0811B712
2046DC48 3C010047
2046DC4C 03E00008
2046DC50 AC22DC68
Home Team Only Codes
Field Goal's Score ModifierE0010001 0046DC68
1012D760 00000003
E0010000 0046DC68
1012D760 000000??
Touch Down's Score ModifierE0030001 0046DC68
1012D9D0 00000006
1012DA38 00000006
1012DE8C 00000006
E0030000 0046DC68
1012D9D0 000000??
1012DA38 000000??
1012DE8C 000000??
Extra Point's Score ModifierE0010001 0046DC68
1012DCBC 00000001
E0010000 0046DC68
1012DCBC 000000??
2-Point Conversions Score ModifierE0010001 0046DC68
1012DD04 00000002
E0010000 0046DC68
1012DD04 000000??
Safety's Score ModifierE0010001 0046DC68
1012DF2C 0000FFFE
E0010000 0046DC68
1012DF2C 0000FF??
Away Team Only Codes
Field Goal's Score ModifierE0010000 0046DC68
1012D760 00000003
E0010001 0046DC68
1012D760 000000??
Touch Down's Score ModifierE0030000 0046DC68
1012D9D0 00000006
1012DA38 00000006
1012DE8C 00000006
E0030001 0046DC68
1012D9D0 000000??
1012DA38 000000??
1012DE8C 000000??
Extra Point's Score ModifierE0010000 0046DC68
1012DCBC 00000001
E0010001 0046DC68
1012DCBC 000000??
2-Point Conversions Score ModifierE0010000 0046DC68
1012DD04 00000002
E0010001 0046DC68
1012DD04 000000??
Safety's Score ModifierE0010000 0046DC68
1012DF2C 0000FFFE
E0010001 0046DC68
1012DF2C 0000FF??